Escape the Infinite Chambers Chapter 203 – Extra (II)

Chapter 203 – Extra (II)

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It was said that after ‘living together’ with Xing Yan, Luo Jian’s little days were spent happily. However, Xing Yan was beyond Luo Jian’s expectations. Because his libido was too large, when Luo Jian woke up in the morning, his back was sore and his legs were cramped. He coquettishly refused to leave his bed and insisted to remain in it. Thus, Xing Yan worked as a full-time nanny for him.

However, Xing Yan could not be idle every day. He still had to go out to work. As for Luo Jian, because there were still a few days left before the start of his schooldays, he had nothing to do. What should he have done when he had nothing to do?

Alone and bored, Luo Jian wandered Xing Yan’s big house and began to shamelessly look through the master’s things.

However, Xing Yan was a person who had a good att.i.tude in life and loved to be clean. His clothes were neatly folded and put in the wardrobe. There was a photo frame on the bedside table with a photo of Luo Jian and Xing Yan when they were children. When Luo Jian saw this photo, he could not help lying on Xing Yan’s bed and giggling for a long time.

There were a computer and a bookcase in the study. After powering on the computer, he saw that a pa.s.sword had been set. However, when Luo Jian tried to unlock the pa.s.sword with his birthday, it turned out that it unlocked as he had expected. So he lay on the swivel chair and laughed in a silly manner for quite a long time.

However, there was nothing special on the computer, and there were not many games. All of them were work doc.u.ments. What made Luo Jian continue to giggle was the desktop background of the computer, which was a photo of him and Xing Yan taken when they were traveling.

Clearly, Luo Jian had never stayed in this house before, but now he felt that there were traces of him everywhere in this room. Xing Yan would place his photos in all the photo frames that were available and pile the gifts given to him on the shelf. He also saw an umbrella that he had lent to Xing Yan, which Xing Yan put in the umbrella stand on the porch. In that small umbrella stand, there was only that one umbrella.

This shows how much the master of this house loves me!

Luo Jian blushed and thought with shame. He wandered into the study again and began to flip through the cabinet. As a result, he found a blade in the drawer.

A saber.

Luo Jian hesitated for a while but could not suppress his curiosity. He took up the saber and pulled the bright blade out of its sheath. Maybe at the moment, Luo Jian did not realize that the way he held it was very skillful and nimble. The blade naturally spun around in his palm. Then, Luo Jian suddenly burst into a strange state where his blood started boiling. Like throwing a flying saber, he aimed the edge of the blade at a thick, red hardback book on the bookcase next to him. He threw it out accurately, and the blade hit the heart of the red book.

“Wow…” Luo Jian clapped for himself. “I’m amazing.”

After some time, yet again, he doubtfully tilted his head. “Ah, why am I so amazing?”

After a while, he subconsciously realized what he had done. He exclaimed, “Ah! I destroyed Xing Yan’s book!”

Luo Jian immediately rushed forward nervously and pulled out the red book, which had been cut by the army saber. After pulling out the saber, he looked left and right. There was an extra blade mark on the spine of the book, and it was extremely ugly. Luo Jian suddenly felt guilty. He could not imagine how Xing Yan would scold Luo Jian when he returned. Therefore, he decided to destroy the evidence.

He first put the saber back in the drawer, and later, he destroyed the book.

However, after Luo Jian thought for a while, he felt afraid that Xing Yan would find the book missing after he came back, so he decided to head out to the bookstore to see if there was the same book. If he bought the same book and put it back, Xing Yan would not find out.

So he took the evidence that would prove his crime—the book that had been cut by the saber—a book called ‘Transmigration Night,’ and following that, he went to find a bookstore in the city, and shortly after, he entered the city’s bookstore.

However, to the disappointment of Luo Jian, in any bookstore he visited, every bookstore owner told him that the book had gone out of print a long time ago and was no longer available on the market. Otherwise, Luo Jian could only buy pirated books, but the quality of pirated books was horrible. The papers used were all rough, the printed fonts were vague, and there were typographical errors.

Afterwards, Luo Jian returned home with the evidence of his crime and decided to apologize face-to-face with Xing Yan. After returning home, he found that Xing Yan was standing right in his study.

He realized that Xing Yan had found his book missing. How did he find it so quickly? His insight was too great!—Luo Jian had no choice but to stand in front of Xing Yan with the evidence of his crime.

Xing Yan just took the evidence of his crime in his hand, looked at the blade mark on the spine of the book, and said lightly, “How did you get it here?”

Although Xing Yan did not seem to care, Luo Jian was deeply aware that the other party must be trying to punish him. Luo Jian could only draw a long face and answer honestly, “I stabbed a hole in it with a saber.”

“Why did you stab it?” Xing Yan looked at Luo Jian, lowering his head guiltily, and found it funny and helpless. He knew that he must be imagining how he would punish him later…… en, for example, doing it in the bathroom in front of the mirror?

Luo Jian swayed left and right, pointing to his fingers. “I found a saber in your drawer, took it out to play as a flying saber, and after that jabbed into the book.”

Xing Yan’s face was stern. His tone was very serious. “This blade has a cutting edge. It’s too dangerous. How could you play with it?”

The stern tone of Xing Yan immediately made Luo Jian’s eyes turn red. After he gazed at Xing Yan, he almost cried. Looking at his appearance, Xing Yan felt distressed, so he could only comfort him: “Alright, I’m not going to scold you. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying!” Luo Jian sniffed and naturally retracted into Xing Yan’s arms for comfort, “I didn’t mean to do it.”

Xing Yan kisses his eyelids to comfort him. “I know you didn’t mean to do it, but you can’t play with the saber in the future, okay?”

En!” As soon as Luo Jian heard Xing Yan’s att.i.tude eased, he knew that the other party had forgiven him. He immediately hugged him with joy. They were all entangled and inseparable. Luo Jian was pressed on the desk by Xing Yan. After a long time, Luo Jian asked vaguely, “Xing Yan, why do you have a saber in your desk?” Besides, it was also a military saber, which was rarely seen.

“From a friend who was a Special Forces officer,” Xing Yan replied. After pausing, he seemed to remember something. He said, “By the way, my friend from the Special Forces just came back from his holiday and invited me out. Do you want to go?”

Luo Jian, of course, had the att.i.tude of following Xing Yan wherever he went, immediately nodding and saying yes.

However, when Xing Yan and Luo Jian went to meet the Special Forces friend the next day, Luo Jian realized that the place they went out to play was not quite right.

Generally speaking, shouldn’t they go out for sightseeing, drinking, eating, singing, and so on? Why the h.e.l.l were they going to a gun training ground!?

Luo Jian had a numb expression as Xing Yan and his friend brought him into a gun training ground, which was close to the army. It was estimated that many soldiers came to practice shooting in their spare time, and most of them were veterans. Although Xing Yan waas neither, he seemed to have a hobby in this respect. He had even become a member in this training ground.

However, it seemed that men were born with a love for these weapons. Although Luo Jian did not think he was keen on guns, he was still happy when Xing Yan said he wanted to teach him how to use a gun. Then Xing Yan got him a Type 54 pistol for practice, took him to the shooting range, and put earm.u.f.fs on him.

“The gunfire is too loud. This is to protect your hearing.” Xing Yan helped him to put on the earm.u.f.fs. While no one was looking, he gave a little peck on Luo Jian’s lips, which made him blush immediately.

“I’ll teach you how to hold a gun first.” Xing Yan asked him to hold the pistol and was prepared to correct Luo Jian’s holding posture. However, Luo Jian did not need to listen to Xing Yan’s instructions. He changed his posture to a very standard gun-holding posture without the instructions of a teacher.

Xing Yan froze for a moment.

Luo Jian did not seem to realize what he had done. He set up his posture, pointed the muzzle of the gun at the target heart in the range, and asked Xing Yan, “Is this how I should position myself?”

Xing Yan was silent for a while and suddenly replied with a smile, “Yes, that’s it. Luo Jian is very smart.”

When he heard his lover praising him, he was so happy that he almost threw away his gun and threw himself at Xing Yan. However, he finally endured. He listened to what Xing Yan instructed in his ear, and after opening the safety of the gun, he could directly start shooting.

In fact, Luo Jian did not need to be taught. When he opened the safety and tried to shoot, he seemed to be so addicted to the fun of using weapons that the people next to him couldn’t see that he was actually a novice, and his shooting performance was unimaginably great. In other words, among his 10 shots, he could hit nine of them.

Xing Yan also did not speak. He just watched. His Special Forces friend came over and looked at Luo Jian’s achievements. He asked Xing Yan, “Is your brother really a novice? He’s pretty good.”

In front of others, Xing Yan said that Luo Jian was his family’s brother.

He smiled. “Of course, this is probably what we call genius.”

The Special Forces friend didn’t believe him at all: “Absolutely impossible. Even the best shooter in my team can’t be like him…… Speaking of which, it seems that the first time, you used to use the gun very well too, but you weren’t as good as your brother.”

Xing Yan looked at Luo Jian tenderly and replied persistently, “As I said, he is a genius.”

Luo Jian felt good using the gun for the first time, but after coming down from the shooting range, his hands immediately turned red and swollen. Luo Jian continued to seek the comfort of Xing Yan, who had to wipe his hands with medicinal wine.

“You deserve it since you kept goofing around with the gun continuously.” Xing Yan grasped his paws and wiped them with wine.

Luo Jian also seemed to feel strange and puzzled. With his head tilted, he said, “Am I too gifted? I have never touched a gun before, but why did I use it as if it was just instinctive for me?”

“It’s nothing bad; it’s your talent.” Xing Yan came to rub Luo Jian’s head. As soon as Luo Jian was rubbed by him, he immediately put everything behind him and rubbed himself into Xing Yan’s arms.

They were sitting in the training ground watching people shoot.

Fierce gunfire reverberated in his ears. Luo Jian froze for a while and suddenly asked Xing Yan, “Will we always be together?”

Xing Yan responded gently, “Of course, unless we should separate?”

Luo Jian narrowed his eyes a little and seemed to be satisfied. Occasionally, the bright and sunny sky would make him feel like he was in a dream. He felt that he was still having a long, endless nightmare. In the nightmare, he could not stay with Xing Yan all the time.

However, the nightmare seemed to have ended. His Xing Yan was sitting next to him. His heartbeat and temperature were so obvious. His breath still flowed. Luo Jian felt as if he was integrated with this person.

This so-called happiness was perhaps just this.

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”


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