A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 26

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“Say it clearly!”

Gu Yun looked about and saw Su Ling’s tall figure standing outside the door, ashenly looking at Ao Tian. The eagle eyes were stormy, suffocating everyone there. His voice wasn’t very loud, but it was full of strong pressure that others couldn’t ignore. Gu Yun silently replied, “Ao Jie raised a demand. Tonight at the rat hour, if Ao Tian doesn’t kill me, he will kill Ye Mei.”

When Gu Yun finished speaking, everyone in the room immediately tensed up, especially those near Ao Tian. They were quickly alarmed. Ye Mei was his sister. There was no guarantee that in the end, he wouldn’t raise a hand against Gu Yun!

Facing the people who surrounded him, Ao Tian’s ever-expressionless face displayed a brutal and cold expression, making those people surprised. Their grips on their weapons tightened.

Su Ling’s tall figure entered the room and stopped in front of Gu Yun, protecting her. While observing Ao Tian’s movement, he asked, “When did he say it?”

Gu Yun looked a bit tired and said, “This morning.”

“So that’s why you were in such a rush to find Ye Mei?” Su Ling coldly asked. It wasn’t hard to hear the anger in his voice. She obviously knew that Ao Tian was dangerous, yet, she still left with him. Was she too trusting, or was she taking her life lightly?!

Gu Yun looked like she thought of something but she blandly replied, “En.”

“Why does he want Ao Tian to kill you? What benefit is there for him?” Cheng Hang didn’t understand. What was the point of Ao Jie forcing Ao Tian to choose between family or love?

Gu Yun looked down and didn’t talk. Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling, those cla.s.s of people could guess the reason. However, their expressions were different, one was calmly observing the change while the other was ready to burst, but no one wanted to talk.

Zhuo Qing’s clear eyes immediately became serious. The playful expression on her face immediately vanished. She looked coldly at Ao Tian, “If Ao Tian kills her, he can’t stay in the Six Countries and will be forced to go back to Ju Ling Dao. However, Ao Jie missed a point. If she died, even if it takes me my lifetime, I will make Ju Ling Dao vanish from the earth!”

Everyone could hear that Zhuo Qing was actually giving a warning to Ao Tian. However, although Ao Tian was surrounded, he still arrogantly stood there. Regardless of being surrounded or threatened by Zhuo Qing, he didn’t even move a brow.

At this moment everyone’s hearts were in their throats. Zhuo Qing spoke rather arrogantly, but no one dared to doubt. Regardless of whether she had the ability or not, that man who lightly held her hand and smiled was her most powerful backing. Also, not to mention, that war G.o.d who had 100,000 armoured soldiers under him. One of those two men was sufficient to deter the world. Let alone if they worked together, banis.h.i.+ng Ju Ling Dao wasn’t a big deal. However, at that time, rivers of blood would inevitably flow.

Dan Yu Lan frowned. The matter had come to this point, such that things had extended beyond his control. His head felt bruised and battered from these series of cases involving Ju Ling Dao and the Celebration. Now, it involved Qing Mo’s life! Once again, Dan Yu Lan was facing a dilemma.

“Honestly… it’s not like there is no way.” The silent Gu Yun suddenly raised her head slightly. Her expression was complicated, but her eyes were full of determination.

That clear voice caused Zhuo Qing to have a bad feeling. She quickly asked, “What kind of way?”

Everyone’s eyes fell upon Gu Yun but she only looked at Zhuo Qing. On her face, a rare cautious expression appeared, “Do you remember when we looked at Ye Mei’s CT scan, we said it was a miracle?”

“You…” Zhuo Qing looked suspicious. When she understood what Gu Yun meant, those beautiful eyes enlarged and her expression changed. She ranted, “No! There is no way that I will agree to your way!”

“I…” Gu Yun still wanted to say something, but this time, Zhuo Qing didn’t even bother to listen and just shouted, “Don’t say it anymore! Don’t even think about it! Regardless of what you say, I will never agree!”

Lou Xi Yang squinted slightly. Qing’r was usually calm and cool. When she handled a problem, she always did it calmly and with a cool head. Why did she suddenly explode? Qing Mo’s idea must be very unconventional!

Zhuo Qing’s reaction was beyond her expectation. Gu Yun replied, “You should know by now, if I have said something, I have decided to do it! I need your help! If you refuse, I can only rely on luck!”

“You are threatening me!” Zhuo Qing glared at Gu Yun and almost ran away.

Gu Yun quickly replied, “No, I’m not. I only asked for your help!”

“You!” Zhuo Qing shouted angrily. She only shouted ‘you’ repeatedly and couldn’t say anything else for a long time. She angrily sat back down on her chair and ranted, “You are simply hateful!” No one understood Gu Yun’s strong headedness and rigid mentality better than her. If Yun thought that it was right, she would persevere to complete it, regardless of if it was counter-terrorism or drug enforcement. She wouldn’t back off, and this time, it was also impossible for her to back off.

This dialogue between two of them confused those who listened to it. Zhuo Qing’s explosion made them even more curious as to what exactly was Gu Yun’s so-called plan. The gaze of Su Ling’s eagle eyes moved back and forth between Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun. He still wasn’t clear on what they wanted to do.

Cheng Hang couldn’t bear it anymore and asked, “What are you talking about? If you have a way to solve it, then say it out loud! Don’t talk in riddles we can’t understand!”

Zhuo Qing fiercely looked away, like she was too lazy to care about Gu Yun. However, Gu Yun knew that she had agreed because she (Zhuo Qing) knew her (Gu Yun) well.

Gaining Zhuo Qing’s approval, Gu Yun appeared more relaxed and replied, “When Ao Jie made such a request, he must have prepared a ‘back door’ (exit route). This afternoon we had aroused his suspicion. If we don’t act according to his instructions tonight, he will act even crazier. Why don’t we beat him at his own game?”

Beat him at his own game? Cheng Hang had guessed Gu Yun’s intention and asked, “You want to pretend to be killed by Ao Tian, making Ao Jie lower his guard, and allow Ao Tian to rescue Ye Mei. Meanwhile, we stalk Ao Jie’s group from behind and annihilate them?”


Compared to Cheng Hang’s excitement, Lu Jin looked calmer. He disapprovingly said, “Ao Jie is from Ju Ling Dao. He murders people like they are nothing. Wouldn’t he see through your playing dead? It is impossible to think that he would be fooled!”

Gu Yun faintly smiled, “And if the sword pierces through the heart in front of him?”

“What?” Cheng Hang shouted.

Piercing… through… the heart!

Gu Yun’s clear and light voice made those four words sound so casual. However, like a heavy bomb explosion, it made everyone’s heart at chaos. At this time, the study was dead quiet, it seemed like no one was even breathing.

Su Ling looked down at the calm woman in front of him. His hands clenched into fists. The rattling sounds of his joint cracking were clear in the silent room. His entire body shook, as though he was trying to suppress the overcoming anger. Gu Yun looked up at him. She was expecting to find anger in those eyes, but she only saw a dark pit that revealed nothing. She thought she had seen a glimpse of his emotions. She thought he would roar, but the hoa.r.s.e  male voice at her ear said with repressed emotions, “You are willing to die for him, aren’t you?”

The slightly trembling voice was very out of character for him, making Gu Yun’s heart feel pained. She didn’t understand why it happened, but she suddenly wanted to explain to him, ‘I am not willing to die for anyone, but I want to do it to solve this problem. Yan Hong Tian (Nutty’s comment: I don’t think you can just call an emperor by his name, Gu Yun! ? ) had sent a decree. If we can’t capture the a.s.sailant before the celebration, Ao Tian will die and the true a.s.sailant would be free, able to stir problems at anytime. I don’t know how you think, but in my world, there are only two types of colour. If it isn’t black, then it is white. (She is talking in metaphor here). Ao Tian didn’t kill anyone and Ye Mei didn’t instigate the fire, so they are innocent. Therefore, they shouldn’t die!’

She wasn’t doing it for Ao Tian! Gu Yun’s explanation seemed to have undone some of the knots in Su Ling’s heart.

“They don’t deserve to die, then do you need to die? Is this how you investigate a case?” Su Ling almost died from anger because of her. His hard-trained manner seemed to be non-existent right now, the thunderous roar drummed on Gu Yun’s eardrum. Then Su Ling began to roar again.

Gu Yun was slightly annoyed and shouted back, “There is only an hour left! What kind of method can I think of now?! After all, until now, I didn’t say that the plan will need me to die.”

“Piercing through the heart, yet not dying…” Cheng Hang said quietly. Under Lu Jin’s glare, he quickly shut his mouth. When he glanced over at Ao Tian, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Ao Tian’s face, which was always calm when facing any problem, was pale. His breath was unstable and those black eyes unblinkingly stared at Gu Yun.

“Qing, please explain!” All of them knew Zhuo Qing understood more about human anatomy, so her words would be more reliable.

Zhuo Qing ma.s.saged her forehead, her head suddenly ached. She would be insane if she agreed with Gu Yun’s suggestion. Though she didn’t agree, she was afraid that Gu Yun would do something that was even crazier. Although her heart was in chaos, years as a forensic doctor enabled her to explain Gu Yun’s intention calmly. “The human heart is located between the lungs, from the fifth left rib to one cun (unit of length) before clavicle. In the upper front of the heart, there are costal cartilages and the sternum (breastbone) while the oesophagus and aorta are behind the heart. The diaphragm is immediately below the heart. Every time the heart contracts, it creates a narrow s.p.a.ce between the diaphragm and heart. If at this time a sword pierces the chest, it will look like the sword has pierced through the heart, while in fact, the heart is uninjured.”

Zhuo Qing’s explanation didn’t make Su Ling’s heart at ease. In contrast, it made him more scared! At a glance, it would look like the sword had pierced the lungs. Without further explanation, Su Ling understood how narrow that so-called gap was and how close it was to heart.

However, who would be able to predict how the heart beats? Who could accurately capture that short moment when the heart contracts? If the sword was slightly off… Su Ling secretly took a deep breath and with icy cold voice, asked, “What if the sword does not pierce correctly?”

Zhuo Qing slowly raised her head, softly yet clearly answered, “Without a doubt, death.”

“Enough!” The roar suddenly shook everyone’s hearts and soon everyone’s attention was directed towards Ao Tian who was standing in front of the door. They only saw his bloodshot eyes, shooting a murderous aura. His silver hair was frantically dishevelled. Under the moonlight, he looked a cornered beast, ready to bite at any time. Mad!

They had never seen Ao Tian like this. Everyone subconsciously took a step back.

Ao Tian suddenly spun around. His bloodshot eyes angrily stared at Gu Yun. It appeared this (time) Ao Tian was covered in spikes. Su Ling moved slightly to closely protect Gu Yun who was behind him. Fortunately, Ao Tian didn’t move closer. Without the usual arrogance, the husky voice roared slightly, “Qing Mo, you listen to me carefully. I don’t need you to mind my business. More importantly, I don’t need you to use your life to solve it! Let it be dead or alive, this is still my Ao family’s business. No one should meddle with it!”

Finished speaking, Ao Tian dashed towards the exit. Everyone suddenly recovered from the shock and wanted to stop him.

“Go away!” Following the roar, a black flexible sword was out of its scabbard. Like its master, it emitted a cold aura. The silver hair was swaying automatically (without the wind). The bloodshot eyes became redder, making him appear inexplicably beautiful.

“Ao Tian, stop! Let me finish my words. After that, if you want to go, I won’t stop you.” Ao Tian nearly reached the brink of insanity from his own powerless and helplessness. Letting him leave like this would definitely lead to a bad end! Secretly taking a deep breath to calm herself, Gu Yun calmly said, “There are only two hours between now and midnight; we need to make a good plan to be certain of success. However, if you don’t want to, I won’t push you. At the rat hour (midnight), I will still be in the place where Ao Jie designated and will still be doing things according to my plan. The only difference is, if you are cooperating, our chance of success is greater. Ye Mei could be rescued and the case can be closed. If you don’t partic.i.p.ate, I will be the one to stab myself. Anyway, Ao Jie’s aim is to have me die in front of you. However, this method is slightly riskier and the plan may fail.”

Ao Tian’s fiery breath didn’t change and coldly said, “I won’t stab you, but I also will not let you stab yourself!”

Gu Yun slightly squinted. Her expression was stern. She quickly spoke with no traces of emotion, “Then, do you want to be treated unjustly forever? Are you willing to be framed forever? Do you want to see Ye Mei’s limbs broken, and from now on become a useless person? Are you not afraid that when you finally find her, she has become a cold body? She is your only family, why won’t you save her?”

Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, Yun was cruel. When the ‘harming herself’ argument didn’t work, she threatened him using his family, which he cared for the most. Who could withstand their own only family turning into a cold body? Even when Mo Bai heard Gu Yun’s words, his face turned pale blue, let alone Ao Tian who at the moment was on the brink of insanity!

Sure enough, Ao Tian touched the red whip on his waist. A golden memory flashed in his mind. That beautiful smile which not many people have seen… He remembered the warmth of the cuddles on scary lonely nights during his childhood.

However, the current him had no way of saving her! He painfully closed his eyes, imagining the sight of Ye Mei’s blood-drained face and her body fully damaged!

Gu Yun really knew how to seize openings. At a time where Ao Tian’s mind was full of affection and helplessness, she asked, “Since I dared to mention this plan, I do have some a.s.surance on it. Now, I just ask you, are you going to partic.i.p.ate or not?”

For a long time, all of the energy in the room seemed to have vanished. The hands that were previously grabbing swords, were unconsciously hanging down. A dull voice said feebly, “What do you want me to do!”

Finally, Ao Tian capitulated. Gu Yun secretly took a deep breath. Zhuo Qing was glaring at Gu Yun, her art of interrogation was not uselessly learnt! (没白学 Mei Bai Xue: it is a proverb, I cannot explain it really well but it basically saying that the effort that you put towards learning something is not useless) Gu Yun slightly raised her lips.

Zhuo Qing took a look at the sky and said, “If you have decided, you have to make a move now. We need to begin preparing things. Quickly tell us the details of your plan.” Based on Gu Yun’s personality before, if she proposed a plan, the plan must have already been thoroughly well-thought out. There were only two hours left, Zhuo Qing hoped that it would still be in time.

“I don’t agree!” Gu Yun hadn’t spoken when Su Ling’s deep voice with audible anger said, “The Su Family army has 30,000 soldiers guarding the capital. I don’t believe that they cannot find Ye Mei!” She wanted to use her own life to fight?

Gu Yun started to get a headache and felt slightly impatient. She had just persuaded an ‘Ao Tian’, now Su Ling began to make trouble for her. She didn’t want to waste any more time explaining things again so she spoke with a somewhat happy tone, “The celebration day is approaching. With you making such a big impromptu move, do you not care about the face of Qiong Yue anymore? Even if they find Ye Mei if evidence of Ao Jie’s scheme is not found, how do you think this case will be concluded?” What she wanted was not only as simple as finding Ye Mei! Although Gu Yun spoke the truth, Su Ling’s complexion still turned blue by Gu Yun’s words.

“Su Ling.” A clear voice interrupted the ‘conversation’ between the two. Zhuo Qing dismissively said, “Please come out for awhile, I need to talk to you.”

Su Ling and Gu Yun simultaneously frowned. Su Ling’s heart was full of doubt, yet he still followed the elegant figure to the courtyard. Under the moonlight, both of them were facing each other. With Zhuo Qing’s back to Gu Yun, Gu Yun could not make out what Zhuo Qing said but she could see the expression of Su Ling who was at first solemn, then anxious, then panicked. Panic? How could this expression ever appear on Su Ling’s face? While Gu Yun was still wondering, Zhuo Qing had finished her words and went back into the office. Su Ling quietly followed behind her, his expression complicated.

Gu Yun looked at Zhuo Qing with an expression of ‘what is going on.’ Zhuo Qing didn’t answer her and just said, “You just continue.”

Gu Yun looked at Su Ling and saw him standing aside with his head slightly bowed down. It was unclear what was on his mind, however, he didn’t oppose the plan anymore. In her heart, she was secretly wondering what did they talk about. How could so few sentences make his totally opposed att.i.tude into such a reversal?

However, time was running out. Now was not the time to ask this. Instead, Gu Yun started discussing the plan, “Today, although we didn’t find Ye Mei, we did discover one of Ao Jie’s hideouts. This shows that our previous suspicions were right. Cheng Hang, bring people to the west gate to take a look. Lu Jin, you are responsible for the Cheng Nan Area.”

“Okay!” The two quickly nodded their heads without objections.

“We need to be at Mount Xiao by midnight. Leng Xiao, bring people to surround the north gate which was close to Mount Xiao. Please be careful to not alert the enemy.”

“Yes.” Leng Xiao obediently replied.

“Aside from Ao Tian, Mo Bai and Su Ling’s martial arts are the highest amongst us. Tonight, only two of you will follow us to meet Ao Jie. After Ao Tian takes out the sword, Ao Jie will let him meet Ye Mei. Mo Bai, you will be responsible for tailing them; make sure to leave some tracks. Ge Jing Yun, you will be responsible for following the trail left by Mo Bai and leading Minister Dan to the location. While Minister Dan deploys people to surround them, make sure that they are caught. Su Ling, after you bring me back to my sister, you need to go back and help Minister Dan. After all, you have more than adequate military power.”

Su Ling just stood there, not giving his a.s.sent but also not opposing.

Gu Yun frowned. What was wrong with Su Ling? Lou Xi Yan suddenly understood, what his wife and Su Ling were talking about. With warm tone, he replied, “Lou Family has a villa near Mount Xiao. General Su can bring people there; it is closer.”

Su Ling looked up slightly, glanced at Lou Xi Yan’s eyes, and then quickly left. His expression was unreadable. This time, Gu Yun didn’t make any effort to interpret the secret signs between them but instead just looked at everyone else while saying, “Are there any objections?”

The office remained silent for a long time, no one responded to her question. Gu Yun suddenly wanted to laugh. What happened to them? It was not like she would definitely die!

“If there are no objections, everyone should go and prepare.” Zhuo Qing pointed at Ao Tian who seemed much calmer now and Gu Yun who was standing behind him while saying, “Both of you, follow me!”

Gu Yun quickly left the office while Ao Tian remained there for awhile before following them. Two people were standing still. Zhuo Qing gradually placed her hand on Gu Yun’s left chest. Ao Tian was somewhat taken aback and his head slightly turned to the side. Meanwhile, Gu Yun felt a bit awkward. However, she straightened her body to allow Zhuo Qing to study it. After a while, Zhuo Qing’s hand stopped at one position and she told Ao Tian, “I don’t need to tell you the position of the heart. This is the position of the diaphragm.” She quickly drew a detailed diagram on the sand.

Ao Tian looked back and viewed Zhuo Qing’s drawing. The heart that had been calm after much difficulty was in chaos again. Based on his knowledge, that was the heart’s position. If pierced there, wouldn’t she… be dead?

Zhuo Qing looked like her usual self, her expression was full of confidence. Gu Yun also looked like she had unconditional trust towards Zhuo Qing. Ao Tian suppressed the storm in his heart. Zhuo Qing suddenly said to Gu Yun, “Take out your hand.”

Without hesitation, Gu Yun obediently showed her hand. Zhuo Qing lifted Gu Yun’s wrist in front of Ao Tian and said, “First, feel her heartbeat!”

Ao Tian slightly hesitated for a moment but in the end, he reached out. His hand touched Gu Yun’s wrist, feeling the gentle regular heartbeat. Seeing Gu Yun was as calm as she looked, Ao Tian’s heart began to beat irregularly. Beat by beat, a pulse was felt under the delicate skin. It was so lively if he stabbed there…

Ao Tian put Gu Yun’s hand back. His hand faintly shook.

However, both Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun didn’t notice his strange behaviour. Zhuo Qing only minded her own responsibilities and said, “You need to remember: at that time, you cannot be nervous, or else, your heartbeat will be irregular and Ao Tian will have difficulties in grasping the moment.”

“Yes, understood.” Gu Yun slightly smiled. Before, she had walked on a minefield to rescue hostages. She had gone past the state of fear-of-dying-at-anytime. This kind of scheme wouldn’t make her nervous!

Looking at Ao Tian, whose hand had returned to its place, Zhuo Qing thought that he had gotten the frequency of Gu Yun’s heartbeat, so she grabbed a thick stick off the ground and gave it to Ao Tian. With her slender finger, she pointed, “You need to practice your position (for stabbing). It must be accurate and fast. The faster your hand is, the smaller the wound is going to be. Hence, the wound treatment I can provide will be better. Understood?”

“En.” Ao Tian said. The stick in his hand nearly broke from his grip.

“Let’s begin.” Zhuo Qing’s cold voice echoed beside his ear. Ao Tian didn’t move an inch.

He looked down, making Gu Yun unable to read his expression. However, she could guess that he must have been nervous so she laughed and said, “Ao Tian, let’s start. This is only a stick.”

After a while, Ao Tian finally moved the stick in his hand and gazed at the position on Gu Yun’s left chest, striking there…

Zhuo Qing frowned, “It was off.”

Another strike…

“Your hand was too slow.” Zhuo Qing’s voice became colder, “Repeat!”

Although, it was just a stick, Gu Yun’s chest still hurt from the force. However, she didn’t say a word and with a smile she looked at Ao Tian. Yet, Ao Tian’s expression worsened. His normally pale complexion grew even paler. His lips were pale to the point of frightening others. His forehead was covered in sweat-damped silver strands. The panic was visible on those cold arrogant eyes and the stick trembled slightly.

Gu Yun raised her hand and gently grabbed the stick. She said, “Let’s rest for a while.” Ao Tian quickly released his grip on the stick, as though he had touched a hot iron. Gu Yun approached Ao Tian. He suddenly turned, not wanting to face her. His breath was heavy and short, revealing Ao Tian’s anxiety and frustration.

Prior to this, it was not like he had never thought of using her life in exchange for his sister’s, but when he wanted to act it, he couldn’t control his hand holding the stick, as well as the trembles in his heart.

She had slowly crawled into his heart. He admitted, he was really afraid! He was afraid of losing Ye Mei, but he was even more afraid of losing Gu Yun from his own actions!

Under the thickness of the night, Gu Yun stood in front of Ao Tian and grabbed his cold hand while gently encouraging, “Ao Tian, with your skills, this strike is an easy thing. Just one strike. I have faith in you! Next time, we can still drink wine together!”

Ao Tian gradually looked up, meeting the pair of bright eyes which were full of trust. His heart was. .h.i.t, it was really painful!

Ao Tian closed his dark eyes. Gu Yun gently loosened her grip and looked to Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing took a deep breath and grabbed the stick on the ground, once again, placing it in Ao Tian’s hand. With slightly impatient tone, she said, “That’s okay. You don’t need to be this nervous. As long as I am still alive, she won’t die easily. You need to practice few more times. We don’t have much time left!”

After a long pause, Ao Tian finally turned around and started to practice again.

The two hours pa.s.sed by quickly, but Ao Tian had only managed to stab correctly three times out of numerous attempts.

Gu Yun was as calm as usual, making anyone observing on the side break out in cold sweat. Especially Su Ling. Several times, Mo Bai expected Su Ling to rush forward, however, besides almost breaking his fingers from clenching his fists, he didn’t stop the practice.

Gu Yun looked up at the sky to gauge the time. She then looked down at the brushed off diagram and said, “It is almost the time, let’s go.”

“Crack!” Gu Yun had just finished speaking when Ao Tian crushed the stick in his hand. Gu Yun pretended she didn’t see the panic expression which was written all over his face. She walked out and said, “Everyone, please act according to our discussion.”

“Ao Tian, let’s go!” Seeing the figure exiting the court, Ao Tian’s face was already very pale. His expression finally returned to the usual coldness. He looked at Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing’s lips slightly raised. Her eyes were full of confidence. Ao Tian’s heart finally calmed down and he quickly chased after Gu Yun.

Su Ling and Mo Bai quickly followed them out.

“Su Ling…” Pa.s.sing Zhuo Qing’s side, Su Ling’s sleeve was grabbed. Zhuo Qing whispered, “Help me bring her back alive!”

Su Ling’s body stiffened. He slightly nodded.

Everyone went and acted according to the plan. Peace once again returned to the courtyard. Zhuo Qing’s hands tightly hugged her own body. The confident aura previously emitted was gone. She stepped backwards and fell into a pair of warm hands.

“Xi Yan, I am afraid.” She was afraid that this time would be an eternal separation. She was afraid that Gu Yun would return as a cold body.

The person in his embrace shook vigorously. He never saw this kind of Qing Er. He pressed on her shoulder. With a warm and gentle voice, he tried to calm Zhuo Qing, “Rest a.s.sured. Everything will be fine. You need to believe in her as well as yourself.”

Zhuo Qing tightly clutched into the arms that embraced her. In her heart, she secretly recited, Su Ling, I am sorry…

To help Gu Yun save time and to make Su Ling help her protect Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing lied to him. She told him as long as the sword didn’t penetrate the diaphragm, it would be okay. She said as long as Su Ling brought Yun back quickly, she could definitely save her. She lied. This lie made Su Ling believe that Yun’s life actually rested on his hands. She was lying to make Su Ling bring back Gu Yun faster, as well as to let him agree to Gu Yun’s plan. However, this lie was very unfair (cruel) to him. If… If Yun really died…

Mount Xiao, Midnight.

Tonight was not the fifteenth, yet the moon was unusually bright (Translator notes: 15th day of every month in Chinese lunar calendar is always full-moon. At least, it is according to my dad ? ). The atmosphere was a little bit strange. A lean figure was approaching the top of the mountain. His feet moved fast, making his silver hair sway, revealing impatience. Ao Jie’s heart was conflicted. He didn’t know whether Ao Tian would come or not. He had never been able to read Ao Tian’s mind. Now, there was a clever woman beside Ao Tian, making it even harder for Ao Jie to predict Ao Tian!

Shortly after midnight, Ao Jie found Ao Tian and Gu Yun approaching him. He squinted. Until both of them were in front of him, Ao Jie’s eyes didn’t leave Gu Yun’s body. With a husky voice, he smiled, “Little Miss, it looks like I have underestimated you.” She actually sent people to search, and almost even caught them! This little girl was indeed smart! However, because of this matter, he knew more about her value. The support from Su Ling and Lou Xi Yan made Dan Yu Lan incapable of ignoring her. If Ao Tian killed her, the ‘chase’ would be interesting.

Gu Yun was silent. Ao Jie eccentrically laughed, “You actually dared to come! You really have lots of courage!” Was she not afraid of dying or did she actually believe that Ao Tian wouldn’t kill her?!

Gu Yun ignored him and remained silent. Her young face was unnaturally calm, agitating Ao Jie. Ao Jie asked Ao Tian, “How? Have you decided?”

Ao Tian hesitated for a moment and said, “As long as I do not need to kill her, I will do whatever you want, even if it means killing Yan Hong Tian.”

Hahahaha! Ao Jie laughed. Ao Tian this time was actually ‘lowering his head’? Preoccupied with this thought, Ao Jie became more arrogant and said, “Do you think you have the right to negotiate with me? Today, I had given you the time to slowly decide, but you disappointed me! Do you want to rescue Ye Mei? Unless I am bringing you to her, don’t even think of rescuing her! Or else you won’t even dream of seeing her corpse!”

“You should be grateful to me for still giving you a chance to choose.” Ao Tian’s hands tightened. Ao Jie became more aggressive, “Who should die? Her or Ye Mei?” He wanted to see whether Ao Tian would choose his sister or his love!

“If…” Ao Tian stopped, took a deep breath, and continued, “If I kill her, would you let me see Ye Mei immediately?”


Ao Jie’s had just finished speaking when he saw Ao Tian grab the sword at his waist. Ao Jie was taken aback. He thought that Ao Tian would attack him, so he stepped back to dodge. Who knew that within a split second the long sword unhesitatingly pierced through Gu Yun’s chest? When the black sword pa.s.sed through the chest, Gu Yun widened her eyes, disbelievingly staring at Ao Tian.

At this time, the same expression appeared on Su Ling’s and Mo Bai’s face who were hiding at a distance. The two momentarily paused and looked at the delicate body that was pierced by the sword. Su Ling felt like his heart had been stabbed by something. It was hard for him to even breathe. That kind of pain spread everywhere. With much difficulty, Su Ling recovered. The body that wanted to rushed out was tightly held back by Mo Bai, “General Su! Please calm down! We need to remember our main goal. If you come out now, Miss Qing’s sacrifice would be in vain!”

Su Ling tightly clenched Chi Xue that was in his hand. Mo Bai also felt the threatening heat that was generated by the red sword. He could only hope that Ao Tian would be able to lead Ao Jie away, or else he really didn’t know how long he could suppress this pair of man and sword!

The surprised expression on Gu Yun’s face was not an act. She really didn’t expect that Ao Tian would act this quick! She didn’t have the ‘mood’ to feel surprised. Oh G.o.d! It hurt! The pain was even worse than being shot by a bullet. Her body involuntarily trembled. The blood began to drip on the black sword and onto the ground. Gu Yun started to lose consciousness. She was glaring at Ao Tian while silently cursing, ‘What was he doing? Why didn’t he withdraw the sword!’

At that time, Ao Tian had not withdrawn the sword. The sound of every blood droplet that was dripped on the ground was like the pounding of his heart. His entire body felt cold, as though he was in the arctic sea (direct translation is icy cave), drowning him with the biting cold.

Ao Tian froze in his position. Gu Yun bit her lip, her body slowly stepped back. The sound of blade piercing through muscle made Ao Tian understand Gu Yun’s intention. Tightly gripping the sword, Ao Tian pulled back his sword. As the sword withdrew, blood began to gush out.

The warm blood splattered on Ao Tian’s face, burning his body like lava. He stood there, still. His eyes were glued to her, who gradually closed her eyes, seeing her body slowly fall onto the ground. Her body was motionless.

Ao Jie was stunned by the scene before his eyes. After a long time, he recollected himself, patted Ao Tian’s shoulder and laughed, “Your actions are so ruthless! Truly cruel!” He never thought that Ao Tian could be this cruel. How did it feel to pierce the beloved woman with a sword? Hahaha!

Ao Tian acted like he couldn’t hear Ao Jie’s ear-piercing laughter. However, when Ao Jie’s hand reached out to check Gu Yun’s pulse, Ao Tian roared, “Don’t touch her!”

Ao Jie’s hand stopped midair. The sword in Ao Tian’s hand was still covered in blood and so was half of his face. Red eyes glared at Ao Jie, causing him to be slightly taken aback. After all, the sword had pierced through the heart, this woman was certainly dead. It was better for him to not further antagonise Ao Tian.

Ao Tian pulled back his hand and suddenly moved closer to Ao Jie, “Where is Ye Mei?”

Ao Jie swallowed his saliva, not daring to further agitate Ao Tian. He smiled, “Follow me. I will take you there.”

Ao Tian looked back to see the woman who was lying on the ground silently.

Don’t be afraid, if you die, I will accompany you! A firm decisive expression came across the pair of black eyes. Ao Tian turned his back and left.

With the two figures growing distant, Mo Bai immediately was overturned by a powerful force. Su Ling’s tall body swiftly rushed like a bullet towards the beautiful figure. Mo Bai immediately could see the battle inside Su Ling’s heart. Although he also worried, he still chased after Ao Tian and Ao Jie.

“Qing Mo?!” Su Ling immediately supported Gu Yun. Her eyes were closed. There was no movement and her face looked very pale. From both her chest and her back, the blood oozed out. He quickly placed his finger on her wrist. At that moment, he felt a barely detectable pulse, making Su Ling both happy and worried at the same time. She was still alive! But how long could she hold on?

“Qing Mo! You cannot die, you need to fight!” Putting pressure on several of her acupressure points to stop the blood, Su Ling lifted the delicate body. He didn’t dare to slow down his steps. His mind didn’t dare to think about others. Zhuo Qing’s voice was constantly ringing in his ears, it must be fast! Must be fast!

“Qing Mo, you need to hold on! I order you to live!” Regardless of whether the person in his embrace could or couldn’t hear him, Su Ling constantly repeated the sentence. This was the only way to bring a slight comfort to his chaotic heart!

Running the entire way, Su Ling brought Gu Yun to the Lou Family’s villa. The servants were already waiting outside the house. Seeing Su Ling arrive, they quickly opened the door and led him to the largest courtyard.

“Send her to the room!” Lou Xi Yan was already standing outside the building, waiting for him. Seeing Su Ling’s stiff facial expression and his red dampened clothes, Lou Xi Yan couldn’t help but worry about Gu Yun’s condition.

Carrying Gu Yun in, Su Ling entered the s.p.a.cious hall, filled with five to six of the best imperial physicians, who wore weird white robes (I think it is the doctor’s coat/lab coat), looking nervous. Seeing the person in Su Ling’s embrace, the imperial physicians started to stand up, but seeing Lou Xi Yan wave his hand, they sat down again. They looked puzzled.


Under the guidance of Lou Xi Yan, Su Ling carried Gu Yun into the inner quarter. The room was not big. There was only one small wooden bed there. The rest of the room was filled with candles. The brightness of the candles was glaring to the eyes. Zhuo Qing stood beside the bed and was also wearing a white robe. Cotton gloves covered her hands and her knee-length hair was braided. Zhuo Qing pointed at the bed and said, “Put her there.”

Su Ling immediately placed her there. Zhuo Qing calmly said, “You, get out.” Su Ling immediately replied, “No way!”

Under the light, Gu Yun’s white face looked almost transparent, her lips were greyish. Her small thin body looked thinner on the narrow bed.

“Get out~” This time, Zhuo Qing’s tone was heavier. Her hands didn’t leave Gu Yun’s body. She gently cut Gu Yun’s black clothes. There was an inch long wound on her left chest. The wound was slightly swollen but the incision was clean. The position was correct. After looking at the wound, Zhuo Qing relaxed slightly. Ao Tian this time acted fast and accurate, Yun still had hopes!

With a fixed mind, Zhuo Qing started to clean the wound. She discovered that the bleeding was minimal. The sword pierced the diaphragm but didn’t injure the heart. However, it cut a vein, so the blood loss shouldn’t be this little! Zhuo Qing frowned and asked, “Did you press her acupressure point?”

Su Ling’s heart tightened and asked, “Was it prohibited?”

Zhuo Qing blandly replied, “No, it wasn’t.” With a different att.i.tude and much firmer tone, she said, “You can stay, but don’t hinder my work. You also need to wear clean clothes.”

With Zhuo Qing agreeing to let him stay, Su Ling became more worried. Did something go wrong? Su Ling restlessly went out. Lou Xi Yan seemed to be prepared and handed him a tray. On the tray, there was a plain white robe. Without thinking too much, he took off his blood-stained clothes, put on the white robe, and went back into the room.

Zhuo Qing was holding a thin silver needle. Su Ling was afraid to disturb her and silently stood beside Zhuo Qing. His eyes never left the woman who was lying on the bed. Her eyes were closed. Without much signs of life, she looked like a porcelain doll, which would break with a single touch. The room was very quiet, so quiet that the breathing in there was audible. However, he couldn’t hear her breathing. Several times, he had the urge to check her breathing but he was also afraid that he might not be able to accept the result.

“Su Ling,” Zhuo Qing took a deep breath and said, “Release her acupressure points.”

Zhuo Qing’s tone was obviously heavy. Su Ling’s first tightened. Walking towards Gu Yun’s side, he reached out, using a slight force…

After the seal was released, Gu Yun’s throat suddenly moved. Blood was coming from her mouth, flowing to her neck then leaving a scarlet stain on the white pillow.

“What happened?” Su Ling was shocked. He didn’t dare to touch her and just blankly stared at the blood that was continuously flowing out of her mouth. He glared at Zhuo Qing and roared, “What is happening?!”

Zhuo Qing calmly took a white handkerchief and pressed on Gu Yun’s lips. She said, “Press.”

Su Ling quickly pressed it. Zhuo Qing looked down and observed the vein that had just been sutured. Su Ling sealing Yun’s acupressure points indeed prevented blood loss. However, because of the wound, there would be changes in blood pressure. When the points were released, the changes in pressure were big, so vomiting blood was normal. However, she afraid that the recently sewn vein couldn’t afford the pressure!

After observing for a while, Zhuo Qing found small bleeding on the vein. d.a.m.n it! The suture was too rough (primitive) and the medical equipment was inadequate. This caused Zhuo Qing’s heart to be in turmoil and her face was darkened! She needed to prepare for the second suture.

“Why did she vomit blood?” Su Ling’s voice was abnormally hoa.r.s.e.

Zhuo Qing looked at Su Ling, a small crease was forming between of her brows. Su Ling’s face didn’t look any better than Yun. She looked at the handkerchief that was almost fully soaked with blood. It was because of too much pressure (from his hand) that the blood was flooding under his hand. The self-blaming expression in Su Ling’s eyes worried Zhuo Qing. Although until now, he was still under control, but this was a surgery room, Zhuo Qing didn’t want to take any risks. She shouted, “Xi Yan, take him out!”

Lou Xi Yan who was standing outside heard Zhuo Qing and deeply sighed. He nodded to the two guards outside the room. The two entered the room and approached Su Ling. Su Ling’s hands stroked Gu Yun’s cheek, his eyes didn’t leave Gu Yun. He roared, “Get out!”

Only a few people could resist Su Ling’s innate aggressiveness. The two hesitated for a moment. They didn’t dare to pull him out, but they also couldn’t leave him like this.

At this time, Lou Xi Yan’s clear voice was heard from outside, “General Su, if you truly care about Qing Mo, you need to wait outside. You will eventually kill her if you continue to behave this way!”

The faint voice silenced the room, making the air feel heavy inside. Every word suffocated people. Zhuo Qing quickly grabbed the opportunity to perform the second suture. She was focused on the surgery and ignored them. Gu Yun was no longer vomiting blood, but her complexion looked worse than before. Su Ling’s hand that was holding the handkerchief felt burning, yet her face was icy cold. His hands trembled once again. He knew that he was not helping. Suppressing the urge to hug her, Su Ling quickly got up and exited.

Standing in the middle of the courtyard, the night wind was like a whip of thorns, whipping his body. He didn’t feel the pain, but his heart felt cold. Painfully, he closed his eyes, the scene of the long sword piercing through her body kept replaying in his mind. He hated himself, why didn’t he stop her!

Was he not fast enough? Should he have not sealed her acupuncture points? If only he could have arrived here faster, she would have a better chance. A little bit faster… As if being pushed by an enormous force, the big tall body slumped against a large rock. The cold feeling at his back felt like it had spread to his heart.

Tonight felt particularly long. The darkness of the night was slowly swallowed by the rays of the sun. The sun gradually rose, bringing a warm feeling. Su Ren had heard the news and quickly went to see Gu Yun’s condition. Entering the courtyard, Su Ren saw a big tall figure leaning on the fake mountain (miniature). At first glance, he almost didn’t recognise that man sitting on the ground was actually Su Ling. A night of torment had made his beard grow. His face didn’t look too sad but the eyes which were usually full of arrogance were staring emptily. He tightly held a blood-stained handkerchief.

Su Ren’s heart was at his throat, What on earth was happening?

“Did she… Did she die?”

A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor

A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor


A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor

She is an honorably retired SWAT officer with meritorious deeds and is a das.h.i.+ng detective who solves cases like a G.o.d.
One day, a strange golden board with eight divinatory trigrams brings her to a different world, where she is is bestowed as a gift to a general’s manor.
He is a grim G.o.d of war whose power overwhelms six countries and the defender-general of the state with military power in his hands. An imperial edict brought him a delicate concubine. He turned and left. After returning, his second in command and soldiers ignored him. Instead, they kept on saying, “What does madam think?”
When has the general’s manor changed its owner?
Solving cases, training soldiers, night attacks, suppressing bandits, street fights, counter-terrorism operations, naval battles – one after another appeared on stage. She played with flourish, yet he was unable to resist even a little.


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