Later, He Became A Royal Healer Chapter 140 – Extras (3)

Chapter 140 – Extras (3)

The feeling of having a son bring back his boyfriend was not something most parents had the chance of experiencing. And technically, Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin won the lottery since they received the full experience of having to meet their son-in-law in spite of having raised a son.

Kang Shengzhe had moved quickly, possibly out of the fear that the other party would get cold, for Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin were still walking down the stairs when they heard the sound of footsteps.

Their nervousness surged as the sound of knocking echoed, signifying that the person was now at the door.

Kang Xueqing said: “Open the door.”

Shen Qin: “You open it.”

While Kang Xueqing understood his wife’s anxiety, he was even more anxious in his heart. “It’s not ideal for me to go, should we go together instead?”

Shen Qin: “If we go together, the intimidation factor will be a bit too much.”

Kang Xueqing said: “It’s not like it’s a girl, his courage shouldn’t be so small.”

The pair of husband and wife kept trying to pa.s.s the bucket to one another and all the bickering honestly boiled down to panic. Soon after, another round of knocking sounded and Shen Qin mustered her courage, dragging her husband with her before she opened the door.

The cold wind immediately brushed past their faces.

The two young men standing outside the door both glanced over.

Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin’s eyes roved past Kang Shengzhe before they gazed at the person standing at the side simultaneously.

The young man’s posture was straightened out and upright, and even though he was standing next to the two-metre-tall Kang Shengzhe, he still gave people the impression that he was tall, handsome and spirited.

Although Shen Qin and Kang Xueqing heard Kang Shengzhe praise this person in every aspect for a good while prior to this, they had been imagining this person with the perception that he was a girl. And now that they saw You Liangxing, it was inevitable that they would lose themselves in a trance, especially Shen Qin. When their eyes landed on You Liangxing, she covered her mouth out of conditioned reflex as she unconsciously muttered to herself: “This child…”

Looks really handsome.

Not only was he handsome, he was essentially handsome to the point of exaggeration, as if he was painted in a style that was different from most people. Shen Qin became a little silly and dazed, and similarly, Kang Xueqing had never expected that the lover Kang Shengzhe was babbling about would have such an outstanding appearance. Just from his looks alone, he was already overflowing with the sense that he was a prominent talent.

This was You Liangxing, Kang Shengzhe’s boyfriend.

As his parents were immersed in their shock, Kang Shengzhe could not bear allowing You Liangxing to stand in the cold wind. Hurriedly, he pulled the person into the house and urged, “Close the door, close the door, it’s freezing to death outside.”

It was then that Shen Qin came back to herself. As she let them in, she said: “Yeah, come in quickly and warm up as soon as possible.”

Although they hadn’t talked yet, it was evident from their voice and tone that they were becoming amicable and enthused, albeit subconsciously and unknowingly.

As long as a person’s face value was high enough – no matter male or female – it was exceedingly easy to attract the older generation’s good feelings. While You Liangxing did not do anything, the first impression he made was already good enough, and it also happened that his character was extremely well-cultivated too. Subsequently after he entered the door, the first thing he did was give Kang Shengzhe’s parents a respectful and appropriate courteous greeting.

“h.e.l.lo there, uncle and auntie.”

His voice was delicate, lovely and soft, completely disparate from his valiant and heroic bearing. Shen Qin made a noise of surprise and she glanced at her husband.

Consequently, under Kang Xueqing’s questioning gaze which was directed at him, You Liangxing said: “It’s inborn.”

The fact that no man in the world was perfect was not necessarily a bad thing and You Liangxing’s voice was a good example of it. Although it did not match his person, the regretful contrast made it easier to gain the doting of older women.

Initially, Shen Qin’s expression was still normal, but after hearing You Liangxing’s voice, she could not stop smiling. Affably, she said: “Sit. Have you eaten on the plane? There are some dishes in the kitchen.”

The food prepared definitely have to be eaten and there was no reason to decline. You Liangxing gave a few words of thanks before he gave the two seniors presents.

His visit might be abrupt but his present had been thoughtfully prepared. Originally, Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin were intending to decline it but when they opened it up, their voices changed instantaneously. “This is Bai Yan’s doc.u.mentary, and her music alb.u.m? This, where did you find this from, weren’t they discontinued a long time ago?”

Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin were old fans of Bai Yan, and their love for Bai Yan had spanned across many years. Thus, they could not be clearer about the prices of these two objects, and they were pleasantly surprised because they knew how incredibly precious these presents were.

You Liangxing said: “My father likes Bai Yan too and he specifically collected a few more copies. Although it is akin to presenting a Buddha with flowers made by another, I heard from Kang Shengzhe that you like Bai Yan, so if you do not dislike the gifts, please accept them.”

How could Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin dislike them? In their excitement, their voices even went a little out of tune, “Is that so? That’s truly great. These are out of print, Bai Yan debuted for more twenty years and she only came out with one music alb.u.m and there’s only five thousand of them in the entire world, and even the people who had the money could not obtain one. Wait, this copy has a personal autograph???”

You Liangxing smiled slightly, his handsome and bright appearance giving rise to more good feelings.

It took Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin nearly half a day to recompose themselves.

Afterwards, their thoughts s.h.i.+fted and moved towards a better direction, regarding the young man before them with a revised point of view. From his appearance, outstanding disposition and the fact that his family had something as valuable as Bai Yan’s doc.u.mentary conveyed that his family conditions were extremely good.

Originally, Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin harboured suspicions about how Kang Shengzhe might have been entranced by a flowery world, but once they saw You Liangxing himself, those doubts instantaneously disappeared.

How could this be a seduction?

With how outstanding of a person he was, being warmly received was too normal. Instead of them, You Liangxing’s parents ought to be ones worrying about the possibility of their son being confused.

The presents were then placed aside. Alas, the shock the parents felt did not lessen but increased; their hearts were in disorder and they could scarcely muster any concern regarding Kang Shengzhe and You Liangxing’s present relations.h.i.+p or comment anything about it. Instead, they treated him as their son’s ordinary friend and properly took care of him first.

The food was served to the table and the atmosphere was a little strange in its quietness. Having not seen You Liangxing for a full month in person, Kang Shengzhe was so frustrated his entire body seemed to go boneless as he constantly felt the need to lean against You Liangxing’s body.

In front of Kang Shengzhe’s parents, You Liangxing did not dare to do anything which only caused Kang Shengzhe’s actions to intensify as he used his entire person to lay on You Liangxing’s shoulders.

Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin mutually exchanged gazes and both of them seemed to exude a sense of rejection like they did not want to recognise their son.

Even if they were Kang Shengzhe’s biological parents, Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin both felt that the image before them was like an eminently talented young man had met a goblin, and they unconsciously felt a little distressed for the silent and enduring You Liangxing.

… No matter how they looked at it, it was their son who tangled himself around You Liangxing.

The possibility of the other party seducing Kang Shengzhe was basically non-existent.

Vexation swelled within Kang Xueqing, and it was the kind of vexation that came from swallowing a fly.

Unable to stand it any longer, he flipped open his own finance and economics newspapers and pretended to read it. Just as he was skimming through it, You Liangxing opened his mouth: “Do you have an interest in financial stocks?”

Pausing, Kang Xueqing said: “You pay attention to these too?”

You Liangxing: “I’m majoring in finance, and my work is related to these.”

Kang Xueqing became interested and his thought immediately took a turn. He asked: “Then, what thoughts do you have about the current financial situation right now?”

You Liangxing gently blocked Kang Shengzhe from moving his big head closer to his face and calmly constructed a reply. While You Liangxing’s voice might be special, his words were incredibly well-founded, and he could keep up with Kang Xueqing in the various topics including but notwithstanding, finance, economy and stocks. Furthermore, the gist of his viewpoints were always succinctly expressed, and he had deeper understanding of those topics than Kang Xueqing, a veteran stockholder who had been paying attention to the market for more than twenty years.

At the beginning, Kang Xueqing was merely being casual in conversation but he did not think that You Liangxing would be this remarkable. After one conversation had concluded, he was both excited and admiring, constantly feeling the urge to pour You Liangxing a gla.s.s of liquor and continue chatting with him for the next few hours.

As the two men chatted at the table, the biological son Kang Shengzhe was reduced to an outsider. His coquetry and blinking were completely useless in gaining their attention but it certainly had Shen Qin’s eyelids twitching. Thus, she could not help but call out to Kang Shengzhe, “Come over here, help me wash the dishes.”

Kang Shengzhe stood up at a sluggishly slow pace and the mother and son and went into the kitchen, leaving the conversing pair at the table.

Truthfully speaking, it hadn’t been easy for him to finally get to see You Liangxing, and the unhappiness that was derived from being unable to kiss him, made him itch to switch bodies. Due to the impossibility of it, however, he complained, “Mom, I think I’m about to explode.”

Shen Qin: “……”

Disregarding the exploding, it would be useless even if he became a different person. Shen Qin glanced at him, not acknowledging him verbally.

Occasionally, she would look over to watch Kang Shengzhe wash the dishes stiffly. Suddenly, Shen Qin thought of something, “Before this, you said that he regularly makes you food?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Yeah.”

Shen Qin said: “If he cooks, you don’t wash the dishes?”

Kang Shengzhe: “I don’t wash it.”

Shen Qin: “……”

Shen Qin: “When the both of you are together, who sweeps the floor?”

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang.”

Shen Qin: “Who mops the floor?”

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang.”

Shen Qin: “Who washes the clothes?”

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang.”

Shen Qin: “Then what do you do?”

Kang Shengzhe: “Me? Lie down.”

Shen Qin: “……”

After hesitating to say something for a long time, Shen Qin decided to shut her mouth firmly.

The initial a.s.sumption that the meeting with You Liangxing would go by at an arduously slow pace ended up pa.s.sing in a flash and noon approached. Distressed that You Liangxing did not get proper rest because he had to travel early, Kang Shengzhe urged him, “You should catch up on some sleep in my room.”

The impression that Shen Qin and Kang Xueqing had of You Liangxing was too good. Ever since the meal ended, their att.i.tude towards him had warmed by several folds.

“Yes, if you’re tired, you should sleep for a while first. I’ll make a few more delicious dishes for you at night. Are you still busy with your work in Beijing? If you’re not busy, why don’t you stay here for a few more days.”

You Liangxing revealed a thankful smile but he did move. Instead, his expression tightened and straightened his body as he said: “I have something I want to say to uncle and auntie.”

Taking out a stack of folders from his luggage, You Liangxing pushed it before Kang Xueqing respectfully. When Kang Xueqing received it and looked through it seriously, his expression immediately froze and his entire person seemed to enter a trance.

It was a career plan, no, perhaps it was more appropriate to say that it was their future plans. When he flipped through plans carefully, he noticed that they were Kang Shengzhe and You Liangxing’s respective career plans, and their life plans with each other were included too.

You Liangxing said: “I am aware that telling a parent that their son is going to live with another man for the rest of his life is something that is hard to accept, especially when it happens so suddenly, and I am not doing this with the intention of making it difficult for uncle and auntie, rather out of a need to express my heartfelt intentions. Kang Shengzhe chose me and I chose Kang Shengzhe too. Perhaps I might not be able to do much for Kang Shengzhe, but as long as he loves me, I’m willing to do everything that is within my power and capacity for him.”

Kang Xueqing and Shen Qin remained wordless for a long time. Whereas Kang Shengzhe covered his face suddenly and his eyes were red as he uttered, “Liang Liang…”

Their surroundings were quiet. Kang Xueqing put down the plans that were so rigorous, not even a single mistake could be found. He said: “Rest some in Kang Shengzhe’s room first, we’ll continue talking at night.”

The four went back to their rooms in pairs. After watching her son pull You Liangxing into his room, hurried and anxious, Shen Qin closed her room door as well. After she lay on her bed with her husband, both of them were somewhat listless.

After a long time, Kang Xueqing sighed with emotion: “You Liangxing is really a good child ah.”

Shen Qin said: “Certainly.”

Kang Xueqing said: “Good appearance, good family and very sensible.”

Shen Qin said: “En.”

Kang Xueqing said: “I heard that he knows how to cook and he even boxes on the regular.”

Shen Qin said: “En.”

Kang Xueqing said: “He has an elegant demeanour, he is open and upright, and he has a sense of responsibility.”

Shen Qin said: “En.”

Kang Xueqing said, “Such a good child, it’s truly wasteful that he’s being paired with our family’s Kang Shengzhe.”

Shen Qin: “……”

Now that he finally said those words, Kang Xueqing felt himself gradually loosen. He could not help but comment: “Say, do you think the heavens opened a door only to close a window? He’s such an outstanding child, but why is his eyesight so poor?”

Shen Qin: “……”

Noticing that his wife hadn’t replied for a long while, Kang Xueqing felt guilty in his heart and asked, “… Am I going too far by saying these?”

Shen Qin went quiet before she said: “No, I feel the same too.”

Kang Xueqing: “……”

Kang Xueqing: “Hahahahaha.”

Next door.

Kang Shengzhe, who heard every word of their conversation because the walls were too thin: “……”

Then, he hugged You Liangxing and said, aggrieved: “Ying ying ying!”

Choked to the point where he could scarcely breathe, You Liangxing knocked on Kang Shengzhe twice before he said: “Enough.”

Kang Shengzhe: “Not enough! Liang Liang, did you happen to like me because your eyesight is poor? Quickly, look at this face of mine, look at my heart stopping beauty!”

You Liangxing brought Kang Shengzhe’s face closer with one hand and said: “My eyesight is excellent.”

Immediately, Kang Shengzhe became joyous, “Right~”

You Liangxing said: “It should be my brain that has issues, or else how did I come to like you.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……”

You Liangxing could not suppress his laughter as Kang Shengzhe rolled about on his entire bed. As he rolled back and forth, the bed was basically started to tremble.

“Behave yourself.”

Kang Shengzhe said: “I refuse! Unless you kiss me!”

Usually, that sentence would undoubtedly go without being acknowledged. Unexpectedly, however, he felt a touch of warmth on his lips. Kang Shengzhe opened his eyes just as You Liangxing backed away slightly, gazing at him with a smiling expression.

Dazzled by the love he perceived, Kang Shengzhe sighed: “What my parents said really does have some logic to it.”

“What?” You Liangxing said.

Abruptly, Kang Shengzhe threw himself into his arms. As snow floated down outside his window, the room was filled with happy and harmonious sights and sounds of spring.

Big Anchor K said faintly: “I truly gained a huge fortune.”


The author has something to say:

Just like this, the extras are finished too!! Everyone!! Let’s meet in the next book!!

(Actually, I really wanted to write a live broadcast, but I couldn’t think of anything, unexpectedly. ORZ Maybe I was really poisoned!!)

I love all of you!

* * *

The translator has something to say: Well, this is the end to the story of KK and Liang Liang. Writing this… last note to the first novel I’ve ever translated is kind of bittersweet, and I will sincerely miss translating their shenanigans, their sweet and tender moments, and the people they surround themselves with. I started LHBARH on a whim back in…. 13 Dec 2019, and here we are, in 20 July 2020. Time really does fly; I also thought that I would only finish translating this novel in December.

Sincerely, I hope you have loved this novel like I have, and it has brought you joy during difficult times (:

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Yuuki, signing off on this novel for the last time. Stay safe xx

Later, He Became A Royal Healer

Later, He Became A Royal Healer

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Later, He Became A Royal Healer

You Liangxing would never open the speech function in game.
That was because his voice was…
Particularly! Kittenis.h.!.+
But there was one day, he queued up with a teammate who had so much to say that they may as well explode. Vexed to the point of no return, he contributed a voice that was capable of splitting heaven and earth, “Don’t BB.”
The other party who was being scolded stilled. In the ensuing silence, he suddenly let out a long, relis.h.i.+ng… moan.
You Liangxing: “…..”
Later —
He realised that the person was a great G.o.d,
Much later,
Without him realising,
He became the great G.o.d’s royal healer.
…. And also his boyfriend.


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