Escape the Infinite Chambers Chapter 80 – Escaping from Burial Grounds (XI)

Chapter 80 – Escaping from Burial Grounds (XI)

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Luo Jian’s concept of time in the secret chamber became strangely vague. He gradually started to feel the effects of losing so much blood and fell into a deep slumber. Even though Specter held him tightly as he slept, he developed a high fever, so Specter injected him with a nutrition injection but did not succeed in waking him up.

“Luo Jian, wake up.” Specter patted Luo Jian on the cheek and forced his family’s younger brother to open his eyes. Dazed, Luo Jian opened his eyes and took a glimpse at his cousin. He could not even speak out a single word. After that, he closed his eyes and began to fall asleep again.

The colour of his pupils still remained the same shade as an ordinary person.

Specter only had to make sure of this. He tore the bandage around Luo Jian’s neck, which was stained with specks of blood. As a whole, it appeared to be dyed with blood. Luo Jian had a big cut in his neck, but someone had already performed emergency treatment on him. The wound was sewn by a needle and thread and seemed to have been coated with some strange medicine. Although he had stopped bleeding, the wound was, after all, in such a fatal area of the carotid artery, and there was no way to allow Luo Jian to recover immediately by applying any sort of medicine.

Therefore, there was still a lot of blood oozing out.

Specter took out a lot of medical supplies from his carry-on secret chamber. The materials he had prepared were better than Luo Jian’s. All the equipment that was needed for the operation was taken out by him, and he began to put a new medication onto Luo Jian’s wound and wrapped him up in new bandages. During this period, Specter found that Luo Jian not only had neck injuries, but his shoulder was also injured. However, these two wounds were shallower, but Specter also changed the bandages of those wounds for him.

Previously, he had seen the wound on Luo Jian’s neck. The wound was extremely fatal and was dealt by someone with medical knowledge. The artery was cut perfectly, and the blood pressure would have made the blood flow out like a fountain. Such a fatal injury could make Luo Jian’s whole body lose so much blood that he could not stand it and would die in a few seconds!

However, the tight bandage around Luo Jian’s neck made Specter realize that Luo Jian was saved by someone after that, and the person who saved him…… was very powerful.

The person not only stopped him from bleeding but also sewed his wound and pulled Luo Jian back from death’s clutches just in time. The person even placed Luo Jian in that sort of place…… Specter remembered that when he first found Luo Jian, he was in a burning tomb vault with many furnaces in it. The ground was also hollowed out with a lot of fuel placed in it. It seemed that as long as the people who went in activated the mechanism, flames would start to burn with a bang! Any invaders would be burnt alive until they were only ashes!

But there was a very safe, small platform in the burning vault, and Luo Jian was lying on that platform, sleeping very safely. The flames did not hurt him at all. It was like he had been deliberately placed there. Then, the person who placed him there activated the mechanism, leaving Luo Jian in a sea of fire.

If Specter did not find him in time, maybe Luo Jian would not have burned alive, but he would definitely be smoked alive.

But this was actually very strange. Specter thought that he really found him in time, but it seemed that someone had already known his whereabouts and what moves he would make. Therefore, he specially placed Luo Jian there in the pa.s.sageways that Specter would have pa.s.sed through, and after that, Specter could ‘coincidentally’ save Luo Jian when he was dying.

Specter frowned, and he changed Luo Jian’s b.l.o.o.d.y clothes out and helped him into a bigger cloak. Luo Jian was still wearing those ancient garbs, which had been dyed red with blood and appeared extremely ragged.

Specter took off the ancient garbs for him but didn’t tear off his white underwear underneath. He gave Luo Jian a thick military coat. His temperature had dropped extremely low, which meant that his resistance was weakening. This huge tomb was deep underground, so obviously, the temperature would be low. However, the air might contain certain unknown viruses.

The situation would turn for the worse if Luo Jian’s wound had been infected.

Because Luo Jian had constantly been sleeping, Specter decided to carry him as he moved forward.

Specter was so much luckier than Luo Jian. Luo Jian’s bad luck had separated him from his team members at the drop of a hat. Also, he had to pretend to be a corpse and allow the enemy to study him. Then, he was almost killed after being chased. His luck was so bad that he was not only met with many horrible events!

But he also seemed to have incomparably good luck because it just so happened that he coincidentally found the &#k2018;ghost’s’ main tomb vault and also got a lot of information from the enemy.

Luo Jian was at the top of his game, being able to find rescue in the most desperate of situations.

As for Luo Jian’s brother, his luck was also being reflected in this moment. As he carried Luo Jian through the network of tunnels, after he walked somewhere, he actually met their long-lost team members.

Duan Li was holding Ah Lan, who had similarly fallen asleep, and ran into Specter, who was holding Luo Jian.

The two first came to a standstill for a while. Duan Li took the lead in saying, “Oracle?”

Specter eyed Duan Li from head to toe for a while. The guy wearing an evil ghoul mask gave him an uncomfortable feeling. Moreover, the mask that this fool was wearing on his face was really familiar. Specter immediately thought of a famous person among the players: “Are you the thousand-faced man?”

Duan Li heard the other party call him that and was stunned momentarily. He then smiled: “It seems that my reputation is becoming more widespread.”

“Hmph, I have heard of you. They all say you are a mean and treacherous villain.” Specter seemed to understand something and said, “It seems that this time we have to be in a team.”

“Oh…… I remember. I seem to have heard of you.” Duan Li also eyed Specter from head to toe, and certain characteristics of the other party seemed to make Duan Li speculate. Although Duan Li was wearing a mask and Specter could not see his expression, his tone was full of sarcasm: “Such a fella like you is rarely seen. The people who signed a life-long contract with the secret chamber have all almost gone extinct. Now you are the only one.”

“Are you trying to provoke me?” Specter did not have a good impression of Duan Li. The reason why this guy was famous was because of his bad reputation. This guy was bound to betray every team that accepted him. Moreover, because he always wore various masks to fight, he was nicknamed the thousand-faced man.

Duan Li seemed to see that Specter was on guard against him and smiled: “Don’t worry, at least at this point of time, I won’t do such a crazy thing like stab you in the back.”

Specter narrowed his eyes: “What you said…… means you’re going to stab us in the back in the future, right?”

“Who knows?” Duan Li speciously said, with his tone full of strange implications. Even Specter, a veteran player who had been through hundreds of battles, could not see what this fool was scheming. Therefore, he could only coldly snort and ignore him. He took a look at Ah Lan in his arms and was stunned momentarily. He seemed to find him a little familiar.

“Is the one in your arms a team member?” Specter’s gaze lingered on the face of Ah Lan, who was in Duan Li’s embrace.

Duan Li held Ah Lan a little closer subconsciously and replied, “Of course.”

“If that is so, we are in a terrible plight.” Specter also mimicked his actions and gazed at Luo Jian in his arms: “We have already lost two of our fighting force.”

“Are you sure they can be counted as our fighting force?” Duan Li laughed again: “They are almost useless.”

Specter replied with a sneer, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Maybe Luo Jian was not useful in the battle, but he had found outstanding clues alone. He had obtained the ident.i.ty of the tomb owner, some props that may yield extraordinary value, and a small part of the map of the tomb. It could be said that Luo Jian had an advantage now. Without any unforeseen circ.u.mstances, Luo Jian would be able to find the exit faster than the enemy team.

In fact, Ah Lan had also gotten good props in the hidden quest which would pull their whole team out of this terrible situation. But now, they experienced a vexing problem—his soul had not yet returned.

Regarding the issue of his soul, Specter seemed to have a lot of experience in this aspect. He took initiative to check on Ah Lan’s situation, and with just a glance, he saw the current problem Ah Lan was facing at the moment and said, “Where is this fellow’s soul?”

“I don’t know.” Duan Li displayed a rare expression and frowned anxiously: “There is another soul in his body. At that moment when I met that stalker…… Ah, that despicable soul is attached to him.”

“You have to get the stalker out of his body first. That fellow has occupied his body, so he can’t return to his body. His soul is in a state where it can only wander around now, but this state can’t last for long. If it continues for more than 24 hours, he will die.”

“That is to say, you have a solution to this?” Duan Li seemed to realize that Specter had a lot of experience in this area and was confident, so he thought he must have some way to help Ah Lan.

But to Duan Li’s disappointment, Specter shook his head and said, “The soul is invisible and untouchable. So far, none of the skills I have learned have any visible effects on it. Although certain special players have some unique skills of soul manipulation, it is clear that I am not within the special category of players that do.”

Duan Li seemed to be at a loss, and his voice seemed to reflect his low spirits: “What should I do then? Just allow him to die this way?”

However, Specter laughed and poked the cheek of Ah Lan, who was in Duan Li’s embrace. Then, he spread his hand and squinted at Duan Li: “You look down on the traction between the soul and the body too much. Now, the soul in this sh.e.l.l is not compatible with this body, that is to say, this fellow’s body will try to repel the soul of the stalker. If the repulsion is strong enough, he will soon be able to drive the foreign soul out. Then, the body will call out to his original soul, and after that, he naturally will wake up.”

“Alright, how long does it take?”

Specter touched his chin: “I don’t know; this is different from person to person. If he is a fool who can only use brute force like you, it may take a little more time. But if his weapons are magical, that means that he will definitely have very strong mental power and will seize his body back faster than an ordinary player……”

“I’m not a fool who can only use brute force!” Duan Li first angrily refuted this. He then looked at Ah Lan in his arms and said, “His abilities are related to magic…… but it has been several hours since he was possessed!”

While Duan Li and Specter were concentratedly discussing, no one could see him. At this moment, Ah Lan, who was in his soul state, floated beside them.

The soul of Ah Lan was transparent, and because of the inexplicable attraction to his body, he could only float back and forth within a certain five-meter circular range of his body. But at this moment, Ah Lan’s attention was not on the conversation between the two people, and he glanced at his body meaningfully.

In his soul state, Ah Lan’s consciousness was more muddled than usual. It felt as if he had fallen into a trance or was in a dream. His present state and everything around him appeared unreal. Although his consciousness felt very confused, Ah Lan still placed all his concentration on his body. He knew that there was a soul within his body that had also fallen into a trance. After he pulled it out, he would be able to return.

The players who specialized in magic had relatively more powerful mental power. Even when they were in soul states, they could still maintain a certain level of intelligence. This also affected Ah Lan’s movements and allowed him to move unimpeded. He easily reached into his ‘sh.e.l.l’s chest’ and pulled out a soul that appeared more transparent than him. The soul seemed to be at its last breath, and it could not even maintain its entirety. It could only scatter into mist.

Ah Lan felt no pity for this soul, and with a casual wave of his hand, he threw it away. Then, he climbed back into his sh.e.l.l. He could not see anything for a moment. After that, he was able to seize his body back successfully.

At the same time, while he was still arguing with Specter, Duan Li suddenly felt a movement within his arms. He lowered his head and took a glance. Ah Lan opened his eyes wide as he gazed at him.

“I have already said that he would wake up very soon!” When Specter saw Ah Lan wake up, he smiled sarcastically: “But you seem to be very interested in him. Who is this kid to you?”

Duan Li was too lazy to answer. He lowered his head to torment the little Ah Lan in his arms. Although he still remembered what happened to him in the hidden quest, he could not remember his soul wandering around after he left the quest. Now, he had just escaped from the G.o.d of Death and was still in shock.

“I was almost dragged into h.e.l.l!” After Ah Lan snapped out of his reverie, his face displayed pure fear. After seeing that it was Duan Li, he immediately grabbed Duan Li’s clothes and buried his face in his chest.

“What happened?” Duan Li rubbed Ah Lan’s head to comfort him. After a long time, Ah Lan said, “I entered a hidden quest…… Oh, no, it should be known as a hidden secret chamber!”

A hidden secret chamber?!

Duan Li and Specter seem to be shocked for a while, and they both quieted. Following that, Duan Li held Ah Lan’s small hand tightly: “How did you escape?”

With the tight grip on his hand, Ah Lan’s hand started to ache. He grimaced in pain, tried hard to shake off Duan Li’s hand, and jumped down from his embrace. He kneaded his wrists, which had been pinched so much that it turned red: “I just escaped normally.”

“You’re very lucky. Once someone enters a hidden quest in the secret chamber, they basically don’t return. The probability of surviving that is lower than if a stalker had his eye on you, but the reward is also amazing.” Specter carried the sleeping Luo Jian on his shoulder, then slightly lowered his head, and pulled the hood onto his head, casting a shadow on his face.

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

Escape the Infinite Chambers

One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”


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