Elite Mages’ Academy Chapter 360: Entering The City

Chapter 360: Entering The City

The cost to set up such a defense was naturally expensive. Covering the entire city with magic needed a large amount of magical scrolls, which meant that this sort of defense would not last long, but Xiao Lin’s group could not afford to keep staying outside the city.

Lilith actually did not think too much of it, feeling like they should have just reported themselves in, but Xiao Lin had some doubts in his mind. The two of them discussed for quite some time, failing to figure out a foolproof plan. Xiao Lin even called out Silverlight, but the woman did not give any solid suggestions. Of course, she did not understand Xiao Lin’s doubts either.

After their arguments yielded nothing, it was actually Ibeiya that asked in her clear and crisp voice and with a strange look, “Don’t you have a lot of money?”

Xiao Lin and Lilith were momentarily speechless as they stared at each other before their faces reddened. They had seen plenty of that sort of thing on Earth, but they had never actually done it before. They had forgotten all about it when they were in Planet Norma. Planet Norma and Earth had a lot of similarities when it came to human nature.

Xiao Lin was actually quite nervous initially. He was even prepared to fight at the drop of a hat. That was exacerbated by the fact that they were checked by a vulgar-looking man. He even catcalled Ibeiya and Lilith when he saw them. Lilith’s face froze as she felt the urge to pull out her scythe.

However, after Xiao Lin took out three pieces of gold, their expressions changed. Planet Norma’s currency was still stuck with gold and silver. Both of those metals were considered rare metals.

“We just got here from Wildfire Town, so there might be some death energy lingering on our bodies. I hope you all can help us out!” That was the excuse Xiao Lin had discussed with the rest of them.

The man waved the jewel around his body and the jewel emitted a faint white glow. Just as the man was about to make a move, Xiao Lin pushed the gold in his hand over.

The three bright pieces of gold were exchanged with over three thousand New Dollars by Xiao Lin. There were three people at the checkpoint. Their greedy looks were not concealed by the moonlight, but their faces still looked uncertain. They muttered a few words, but were very soft. Xiao Lin still managed to understand what they meant. ‘It’s not enough.’

“Looks like the Normans are greedy folk as well!” Xiao Lin felt some disdain, but thinking about it, it was best to avoid any trouble, so he produced another three gold pieces.

Lilith opened her mouth to interrupt, but shut it when she saw that Xiao Lin had already done something.

The man stubbornly shook his head after taking the gold. Xiao Lin furrowed his eyebrows, using Normese that he was not very familiar with to ask, “Is it still not enough?”

In order to blend in, Xiao Lin and Lilith had put on native attire. The night was already quite late and there were quite a few clouds in the sky, so with their stammering, it was not easy to find any fault in their disguises.

The man at the checkpoint probably believed that they were just merchants travelling from abroad. Hearing Xiao Lin’s somewhat fluent accent, the one in charge paused before revealing a strange smile. He then said a few more words.

XIao Lin and Lilith froze. The man thought they did not hear him properly, so he unhappily raised his voice. The checkpoint was still some distance away from the city, so it was unlikely anyone would have heard him.

“Her! She’s quite suspicious! We’ll need to detain her for some inspection. The rest of you can go first!” The one who spoke was a short man; his skin was quite dark and half his face was covered with a beard. He was pointing at Ibeiya, who was behind Xiao Lin.

Ibeiya’s status was more sensitive, so she had been lowering her head quietly the entire time. However, the delicate girl had a natural countenance that could charm anyone, so she would naturally draw the gazes of men no matter where she went.

Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes. He finally understood that they were not happy with just money. They wanted Ibeiya as well.

Xiao Lin turned around to look at Ibeiya. The girl had her head lowered, holding Xiao Lin tightly as her large eyes blinked with grievance. Even though the girl was good at acting, Xiao Lin still could not help but feel angry when he saw her adorably pitiful face.

“You’d better not do anything stupid! Where do you think this is?! Whose territory do you think you’re in?!” As if noticing Xiao Lin’s anger, the man stubbornly refused to back off. He moved one step forward, very obviously attempting to threaten them.

“Oh? Whose territory is it?” Lilith’s tone was playful, but her expression remained cold.

“We’re part of the Public Security Alliance. You should know to whom this place belongs! Offending us means you’ll never leave this place!”

“Public Security Alliance?” Xiao Lin did not understand.

Lilith whispered, “It’s an organisation supported by a few academies. It basically helps us manage native problems. Our numbers are small, and we can’t afford to send our people everywhere.”

Xiao Lin understood. The guards were probably just trying to scare them, but they were regretfully messing with the wrong people.

“If we kill them here, would we be noticed?” Xiao Lin asked, deliberately using Normese. The bearded man froze when he heard that.

“It’ll be difficult. The scrolls nearby are all automated defense mechanisms.” Lilith paused before adding, “Although if you’re fast enough, we can probably escape before anyone notices.”

“If we’re fast enough? Alright, I understand.”

“You… What are you trying to do? Quick, sound the alarm! Activate the defensive scrolls!”


Xiao Lin did not even give them any chance to react. The guards were not all that strong, only barely reaching Bronze-rank, but with Xiao Lin’s Miracle and Ruin activated, his explosive power was not something normal Bronze-rank foes could withstand. Their actions earlier had infuriated Xiao Lin, adding to his power as well.

Lilith suddenly moved as well. Her speed made her look like a blur. This time she used two daggers. To Lilith who was good at a myriad of weapons, there was no issue at well.

Silencing her foes with one stab, the two daggers were immediately lodged into the other two’s throats before they could even flee.

The fight only lasted a few seconds. Thanks to the fact that their opponents did not have any armor, there was no surprise the opponents were executed so quickly. As long as they did not meet anyone who specialized in strengthening themselves, Xiao Lin’s explosive power was more than enough thanks to Ruin.


The two of them did not waste any time. Before the magical scrolls were activated, they quickly fled. Xiao Lin still maintained his Ruin skill, grabbing Ibeiya hand as well. Lilith was also not far behind him.

After a few minutes, the air outside of the city started to shake, which was a sign that the automated defenses had been activated, but thanks to Xiao Lin and Lilith’s explosive speed, they had already run quite the distance.

Elite Mages’ Academy

Elite Mages’ Academy


Elite Mages' Academy

What would you do if you were transported to an academy where becoming immortal was possible? Where magic spells and swordsmans.h.i.+p were your courses and fighting zombies and wars were your exams? Dawn Academy was no ordinary learning inst.i.tution and Xiao Lin was about to find out how mysterious and exciting this magical academy really was.
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