Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3402: The Wind Venerable’s Decision

Chapter 3402: The Wind Venerable’s Decision

Jian Chen gripped the twin swords with both hands. His eyes shone extremely brightly as he closely studied them.

The twin swords forged by the clan leader of the Spiritsages were identical in shape. They only differed in colour. Gazing through the resplendent light they emanated, he could clearly see the mirror-like blades that were engraved with patterns possessing the aura of the ways. It was extremely profound.

There was a saint core embedded at the end of each hilt!

But at this moment, the energy within these saint cores had clearly been awakened already. They shone with blinding light as the powerful energy inside made Jian Chen’s heart palpitate despite his cultivation.

Earlier, the saint cores had been in the Wind Venerable or Ling Tong’s possession, so he could not sense them as clearly. Only now did he truly understand their power from such close contact.

These saint cores were definitely objects on par with Gusta’s fleshly core.

However, due to the pa.s.sage of time and depletion over countless years, the saint cores were visibly weaker when actually compared to Gusta’s fleshly core.

But despite that, they were still enough to directly turn a medium quality G.o.d artifact into a high quality G.o.d artifact!

Jian Chen studied the twin swords, taking a great liking to them. The twin swords forged by Ling Tong gave off a completely different feeling compared to the twin swords forged by the Rain Abbess.

From the twin swords forged by the clan leader of the Spiritsages, he could actually feel a sense of intimacy, like they were a part of his body.

It was as if the twin swords were his arms, an extension of his body. He possessed a special connection with the twin swords.

Their connection had become even tighter than before.

“I will never forget the clan leader’s great kindness. I’m extremely satisfied with these two swords.” Jian Chen immediately cupped his fist towards the clan leader of the Spiritsages.

Long Tong smiled in exhaustion. Right when he was about to say something, the Wind Venerable’s chuckle rang out. “Fellow Jian Chen, you have no need to be so polite. This is what our Spiritsages owes you.”

The Wind Venerable’s interruption made Ling Tong subconsciously shut his mouth. He glanced at the old clan leader behind him doubtfully. He was filled with suspicions.

Jian Chen and the Wind Venerable casually exchanged some pleasantries before Jian Chen looked at the twin swords again like he was infatuated with them. At that moment, he truly struggled to hide his excitement.

That was because the twin swords had already reached the level of high quality G.o.d artifacts.

He had obtained many G.o.d artifacts over the years. Let alone high quality G.o.d artifacts, he had even obtained sovereign G.o.d artifacts.

But without any exception, none of them could compare to the twin swords.

Due to the sword spirits and his experiences in his path of cultivation, the twin swords were far more complicated than just a pair of G.o.d artifacts. There was another relations.h.i.+p, like his friends and his masters.

Suddenly, Jian Chen removed the two saint cores embedded on the hilts of the swords.

Without the saint cores, the twin swords rapidly weakened in terms of glow and pressure, immediately falling from the might of high quality G.o.d artifacts to the level of medium quality G.o.d artifacts.

With my current strength, it’s still rather difficult to wield high quality G.o.d artifacts. I’m unable to wield them as I please. Medium quality G.o.d artifacts are what truly suit me.” Jian Chen carefully stowed the two saint cores away in the s.p.a.ce in his soul.

Normally, Grand Primes wielded high quality G.o.d artifacts. Only experts like that could unleash their true potential through controlling their immense energy.

There were some late Chaotic Primes that also used high quality G.o.d artifacts, but it would obviously become much more difficult. The toll on their energy was tremendous too, such that they could not wield them for long.

Jian Chen’s current Chaotic Force was equivalent to early Chaotic Prime. Even though the newly-forged twin swords had already merged with him, he still could not control high quality G.o.d artifacts as he pleased with his current level of energy.

“Fellow Jian Chen, you cultivate pseudo Chaotic Force. It’s not true Chaotic Force, but your cultivation is still enough to dominate any fellow cultivators at the same level. In my opinion, you only need to reach the next layer with your Chaotic Force. After that, wielding high quality G.o.d artifacts won’t be that difficult anymore,” said the Wind Venerable.

As soon as that was mentioned, Jian Chen became slightly pained. His Way of the Sword had already reached the great compet.i.tion of Sword Immortal. The increase in his comprehension also led to a possible breakthrough in the Chaotic Body.

His Chaotic Body could now reach the seventeenth layer.

However, he had nowhere near enough resources to make the breakthrough to the seventeenth layer.

Even though he still possessed a large number of G.o.d Tier heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang Microcosm in the s.p.a.ce in his soul, these heavenly resources were of different variety and differed in functions. Not all of them could be used to strengthen his cultivation.

Only a small portion could truly be used to increase his cultivation.

If these heavenly resources were used on any other expert, given that they were not constrained by their cultivation, they could easily break through. In terms of energy alone, it was even enough for them to break through multiple realms.

However, they were nowhere near enough for a breakthrough with the Chaotic Body.

When he broke through from the fifteenth layer to the sixteenth layer, he had already depleted many resources in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He even ingested multiple heavenly resources on the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification’s level.

Now that he wanted to break through from the sixteenth layer to the seventeenth layer, the resources he needed would be far more than that.

Even Jian Chen did not dare to imagine exactly how much he needed.

Ever since he lost Gusta’s fleshly core, the resources needed for each breakthrough of the Chaotic Body had become what troubled Jian Chen the most.

The Wind Venerable clearly understood the difficulties that Jian Chen was facing. He said in thought, “I still have three saint cores here. Each saint core contains an immense quant.i.ty of energy. However, these saint cores are extremely special. They can only be added to G.o.d artifacts as forging materials. They cannot be absorbed for cultivation.”

The Wind Venerable paused before suddenly telling the clan leader, “Go, bring me all the high quality resources in the clan. Leave enough coloured divine crystals for the day-to-day needs and bring the rest. Bring over all the pills and heavenly resources that can be used to increase cultivation, mid grade G.o.d Tier or higher.”

“Ah! Old clan leader, t-this…” The clan leader of the Spiritsages was astounded. He stared at the Wind Venerable in a tongue-tied manner. Even with his composure as a Grand Prime, he was dumbfounded right now.

The old clan leader was emptying out the treasury of the entire clan to nurture an outsider?

Jian Chen also paled in fright. He had never imagined that the Wind Venerable would make such a sacrifice.

Immediately, he cupped his fist at the Wind Venerable in a flattered manner. “Senior Feng, you can’t do this!”

Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

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