Escape the Infinite Chambers Chapter 191 – Valiant Battle (IX)

Chapter 191 – Valiant Battle (IX)

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Trigger Warning: Slight Gore

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What was the feeling of shuttling through s.p.a.ce-time? Abyss had experienced his body being broken down into countless, innumerable, tiny, invisible particles countless times. When you shuttled through an energy tunnel, you could feel that there were countless energy particles around you, travelling along with you. However, there were countless doors in front of you, and each door was tempting you to open it.

If the wrong door was opened, where would you head?

Abyss did not do that because it was stupid to do so. So when he opened his eyes again, he saw Feng YuLan sitting on the sofa seat of a train, seemingly shocked by Abyss’ sudden appearance.

Oh, I’ve arrived.

As Abyss thought, he stood up and straightened his body. After feeling that there was nothing strange, incited with excitement, he lunged at Ah Lan. This action seemed to surprise Feng YuLan. Ah Lan was stiff for quite some time. He could not help responding to Abyss and hugging the child tightly in his arms.

Abyss buried his cheek in Ah Lan’s arms. He hesitated for a long time before releasing Feng YuLan. He said uneasily, “If I was still an adult, I could give you a big bear hug.”

Feng YuLan blinked inexplicably and tilted his head to gaze at him.

“Don’t talk. We have a lot of things to do,” Abyss said to him, lowered his head, and began brewing thoughts in his head for some time, “The previous Luo Jian, you just sent him away, didn’t you?”

Ah Lan nodded; he did not deny it.

“Then from the moment he went out, this secret chamber collapsed,” Abyss said, “Because he is the protagonist, no…… In other words, he is the murderer, and the murderer is the protagonist in this secret chamber. He is the starting point that can drive the development of the plot. If he did not exist, the starting point would not exist. Although the cycle is still there, the circle cannot rotate.”

“Circle…… can’t rotate?” Feng YuLan could not understand what Abyss’ words meant, but it didn’t matter. He had a lot of confidence in the boy in front of him.

As long as this trust existed, he didn’t feel afraid of anything.

“It feels like time has stopped. This train will stop here. It won’t go forward. Naturally…… it won’t retreat, and things in it will pause, such as these chairs, these suitcases, these messy things. Even if you destroy and trample them on the ground so much so that they are beyond recognition, they will recover after a period of time.”

Abyss casually took a gla.s.s bottle on the table in the train carriage and threw it on the ground. The gla.s.s bottle was smashed to pieces. But within a short time, the broken gla.s.s bottle suddenly began to disappear. Similarly, it reappeared at its original position on the table.

“You see, things will recover. In fact, you will too, but you can walk around, your mind is still working, you can think and breathe…… Oh, it reminds me of Asura Realm.”

Ah Lan still could not understand, but he liked it when the child preached something he could not understand, so he did not interrupt the other party and listened to the child.

“I’ll take you out of here and everything will be better, alright?” Abyss grabbed Feng YuLan’s hand and clenched it. Ah Lan looked at the child’s bright eyes in a trance. His eyes were very sincere and seemed to be saying something. Ah Lan did not answer. He simply could not help but reach out and touch Abyss’ head.

Ah Lan never spoke.

Abyss stood up and began to look for the key. This was carriage No.13. Logically speaking, the key of this carriage was originally put in the victim’s pants pocket…… In this case, since the beginning, the key was in Feng YuLan’s pocket.

Abyss turned around in this messy odd-numbered carriage, turned around, and ran back to Ah Lan. He reached for his pocket. As expected, he reached for the metal material and took it out. It was a small key.

Wait a minute. Abyss remembered that he was…… Yes, he remembered the first time he had come to the train secret chamber. He found Owl’s body in a terrible luggage and got the key from the corpse.

In that case, Owl was actually Ah Lan. After Ah Lan died, he was put into the box by the murderer. Then the murderer laid down, forgetting everything. He forgot the process where he killed someone.

But after Abyss woke up at that time, Owl was already standing in front of him, but he was not the one who had revived in the trunk: the one in the trunk was another Owl, and he was also dead…… It should be said that the one in the trunk was a living corpse.

Abyss clenched the key and raised his head to look at Ah Lan. Ah Lan did not know why he was looking at the child in front of him. He finally made a sound and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Where is the necklace?”

“Necklace…?” Feng YuLan thought for a while, suddenly bent down, and picked up a black cross necklace from the ground. He said, “Is this it? Just now, when I saw Luo Jian off, he dropped it.”

It was really the necklace.

Abyss narrowed his eyes and said to Feng YuLan, “Just wear it. Don’t drop it.”

Ah Lan was very obedient and listened to what he said. He put the necklace around his neck, but Ah Lan himself also felt strange. He did not feel suspicious toward the boy. He felt that he believed in the other unconditionally, just like…… well, as if he had been given cues or was controlled.

Abyss opened the door with the key. After opening the door, they arrived in carriage No.12.

Abyss directly used his weapons and morphed it into a marker. He wrote a number 12 on the key he got in carriage No.13 to make a mark. Then he put carriage No.12’s key into his pocket and patted it.

After confirming that the key was in his pocket, he took Ah Lan into carriage No.12.

There was a black cat drowned in the sink in carriage No.12. Without much of an expression, he dissected the black cat quickly and coldly. He felt around for the key of carriage No.12 and wrote an ‘11’ on the key. Then he opened the door of carriage No.11 and carefully put the key into his pocket.

There were two men trying to kill each other in carriage No.11. This situation was not difficult to deal with for Abyss. He easily subdued two big men who were twice as tall as himself. Yes, he beat up both of them. Afterwards, he threw Duan Li to Ah Lan and dragged Xing Yan over for him to touch.

Black cat was Xing Yan. Although he was still suffering from amnesia at this moment, when he realized that he had been beaten by a little brat, he felt extremely surprised and unwilling in his heart, even if he didn’t show anything on his face.

But the strange little brat reached out his claws and touched his head as if to comfort him.

It was really strange. Xing Yan crouched on the ground with a frown as he was touched by Abyss. Somehow, most of the resentment in his heart dissipated. He could not help but feel at ease. He felt as if he had been drifting for a long time in a sea where he could not see any land and had finally met a s.h.i.+p.

Abyss got excited when he touched him and hugged Xing Yan’s neck as he rubbed himself against him. Now there was no Luo Jian of the past…… Yes, it was undeniable that Abyss was envious of Luo Jian, envious of himself. Before, he had begun to feel extremely jealous in the Burial Grounds secret chamber. However, this time, Xing Yan could be completely owned by him.

In order to ensure that his things always belonged to him, Abyss opened his mouth and bit Xing Yan’s face, leaving small tooth marks on his handsome face. Xing Yan, who was bitten by him, touched his face as if he was chagrined.

Ah Lan and Duan Li over at the side wore inexplicable and confused expressions on their faces. Duan Li was very pitiable because a person had beaten him so much that his nose bruised and his face swollen. What he could not believe was that the person was a 10-year-old boy. He could not take it. But before he could resist the attacks, he was being thrown by the little brat towards Ah Lan’s body.

Ah Lan instinctively reached out and hugged Duan Li.

The four eyes of the two people met. One person gazed at the other while the other looked at the person. In particular, Ah Lan was still princess-carrying Duan Li. Although Duan Li was actually half a head taller than him, Ah Lan was also a prim and proper man, and he still had some strength.

Ah Lan did not know why but when he stared at Duan Li’s face, he could not help but swallow his saliva.

Duan Li was so scared that he struggled as he jumped out of Ah Lan’s arms. He began to bl.u.s.ter; it seemed that he did not want to show weakness in front of Ah Lan.

Because he did not want to delay time, Abyss did not get too caught up with Xing Yan. He raised his voice and told the three men in front of him to follow him. They all looked at each other, but no one seemed to object. A strange harmony developed in the team, and several people naturally walked together.

Abyss continued to lead the team. He remembered that there was a lot of gla.s.s in carriage No.11. The key was also made of gla.s.s. Moreover, it was placed in a gla.s.s bottle filled with poison. All gla.s.s here seemed to be covered with phosphorite powder. What they had to do was wash the phosphorite powder with water to clean it. This was that so the light emitting from the key in the gla.s.s bottle would not be covered by the light emitted by the other phosphorite.

This was actually something simple to accomplish. In fact, Abyss did not need to wash it with water at all because he remembered where the gla.s.s bottle was placed. He went over directly, picked up the gla.s.s bottle, poured out the poison inside, took out the key with a pair of leather gloves, and went to the bathroom to wash it.

Because the gla.s.s key was very fragile, it would break when one opened the door to carriage No.10. However, there was no need to worry about it. Anyway, the items in the train secret chamber could recover themselves at this point in time, so Abyss only needed to pick up the pieces of the gla.s.s key and put them in a small bag.

It would recover in a moment.

Carriage No.10 was simpler: there were only b.l.o.o.d.y footsteps on the clean ground, and the key was in front of the door to carriage No.9.

Abyss picked up the key to carriage No.9 and marked ‘9’ with a marker.

After that, he opened the door to carriage No.9. He could already almost antic.i.p.ate who was inside. It was really Specter…… That was Luo Feng and the skinny monster in the carriage No.9, who would never be full.

It was probably because Abyss and his party moved forward too fast, but when they came in, Luo Feng and the monster were not engaged in a fight. Luo Feng did not kill the skinny monster. He was still rummaging around looking for food for the monster.

Abyss and his party came suddenly. As soon as they came in, they immediately surrounded Luo Feng. Luo Feng was surrounded by a group of people and had no time to act suave. Then, he was squeezed into the sofa seat in the carriage and several people all sat together.

Abyss began to try to beat the monster who did not have enough to eat. How could the monster resist the amazing and furious student Abyss? It was immediately beaten to the ground by student Abyss. Abyss thought for a second and recalled that it would only spit out the key if it had blood and flesh to eat. Other ways seemed to not work. He wondered if he could find the key by cutting open its stomach?

As Abyss came up with the idea, he immediately acted upon it. And at that moment, a b.l.o.o.d.y scene was put on display in carriage No.9. Several onlookers around him unconsciously covered their eyes and listened to the monster’s miserable howl.

Abyss could not find the key in the monster’s stomach, so he angrily grabbed the viscera of the monster’s body and put it into its mouth. Unexpectedly, it swallowed its own internal organs.

Abyss’s eyeb.a.l.l.s revolved around and around, and he started to pull pieces of viscera from its body and push them down to its mouth.

The sight was too inhumane and b.l.o.o.d.y!

Ah Lan tightly covered his eyes but left a slit to watch while Duan Li opened his eyes wide to spectate in excitement.

Xing Yan was numbly squeezed in the middle on the seat. His eyes were blocked by kind-hearted Luo Feng’s claws. Luo Feng covered Xing Yan’s eyes with one hand and his own eyes with the other.

Maybe the monster eating itself seemed to have an effect; therefore, in the end, it still spit out a key for Abyss. Abyss directly picked up the key from a pile of b.l.o.o.d.y vomit, wiped it on his clothes, and wrote an ‘8’ with a marker because this was the key to the door to carriage No.8.

After opening the door to carriage No.8, they found a dead wolf in the carriage. Student Abyss began to dissect the wolf again and took out the key to carriage No.7 from the wolf’s belly.

“Wait! What does this mean exactly?” Luo Feng could not help speaking. The group took him to carriage No.8 inexplicably, and no one explained what happened.

Who were they? What were they doing? What time was it now? What the h.e.l.l was this place?

No one explained. These people seemed to be too lazy to find out the answer. They just walked, following the tide. They followed behind the little brat’s b.u.t.t. The kid in front of him seemed to know everything. Moreover, the kid showed extraordinary strength at the beginning but did not seem to want to say more. He just threw out a sentence:

“Follow me.”

That was said with such resolution. If only it was not a little devil who had said it.

Although Luo Feng felt uneasy inwardly, he realized that he was not the only one who could not figure out the situation. But why didn’t they want to figure out the situation?

But the kid did not have time to pay attention to them. He hurriedly took the group of people to carriage No.7 and quickly cleared it as if he was on wings. There was a melodious and indistinct music box in the carriage No.7, and the key was in the music box.

So Abyss went directly to pick up the music box and dropped it on the ground. The music box broke into pieces and parts of it scattered about. At the same time, the music stopped, and everyone felt drowsy.

Abyss’s speed was much faster. He took the key and opened the door to carriage No.6 directly. He urged the group of people to come over. Several people followed him with great hurry and bustle.

Afterwards, Abyss wrote a ‘6’ on the key and carefully put it into his pocket. He made sure that every key was in his pocket so that he could open the door directly after they entered the next cycle, and he would not need to bother collecting any bulls.h.i.+t keys after that.

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”


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