A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 20

After accepting the responsibility to train the soldiers, Gu Yun no longer felt bored. These days, she had been designing the training courses and at the same time, she was also drawing the weapons and training tools that were required to make it convenient for Su Ling to prepare. She only wanted 100 people to ensure that every one of them could get the best training opportunity and use the most sophisticated tools.

While Gu Yun’s head was still thinking about how to make a better high-intensity training, Uncle Ming’s voice from outside was heard, “Miss.”

Not looking up, Gu Yun casually asked, “Is there any problem?”

Uncle Ming didn’t walk in and just respectfully replied from the outside, “Tomorrow is the wedding day of Prime Minister Lou. Prime Minister Manor sent a person to report. Because of tomorrow’s wedding, Miss Qing Ling has moved to Hao Yue Inn. Tomorrow, you can go there to see her.”

Was tomorrow already the wedding day? Concentrating on the training program, Gu Yun had forgotten the date. Gu Yun patted her forehead and laughed, “I know.” She stretched her waist and realized that the sun had settled. The training manual on her hand was almost done so she asked, “Has Su Ren come back?”

“He came last night.”

As long as they returned, it was good. She would let the soldiers to rest for a few days before selecting them. Gu Yun buried herself again in the training manual and dismissively said, “You can go now.”

“Yes.” Uncle Ming turned to retreat. Gu Yun thought about something else and quickly raised her head, “Wait, Uncle Ming, I have to trouble you to find me woman clothes. It doesn’t need to be fancy or extravagant, just send it over tomorrow.” She almost forgot that tomorrow was Qing’s wedding, she shouldn’t go to congratulate Qing with a black attire!

“Yes.” Uncle Ming smiled. It was rare that she would remember this. It looked like Miss really cared about her sister.

The day has just begun. Gu Yun was doing pull ups in a tree. She had insisted on exercising every day. It was her habit. A knock was heard from the outer court. Gu Yun guessed it was Uncle Ming who brought the dress for her. She lazily replied, “Come in.”

The door was opened ajar. It was indeed Uncle Ming. He was holding a big tray, which had colorful dresses on it. Entering the inner court, Uncle Ming looked at the black figure who was hanging on a tree. He didn’t seem to be surprised and just quietly entered the room. He said, “Miss, this elder servant has prepared several dresses for you and also some jewelry. You can pick whatever you want.

Forty-eight &h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip; forty-nine &h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip; fifty!

Finis.h.i.+ng her exercising routine for the day, Gu Yun released her grip from the tree and lightly landed on the ground. She was very focused on her exercises before so she didn’t see the over ten-year-old girl standing in the courtyard. Her dress looked like the commoner’s simple looking and pleasant. Her round big eyes stared at Gu Yun, looking surprised and curious.

Gu Yun laughed. After staying in General Manor for quite a long time, she wasn’t used to see women anymore. This girl Ying simply showed all of her emotions on her face. Gu Yun thought she was cute and laughed, “She is?”

Uncle Ming waved his hand at the girl, motioning her to come in. After the girl arrived at Gu Yun’s front and meekly performed a greeting to Gu Yun, Uncle Ming replied, “She is this old servant’s niece, she is very skillful. I let her come to help you freshen up so that you can quickly go out. This is this old servant’s own initiative, so if you find it troublesome, please forgive this servant.”

Oh, yeah. She only thought about the clothes but didn’t think about the hair arrangement. She couldn’t just dress in a long dress with a high ponytail, right? When she thought about this, she felt it was very funny. She thankfully replied, “Uncle Ming, what you have been thinking is really good. Thank you.”

Uncle Ming gently shook his head and smiled, “This servant doesn’t dare. This old servant will retreat now.” Miss Qing had a good temperament and her character was also good. If she really became the Mistress of General Manor, it would be a blessing for the General and Su Family.

Uncle Ming retreated out and Gu Yun walked towards the inner room. Facing the stunned girl, she said, “come in.”

The girl meekly followed her in. Gu Yun’s face was full of sweat and Gu Yun was preparing to take a basin to wash her face. The little girl was one step ahead of her, handing a damp towel to her.

Gu Yun was slightly surprised. Regardless of whether she was at home or in the General Manor, for more than 20 years of her life, she had been doing things by herself. Getting another person’s meticulous care, she was a little bit unaccustomed.

Awkwardly taking the towel, Gu Yun asked, “What is your name?”

The little girl slightly bowed down and whispered, “Mo Li.” (Means Jasmine)

“En, what a refres.h.i.+ng name.” The name was very suitable for her. Gu Yun didn’t really know how to deal with this shy girl. She quickly went to the tray and picked a cloth to try on. The dresses that Uncle Ming picked for her were light colors. Gu Yun casually picked a light purple dress for attending the wedding and said to the little girl, “I want to wear this dress, you can arrange my hair with the simplest hairstyle.”

“Yes.” The little girl looked at the dress on Gu Yun’s hand, thinking about the most suitable hairstyle. However, the Miss said simple hairstyle. She couldn’t determine the hairstyle so she asked, “Then should I give you a bun hairstyle (霞髻) or a cloud hairstyle (流云髻)?” (Translator notes: Please, google it if you are curious about what kind of hairstyle they are. I couldn’t find an appropriate description for the hairstyle.)

Gu Yun didn’t completely understand what she was saying, so Gu Yun just emphasized on: “Anything, as long as it is simple.”

“Yes.” Not daring to ask again, the girl thought for a moment and her hands started to arrange a cloud hairstyle for Gu Yun.

Half an hour later&h.e.l.lip;

Gu Yun was already getting impatient. Finally, the little girl smiled, “It is finished, please look at it, Miss.”

Finally, it was finished! Gu Yun glanced it through the mirror. A simple hair bun was hanging behind her head. Carefully braided hair stacked neatly without looking too complicated. Gu Yun was really satisfied. She prepared to change her clothes, when the little girl stood with a tray of pure gold hair ornaments and asked, “Miss, which hair ornament do you want to wear?”

Although the ornaments were pretty, Gu Yun felt the eye-catching and sparkling hair ornament was not really suitable for her simple hairstyle. She pushed the tray aside and said, “No need. Like this is okay.”

The little girl looked troubled and said, “”No. You cannot. How could a person wear a bun without a hairpin!” Cannot? Gu Yun really didn’t know there was such a rule. Her brow wrinkled tightly together.

Seeing the Miss didn’t like dazzling gold hairpins, the little girl picked the jade-emerald buyao in front of the mirror and said, “Then, you can wear this.” The Miss put it beside the mirror; it must be her favorites.

Gu Yun glanced at the buyao. After comparing choices, it was still better than the others. Gu Yun just replied, “Just that one.”

The sun had come up high, if she didn’t go out now, it would be too late. After plugging the buyao carelessly into her hair, Gu Yun quickly put on the long dress with Mo Li’s help. With no makeup on her face, Gu Yun hurriedly walked out.

This long dress was not designed for a person to wear! Gu Yun cursed silently when she stepped on the dress hem for the 20th time. Gu Yun finally reached the General’s Manor front gate.

Uncle Ming seemed to be waiting for a long time. Seeing her coming, he quickly greeted her. He was satisfied with Gu Yun’s dress and smiled, “Miss, the carriage is ready.”

Gu Yun nodded, with this kind of outfit, it would be difficult to ride a horse!

Just when Gu Yun wanted to rush through the gate, a loud surprised male voice was heard, “Wow! Today you&h.e.l.lip; finally, look like a woman!!”

Today, she wore a light purple skirt, making her pet.i.te stature look more slender. In addition, her bright and elegant appearance made people stupefied/speechless. Truthfully, Su Yu wanted to say, today, you&h.e.l.lip; are really beautiful. However, when the words came to his mouth, he was a little bit uncomfortable to say it out so he blurted out the sentence. He was a little bit regretful but Gu Yun only rolled her eyes and she didn’t look angry at all.

If Su Yu’s mouth could actually say nice words, it would be stranger! Gu Yun didn’t want to bother about him and just walked towards the carriage. Suddenly, a blazing gaze which people couldn’t ignore fell onto her. Gu Yun frowned and looked up. A familiar tall figure stood beside a pure black horse.

Was it him? Seeing him in front of the Manor was a perfectly normal thing but under that pair of eagle eyes’ intense gaze, Gu Yun felt a little bit nervous.

At this moment, Su Yu was not the only one whose heart was beating faster. Meeting the pair of clear eyes, Su Ling’s eyes couldn’t move away. She was really a strange woman. She was like a blend of softness and sharpness, like the way she looked right now. Although she wore an elegant female dress, her clear eyes were still cold and in between of her elegant appearance there were still a traces of arrogance. Clearly seeing the hairpin on Gu Yun’s hair (It was the buyao that Su Ling gave her the other day), Su Ling’s heart had ripples and it couldn’t be dispersed for a long time.

Wearing this clothes and being fixedly stared by his profound eyes, Gu Yun’s palms were a bit sweaty. She felt both embarra.s.sed and awkward at the same time.

Su Ling didn’t say anything. After a while, he smoothly climbed on the horseback and rode away.

After he left, that kind of uneasy feeling instantaneously disappeared. Gu Yun secretly relieved. Facing Su Yu, she curiously asked, “Where did he go? Why was he so anxious?”

Su Yu’s face was not looking really good and quietly replied, “The emperor decreed Big Brother to enter the palace immediately.” He didn’t know why, when he looked at Big Brother staring at her like that, his heart was inexplicably upset.”

“Did something happen?”

“I don’t know.” Su Yu coldly replied and turned into the house. Gu Yun was puzzled. There was an old saying about ‘Guessing a woman’s heart was like looking for a needle in the ocean’ (It means it is really hard to guess what women are thinking, so it is better not to guess). However, it looked like guessing a man’s heart was like looking for a sand in the ocean. She shook her head and entered the long-awaited carriage.

What kind of wedding did this era have? Why was it so tiring? Accompanying Qing for the entire morning, she had to listen to gossipers’ fight which was the source of her headache. She had been struggling to wait until the groom came to pick the bride up. Yet, when the time came, the situation was becoming more complex. Lou Xi Yan brought hundreds of his retainers. Adding the guests into the equation, everywhere was full of people. When the flower sedan entered Prime Minister Manor, Gu Yun decided to go home and take a break. She would come again at night to drink the wedding wine. She was too lazy to deal with this lively crowd.

Arriving at the General Manor, she b.u.mped into Su Yu at the entrance. His ridicule in the morning is still printed in Gu Yun’s mind, so she originally didn’t want to greet him. However, he was surprised when he saw her, “You&h.e.l.lip; you&h.e.l.lip; how come you are here?”

Gu Yun’s footsteps stopped and she asked, “I returned” Qing’s marriage was not her marriage, so her absence won’t make a small difference.

Seeing her bad expression, Su Yu frowned, “Did something happen in the manor?”

Su Yu was really strange today! Gu Yun squinted, quietly looking at him and asked, “What problem will Prime Minister Manor have?”

Connecting her two answers, Su Yu didn’t know whether she knew it or she didn’t. He could only smile, “No, nothing! I just randomly asked!”

Gu Yun coldly stared at him. Su Yu felt really uncomfortable and wanted to escape. A hand stopped his way. Gu Yun pressed, “What are you panicking about?”

“Panic? How could I be panic?” Su Yu swallowed his saliva again. His action actually made Gu Yun more suspicious. She was worried about Zhuo Qing. GU Yun urged, “What had happened?!”

“I don’t know!” Su Yu consistently shook his head. He turned his back and walked towards the manor.

Grabbing Su Yu’s arm, Gu Yun, of course, wouldn’t let him go. She snapped, “Tell the truth!”

Su Yu frustratedly turned around and lamented, “I really don’t know. This morning, Big brother was called to enter the palace and just now, the second brother has also urgently entered the palace. I’ve heard, that two rebel leaders that second brother captured after they entered the capital, they insisted&h.e.l.lip;”

After saying till this point, Su Yu paused and looked at Gu Yun on her eyes and whispered, “They colluded with Lou father and son to take the gold!”

“What?!” Gu Yun startled and she quickly grabbed Su Yu’s hand. This is impossible! It was not like she really believed the Lou father and son, but she was there when they were sieging the rebels. There was indeed an indication that the rebels conspired with a ‘big’ minister, but it shouldn’t be Lou father and son! Lou Xi Yan’s contribution in the operation was quite big!

Thinking for a moment, Gu Yun asked, “What kind of evidence did they present?”

Su Yu reluctantly shook his head, “Big Brother and Second brother were summoned to the palace, but I didn’t know what kind of evidence that the Second brother brought!”

Truthfully, the testimony of the rebels was not really important. As a prime minister of the country, because of those small rebels’ confession, Lou Xi Yan definitely couldn’t be&h.e.l.lip; Most importantly, what kind of evidence did they present? Also, if it is the scheme of their accomplices in the court and another powerful figure wanting Lou Xi Yan’s to be framed [1] , then the pressure that Lou Xi Yan faces would be greater.

Releasing Su Yu, Gu Yun quickly exited the General Manor. Su Yu quickly followed from behind, “Where are you going? You can’t leak the information!”

Gu Yun squinted and coldly replied, “I do have a sense of propriety!”

Su Yu still couldn’t be completely a.s.sured, so he followed Gu Yun to Prime Minister Manor.


Inside the Manor, many of royal relatives and officials came to see the ceremony. As the result, it was really packed. Gu Yun anxiously looked for the room where Zhuo Qing was resting. From far, she could see the lobby was full of people. Squinting her eyes, she saw Luo Xi Yan was holding Zhuo Qing, walking all the way to the main hall.

Gu Yun pushed through the crowd and finally walked into the main hall. She heard the ceremony officiants loudly say, “The couple pays respect !”

Luo Xi Yan’s eyes were clear, but his face was somewhat flushed. He had probably been drinking quite a lot of wine. Standing in the lobby, Gu Yun prepared to tell Qing the problem after the ‘pay respect’ ceremony finished!

“Firstly, pay respect to the earth and sky!” The officiant’s voice was loud. The two people bowed deeply to the heavens.

“Secondly, pay respect to the elders!” Turning around, both of them bowed deeply to their elders.

“Husband and wife&h.e.l.lip;” The sound was just started when a more dignified male voice interrupted the last paying respect.

“ An Imperial Decree has arrived!”

Everyone looked back. They saw Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan, holding the s.h.i.+ning decree on their hand. Everyone thought that it was because the emperor couldn’t personally come, he wrote a decree to congratulate Lou Prime Minister’s wedding. Everyone moved aside to give away a path, letting the two people enter the lobby smoothly.

Gu Yun and Su Yu looked at each other. Su Yu shook his head and whispered in her ear, “Calm down, let’s see before we talk again!”

Su Ling looked at Gu Yun who was in the crowd. Gu Yun coldly glared at him. Su Ling secretly lamented, he also didn’t want to make trouble at someone’s wedding but what could he do? The Emperor&h.e.l.lip;

He hardly managed to live in peace with her. After today, he was afraid that kind of peace wouldn’t exist anymore!

Lou Mu Hai boldly laughed and said, “General Su, Minister Dang! I  thought both of you wouldn’t be able to drink the wedding wine (attend this wedding)!” He had always admired Su Family’s army. During this time siege, he felt really happy to be able to fight beside the army. His impression of Su Ling was also getting better.

Su Ling and Dang Yu Lan’s faces were somewhat stiff. They chuckled, “Old General is being polite!” They were afraid they couldn’t drink these cups of wedding wine!

Lightly coughed, Dang Yu Lan said, “Please accept the decree, Lou Minister!”

Everyone knelt and the sounds of drums and bells had stopped. At the moment, the lobby which was full of people became dead quiet.

Dang Yu Lan took the decree. After a long time, he read, “Receiving the Heaven’s bless, the Emperor orally decreed: The northwest rebels have been captured. The rebels confessed that they conspired with Lou father and son to steal the treasury with the intention to rebel. This decree had Ti Xing Division, Dan Yu Lan, and The ZhenGuo General bore as witnesses to imprison Lou Father and Son!”


How could this happen?!

Voices were once again started to fill the lobby that had been very quiet. Who would have thought that the ever glorious Lou Xi Yan suddenly got imprisoned?

Gu Yun’s heart’s beating was faster. What kind of evidence had the other party given to let Yan Hong Tian decree to imprison Lou Xi Yan?!

Lou Mu Hai was startled. He furiously said, “Absurd! This is definitely a frame! I will immediately go with you and confront those rebels! My Lou family has always been faithful to the country. How can we tolerate this kind of slander?”

Lou Xi Yan remained silent. Dan Yu Lan only stepped forward and made the gesture to follow him, “Lou Minister, the decree can’t be violated. Apologies, if I offended you.”

“Wait!” Zhuo Qing’s white hand raised. The red veil slowly fell onto the ground. Slowly and steadily walking to Su Ling and Dang Yu Lan, she said, “General Su, Minister Dang. There is still another paying respect before this marriage becomes official! Qing Ling ventured to ask both people to give them half an hour.”

Su Ling and Dang Yu Lan looked at each other, not expecting that this woman would ask for something like that. If the rebellion charge against Lou Xi Yan was proven, the punishment would be to banish the entire clan! However, seeing the determination in Zhuo Qing’s eyes, they couldn’t say it out. At this time: arresting people although they didn’t wish too if they couldn’t grant this small plea, they were really inhumane!

The two lightly nodded at the same time.

They had acquiesced. Zhuo Qing walked to Lou Xi Yan who was frowning at her. She slowly held out her hand and intertwined her fingers with his. The slender and elegant fingers tightly squeezed his fingers. From the warm palm, there was a steady continuously warmth feeling. Lou Xi Yan was not usually affected by feelings, but at this moment, the waves of feeling were coming towards him.

Zhuo Qing’s lips slightly raised. The resolution in her eyes was very obvious. With the clear and loud voice, every word of hers could be heard to everyone presence there, “Today, I will become your wife, regardless you are a high prime minister or low prisoner!”

Everyone stared in disbelieve at the full makeup red-dressed woman. Many people thought that her action was stupid. However, many of them also admired and touched by her. After all, it was easy to be together when things were alright, but it wasn’t easy when things were difficult.

Gu Yun’s heart at this moment suffered a heavy blow. She was sad because of the situation but happy because Qing finally found someone to share her fears and woes.

“Officiant!” Zhuo Qing’s clear voice called.

The officiant finally regained his thought and loudly said, “Husband and wife pay respect to each other!”

A couple of newlyweds, dressed in red-blood clothes, faced each other. In their eyes, there were no other people, no guest, no decree, no red veil nor red ribbons. The two looked at each other with their fingers tightly intertwined.

After the couple bowed deeply, the officiant said, “It is now official.”

The entire lobby which had been very silent exploded in cheers as the officiant said it.

Luo Xi Yan slowly released Zhuo Qing’s hand and walked to Dang Yu Lan and Su Ling. He smiled, “General Su, Minister Dang, let’s go.” Just as usual days, those three walked away. It looked like this man had never been panic in his life!

After they were leaving, the guest-filled lobby was incredibly quiet. Zhuo Qing stood in the center of the lobby, facing thousands of guests. She slightly bowed. Gracefully, she said, “Today, a misfortune came to Lou Family so the wedding celebration will be ended now. In the future, if there is a chance, Lou Family will definitely hold a reception! Please return now! Jing Sa, escort the guests!”

As the main steward, Jing Sa stepped forward and replied, “Yes, Madam.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, please!”

Prime Minister Manor was indeed a prime minister manor. Although it had suffered like that, it was still calm. the servants were also looking calm and courteously escorted the guests out.

The guests quietly retreated. Gu Yun said to Su Yu, “You return to the General Manor now.”

Seeing her not moving like a mountain, Su Yu anxiously asked, “What about you?”

“I have things to say to her.” Getting married like this, although Qing appeared calm, her heart definitely suffered.

The guests had mostly returned. Su Yu knew that he couldn’t persuade her, but she couldn’t stay for too long too. Therefore, he could only remind her, “Okay, you have to be careful as well.”

There were only a few servants cleaning up in the lobby that was just full of people before. The entire lobby was full of red decoration. At this time, it looked somewhat too dazzling. Zhuo Qing walked to the wooden chair at the side of the room. Her action looked like she was about to fall onto the ground. She had hardly managed to sit herself down on the chair. There were traces of disbelief in her eyes. Her hands tightly gripped on the wooden chair, but Gu Yun could still be able to see them tremble.

Squatting beside her, Gu Yun softly asked, “Qing, are you okay?” At the wedding ceremony before, she could see Qing’s heartache. It looked like Qing was deeply in love with Lou Xi Yan! Holding the ice-cold fingers of Qing, Gu Yun wanted to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say!

After a while, Gu Yun finally said, “I&h.e.l.lip; will find a way to check the evidence against Lou Xi Yan. Don’t be too worried, there will be no problem!”  These words were somewhat useless and empty. Helping Lou Xi Yan to get out of this mess would be the only way to help Qing!

General Manor, Yi Tian Court.

Su Ling, d.a.m.n you! d.a.m.n!

Gu Yun stood in the middle of the courtyard. Her heart was fluently cursed Su Ling. After she left Qing, she went to Xing Bu,  but Dang Yu Lan was not there. Cheng Hang told her that the record of Lou Xi Yan’s case was still kept in the General Manor, so they didn’t actually understand the details of the case.

She had been looking in Su Ling’s study room for the entire night without a result. At the end, she got caught by Su Ling. She didn’t expect that in order to prevent her investigating this case, Su Ling would place her under house arrest. He also sent some soldiers to the outside of Yi Tian Court to keep an eye on her.

Folding her hands in front, Gu Yun coldly smiled. Did he actually think that she spent the six months she had been here (in General Manor)  embroidering b.u.t.terflies on clothes?! Su Ling, if I, Gu Yun, want to get out of this Manor, it would be as easy as going to the market next to my home! Seeing the moon coming to the west side, Gu Yun slyly smiled, the time had come!

Retreating to the corner of Yi Tian Court, Gu Yun lightly jumped and grabbed the tree branch above her head. Five a.m. in the morning was the most tired and relaxing moment. Gu Yun hid in the dense leaves, watching for the patrolling soldiers.

As expected, the courtyard’s door was the most heavily-guarded. For the wall, there was only one soldier guarding in every over-ten-metres. Under the tree that she was hiding on, there was only one person. Gu Yun saw the opportunity and jumped down from the tree. The teenager was shocked. Not having enough time to raise an alarm, he was knocked-off by Gu Yun.

It was impossible to exit through the main gate, so Gu Yun intended to exit from the mountain behind. When she trained the soldiers, she had observed the mountain’s topography. There was an official road behind the mountain. Although it was also guarded by soldiers, it was still not as tight as the General Manor.

There was still another hour before the sun came. Gu Yun surrept.i.tiously went to the mountain at the back of General Manor. She didn’t want to exit via that door because she had to pa.s.s the Ling Yun Pavilion, so Gu Yun could only use the back door of the courtyard where she used to live before. Although it was  a little bit embarra.s.sing, she successfully entered the forest.

Walking a little bit further, she would arrive at the mountain. Gu Yun footsteps became faster. Pa.s.sing the rock cliff where the soldiers trained before, Gu Yun suddenly felt a breeze. In the blink of eyes, that figure that she hated the most appeared in front of her.

Meanwhile, Su Ling’s face could be described like a sky before a thunderstorm.


Standing under the hundred-year-old Chinese Parasol tree, a black figure looked up at the tree branch. After looking for a long time, he finally whispered, “SeniorSenior, are you there?”

Only wind rustling through the leaves answered his question.

Is he not there? Gan Qing singlehandedly grabbed a tree branch to look again. Thinking of that dead cold character of Ao Tian, he finally decided to climb up and see. With his martial art skill, Gan Jing  used qinggong to leap on the tree branches. Within several jumps, he reached the treetop.

Sure enough, that solitude black figure was leaning on the trunk, his eyes closed, resting for a bit.

Calling him for so long and didn’t get any reaction, Gan Jing was angry. He jumped onto the branch where Ao Tian was laying down. Severely jumping with both of his feet, the branch was shaking vigorously. Although he was wasting his energy there, Ao Tian was still calmly lying down. The one who was unlucky was still Gan Jing. He almost fell down because of his own action.

Having a monolog was not fun. Gan Jing pouted his mouth and sat on the branch in front of Ao Tian. He asked, “Senior, I finally found you. How could you still have the mood to sleep in here! I and Sister seniorworry about you.”

Ao Tian still laid down, unmoving. Just as Gan Jing thought that he would be ignored again, a cold voice calmly asked, “What are you worrying about?”

Thinking Ao Tian still didn’t aware of the serious situation, Gan Jing anxiously said, “There had been 5-6 cases in the capital, occurring in the row. The crimes were either rape or kidnap. The criminal was really arrogant. His silver hair was his trademark.” After finished speaking, Gan Jing looked into that hair which was sparkling silver under the moonlight. He anxiously continued, “This is definitely not a coincidence and it is done to frame you! How could you act so indifferent?!”

The night hawk-like eyes came across that expresionless face,Ao Tian slowly sat up. Half leaning to the trunk, he lightly scoffed, “What do you think I am supposed to do?”

Although he already guessed that Ao Tian would scoff, Gan Jing still advised, “The least you can do is investigate that criminal! If it is a coincidence, capturing him will definitely give you not a small amount of money. If it was a framing scheme against you, you could prevent it to happen again! The celebration will be held in half a month. At this time, the court was extremely sensitive. You cannot not take any prevention!”

They wanted to force him to take an action, he would never give in! The usually indifferent expression on Ao Tian’s face became more indifferent. This kind of indifferent expression made Gan Jing angrily shout, “Senior!”

He was doing it for Ao Tian’s good! Possessing high martial arts could do what? It was better to prepare early, or else, there would be a time when Ao Tian would be the target of bounty hunters. In addition, this senior of his had offended many people along the way. “Striking before being attack” was their best strategy now. The senior had pushed him into desperation !

“Senior&h.e.l.lip;” Gan Jing still wanted to continue advising Ao Tian, but he found Ao Tian’s attention was not on him anymore. There was flas.h.i.+ng light in that dark eyes that he never saw before.

Following his eye direction, Gan Jing found a dark figure was coming towards them. By the appearance, it looked like the coming person was a woman! As soon as she pa.s.sed the gra.s.sland, she quickly ran towards the tree. At this time, another figure quickly chased her from behind. In one jump, he arrived in front of the woman, blocking her way.

Gan Jing could obviously see Ao Tian’s body went stiff. His icy cold eyes stared at the people below or to be more precise&h.e.l.lip; glared at the man.

Gan Jing secretly wondered, who were the two people?

A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor

A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor


A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor

She is an honorably retired SWAT officer with meritorious deeds and is a das.h.i.+ng detective who solves cases like a G.o.d.
One day, a strange golden board with eight divinatory trigrams brings her to a different world, where she is is bestowed as a gift to a general’s manor.
He is a grim G.o.d of war whose power overwhelms six countries and the defender-general of the state with military power in his hands. An imperial edict brought him a delicate concubine. He turned and left. After returning, his second in command and soldiers ignored him. Instead, they kept on saying, “What does madam think?”
When has the general’s manor changed its owner?
Solving cases, training soldiers, night attacks, suppressing bandits, street fights, counter-terrorism operations, naval battles – one after another appeared on stage. She played with flourish, yet he was unable to resist even a little.


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