Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2107 – 2107 Let me just ask, are you afraid?

Chapter 2107 – 2107 Let me just ask, are you afraid?

2107 Let me just ask, are you afraid?

Yingda stretched out his hand and put the ring on his finger.

In the next moment, the evil energy of the Netherworld, which had been ready to act at any moment, came out of the ring. It attached itself to his body, forcibly stimulated his potential, and endowed him with incomparably mighty power.

This is the feeling!

Now, as long as I persevere, I should be able to suppress… this… stone… tablet…


All of a sudden, Yingda found that his brain had become sluggish, and a strong sense of sleepiness surged within him.

The rationality he was so proud of swiftly deteriorated, and he could not stop the evil energy of the Netherworld from influencing him.

After two breaths, everything in Yingda’s eyes became a blur. Then, he vaguely saw several metal b.a.l.l.s spinning above his head and making strange noises.

These metal b.a.l.l.s seemed to have a hypnotizing effect. They spun faster and faster, making Yingda feel dizzy and nauseous.

It was a feeling similar to motion sickness.

Then, he lost consciousness.

The vast evil energy of the Netherworld completely enveloped Yingda’s body.

A phantom came out of his shadow, baring its teeth and letting out a shrill cry.

It took control of Yingda’s body, then stretched out its palms confidently, pressing them on the stone tablet in an attempt to stop it.


The power of the phantom clashed against the stone tablet’s, creating a shrill friction sound.

In the next moment, the phantom let out a scream as its palms were being melted continuously. Also, its action activated the defense mechanism of the stone tablet.


Inside the sheet.

Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair said, “So it was the evil energy of the Netherworld. No wonder it felt both uncomfortable and strangely familiar.”

The evil energy of the Netherworld was the opposite of spiritual energy, and it carried the sound of temptation, which caused Pavilion Master Chu to feel uncomfortable.

However, because Pavilion Master Chu Two had now become a demon and settled in the Netherworld, Pavilion Master Chu felt a sense of familiarity toward the evil energy.

Sixteen said softly, “Is it going to crash into us?”

The black-skinned Soft Feather said, “We’re inside a small independent s.p.a.ce. Can that stone tablet come in here?”

“Yes,” said Sister White Dragon.

The stone tablet was, after all, a Tribulation Transcender-level divine weapon, so it possessed the ability to break through s.p.a.ce.


As soon as Sister White Dragon finished speaking, the stone tablet crashed into the sphere that housed Song Shuhang and the others.

Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair rolled up the sheet and pushed everyone backward to avoid the impact.

“Thud!” The huge stone tablet fell inside the small independent s.p.a.ce.

Yingda and the phantom in his shadow were also brought in.

The phantom slowly raised its head and looked at where Song Shuhang and the others were, its eyes glowing red.

“Formation!” Sister White Dragon raised her finger and shook it lightly.

A large formation formed, instantly wrapping the small independent s.p.a.ce.

s.p.a.ce was locked, making most ways of communication useless.

In this way, the phantom would not be able to transmit any information to the outside world.

As the formation formed, Sister White Dragon’s strength received a boost.

“Roar~” The phantom arched its body and lay on the stone tablet, looking at Song Shuhang and his party vigilantly.

Pavilion Master Chu said, “Get rid of it.”

Sister White Dragon asked back, “Who’s going to do it? Are you going to do it, or should I?”

“I’ll do it!” Song Shuhang’s voice suddenly sounded.

Sixteen turned her head and looked back. “Shuhang, you’re awake… Eh?”

Song Shuhang, who had been unable to extricate himself from that deep state of meditation, woke up because of the resonance with the stone tablet.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the phantom.

Although he did not clearly know what had taken place, Song Shuhang knew that he had to act.

As soon as he realized that the phantom was a body infected with evil energy, he took out Silver Trigram’s mask and stuck it to his face.

When he raised his head, he had a.s.sumed the appearance of a great figure that was talked about in the ancient textbooks of demonic sects, Demon Emperor Hezhi.

Sixteen had been met with Demon Emperor Hezhi’s face just now. That was why she was taken aback.


At this moment, Song Shuhang’s physical body had regrown until the upper half of his chest muscles.

The wooden body stepped forward, grabbed Song Shuhang, and put him on its shoulders.

Song Shuhang mused, “Hmm, this is a bit awkward.”

Sixteen: “…”

Sister White Dragon: “…”

The black-skinned Soft Feather described the sight before her, “Senior Song looks like he accidentally ended up with two shoulders when using photoshop to change his height.”

“Don’t mind my current appearance.” Song Shuhang waved his hand and said, “Sister White Dragon, Sixteen, please see if your consciousness can access the [Cultivation] group. If it can, please record this scene for me.”

Sister White Dragon asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want you to help me upload something on my stories,” said Song Shuhang as he walked in front of the phantom.

The phantom seemed to sense that Song Shuhang was the mastermind behind the summoning of the stone tablet. It growled at him repeatedly, ready to make a move at any moment.

Song Shuhang said slowly, “I just comprehended a new skill, and you arrived just in time to let me test it out.”

Pavilion Master Chu asked, “Have you learned something from the General Principles Inheritance Chapter of the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Mm-hm, it is indeed related to the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯.”

He then circulated his three top-tier body-tempering cultivation techniques.

The ❮Variant Steel Hands Technique❯ added a dark, metallic l.u.s.ter to his head, while the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ and the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ greatly enhanced its strength.

He was now all ready.

Song Shuhang had the wooden body place its hands behind its back and said calmly, “This move is called…”

Behind him, Sixteen and Sister White Dragon were testing out the functions of the [Cultivation] group and trying to capture the scene.

Song Shuhang felt that he was a natural-born actor. When the camera was rolling, he was quickly able to get into character.

Unfortunately, the phantom opposite him wasn’t that cooperative.

Before Song Shuhang could finish his lines, it rushed forward. Evil energy of the Netherworld that was as thick as a liquid rushed over to him like a wave.

If such a person were to play the supporting role, they had no hope of being given any compliment after the shooting!

Song Shuhang sighed. He stretched out his hand to take off his head, poured all his strength into the hand of the wooden body, and hurled his head at the phantom.

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

Sister White Dragon: “…”

Sixteen: “…”

The black-skinned Soft Feather face-palmed, unable to look at the scene.

Due to the short distance, Song Shuhang’s head reached the phantom in an instant.

The phantom roared and tried to cover Song Shuhang with a huge wave of evil energy.

Song Shuhang said angrily, “Die!”

He then poured a large amount of spiritual energy into Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair, which caused it to straighten and harden; even its hidden parts were exposed.

Are you afraid of this three-meter-long Immortal-level hair?!

Pavilion Master Chu was shocked by this sudden turn of events.

Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

On a certain day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined a deeply afflicted Xianxia chuunibyou (Year 2 middle school disease) chat group, the group members inside all address each other as ‘fellow daoist’. Their contact cards are all either Sect Master, Cave Master, Spiritual Master or Heavenly Expert. Even the group master’s missing pet dog named Great Devil Dog abandoned his home. They chat all day about things like concocting pills, intruding mysterious territories, martial arts experiences and more.
One day, he abruptly realizes after lurking for a long time that&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip; In this group, every single group member is actually a real cultivator, with the ability to move mountains and drain seas, the kind that can live for thousands of years!
Ah ah ah ah, his worldview has utterly collapsed in a single night!


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