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# Xianxia

Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!

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# Action # Adventure

Undefeated God of War

Youth, is meant to be used to shed sweat under the sun!Youth, is to continuously engage in battles, and secure the win!The endless journey on Heaven’s Road, an endless expedition,…

# Josei # School Life

Under The Veil of Night

In the City of Crime, one law stands above them all: Only the strongest can live. Fighting is normal, extortion is common, and death is inevitable. Born into a wealthy…

# Comedy # Josei

Union Of Enemies

Zhen Lang and Gu Jing have been childhood enemies for over twenty years and pretend best friends in front of their parents. Zhen Lang and Gu Jing’s source of happiness…

# Action # Fantasy

Unrivaled Medicine God

A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great…

# Action # Adventure

Unrivaled Tang Sect

The legend of the continent, the battle that brought fame; the Sacred Phoenix Lady, the Windfire Meteor G.o.drealm saber-art; the pair that ascend and fuse, the golden sun and the…

# Action # Comedy

Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao. If you have any question about this novel, Please don’t hesitate…