Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3403: Reaching the Seventeenth Layer (1)

Chapter 3403: Reaching the Seventeenth Layer (1)

“It’s just some resources. There’s no need to be so startled. The Spiritsages is a large clan that had made it to the very apex after all. The Spiritsages can produce these resources.” The Wind Venerable ignored the tongue-tied Ling Tong. Instead, he smiled towards Jian Chen. “Moreover, you’re also aware that you need extremely powerful resources for your Chaotic Body to break through. You can’t show yourself in the Saints’ World right now, so it would be almost impossible for you to obtain these resources by yourself.”

“However, it’s truly nothing to our Spiritsages.”

The Wind Venerable said that with great ease. Indeed, the Spiritsages now had him. Their status was far greater than before. If they wanted to obtain some cultivation resources, it was truly a piece of cake.

However, as the clan leader of the Spiritsages, Ling Tong seemed troubled and conflicted. He remained in a bowing position and wanted to say something, but nothing came out in the end when he opened his mouth.

“Senior Feng, I already owe you enough. If you continue like this, I’ll never be able to pay back such great kindness.” Jian Chen was troubled. From the moment a Grand Exalt killed him, the Wind Venerable had been silently helping him in secret, not only reviving him, but even allowing him to obtain the sovereign G.o.d artifact of the Wood Spirits in the Wood Spirits World, the Source of Life.

Even though he could only use it for a hundred thousand years, the value was immeasurable. It was enough to rewrite his fate completely.

And now, the twin swords. Jian Chen had seen exactly how the Wind Venerable had gathered the missing materials for forging the twin swords.

As a result, in Jian Chen’s opinion, even if the Wind Venerable owed him a favour in the past, he had paid it back in full a long time ago.

However, that was not what the Wind Venerable thought. He waved his hand with a smile and said happily, “Of course not, of course not. Fellow Jian Chen, this isn’t about you owing the Spiritsages and me, but the Spiritsagse and I owing you.”

Long Tong was truly puzzled as he listened from the side. There were many times when he almost spoke up in question. He was unable to understand no matter how he racked his brains exactly what kind of favour the Spiritsages owed Jian Chen that the old clan leader would behave like this.

After all, Jian Chen’s strength was absolutely nothing in his eyes.

He was a mere Chaotic Prime, so just what had he achieved in the past?

Ling Tong sighed inside. Even though he was the clan leader of the Spiritsages and could decide all matters, he would not dare to defy the old clan leader’s orders even if he were a hundred times braver, so he could only pay a visit to the Spiritsages’ treasury reluctantly.

Very soon, Ling Tong returned with a s.p.a.ce Ring. He pa.s.sed the s.p.a.ce Ring over to the Wind Venerable politely and said, “Old clan leader, all the resources that can be used to strengthen cultivation in our treasury are here.”

The s.p.a.ce Ring was filled with various pills and heavenly resources, but without any exception, even the weakest had reached mid grade G.o.d Tier.

There were even several at high grade G.o.d Tier.

With Jian Chen’s current realm of cultivation, low grade G.o.d Tier heavenly resources no longer had much of an effect. Even the worst that he could use were mid grade G.o.d Tier.

However, when the Wind Venerable saw the resources in the s.p.a.ce Ring, he immediately frowned. “Why’s there so little?”

Ling Tong immediately became glum. He said painfully, “You were unaware, old clan leader. Ever since you returned to us, we cast aside all of our qualms, so after numerous discussions with the upper echelon of the clan, we made a decision of wide-reaching influence. We chose to open the treasuries and allocate all of the resources that we’ve built up to nurture our clansmen as much as possible.”

“As a result, the clan’s treasury had become wide open several hundred years ago. All the resources we acc.u.mulated over the years that could increase cultivation, as well as most of the resources gifted to us by the organisations of the Saints’ World, have been depleted by our clansmen.”

“After all, apart from the old clan leader, everyone else in the clan is still very lacking in terms of strength. They need to grow stronger as quickly as possible.”

When he heard Ling Tong’s explanation, the Wind Venerable sank into his thoughts. “Yeah, you’re the clan leader of the Spiritsages. That’s within your authority, and you haven’t done so without good reason. However, since there aren’t enough resources in our possession, we’ll have to make it up by using the divine crystal vein in the clan.”

Afterwards, the Wind Venerable brought Jian Chen deep underground. A large swathe of supreme grade divine crystal veins were hidden there, radiating with pure origin energy.

When he saw the veins, Jian Chen’s mind could not help but shudder. Even with his insight, he was stunned by the sight before his eyes.

The veins were far too large. They seemed like an entire mountain range, rooted deep underground and criss-crossing together, basically covering the entire region below the Spiritsages.

With these divine crystal veins, the Spiritsages did not even have to go out of their way to mine for them. Just the origin energy that the divine crystal veins emanated naturally was enough to support the cultivation of millions of clansmen.

“Jian Chen, you can cultivate here. Push your Chaotic Body to one layer higher as quickly as possible. Only then can you better wield the twin swords,” the Wind Venerable brought Jian Chen to the centre of the divine crystal veins and said earnestly.

Jian Chen could tell that it was useless for him to say anything. The Wind Venerable had made up his mind about helping him. With such kindness forced onto him, he could only sigh at the bottom of his heart. After that, he followed the Wind Venerable’s instructions, sitting down in the veins and beginning his cultivation.

The Wind Venerable could clearly see the situation inside Jian Chen’s body. He said in thought, “I’ve noticed some characteristics about the cultivation method of your Chaotic Body. It’s all about shattering your neidan again and again, which you use to refine and temper your Chaotic Force. However, the Chaotic Force your Chaotic Body contains is far too little. As a result, you need to absorb a tremendous amount of energy and then further refine it into Chaotic Force to strengthen your chaotic neidan.”

“Jian Chen, just focus on condensing your Chaotic Force. With me around, you have nothing to worry about.” The Wind Venerable closed his fingers and shattered the s.p.a.ce Ring from Ling Tong. All the resources stored inside burst out.

Not only were there coloured divine crystals in there, but there were also all sorts of bottles and heavenly resources.

But in the next moment, all of the bottles shattered. The dazzling pills hovered in the air.

The Wind Venerable did not make Jian Chen directly consume these pills. Instead, with a sweep of the force of the world, all of the pills turned to powder. Only their tremendous medicinal powers were frozen in the air by his force of the world.

Afterwards, the Wind Venerable used the force of the world to purify the medicinal powers. In a short instant, all of their impurities were removed, turning into a ball of extremely gentle energy.

The ball of energy could be described as sea-like.

It was ama.s.sed from numerous G.o.d Tier pills.

Shortly afterwards, with a wave of his hand, the Wind Venerable immediately enveloped Jian Chen in the surging energy from the pills.

Jian Chen immediately began to absorb it as quickly as he could. With that, he instantly discovered in surprise that the energy purified by the Wind Venerable was actually extremely easy to absorb, basically effortless.

Even when he condensed the energy into strands of Chaotic Force, it required far less effort before.

If in the past, it took him a day to refine a G.o.d Tier pill into Chaotic Force, then it took him less than two hours now.

The Wind Venerable had helped him save far, far too much time.

Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

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