Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272: Who killed Guo ‘er?

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brother Lin Qing, I can guarantee that I didn’t kill sister Guo. er. I was only four years old then and I didn’t have much strength, but someone could … &Quot;

don’t listen to her nonsense, ” Chu Xiang suddenly screamed. she killed Guo ‘er. It’s Chu Zhixi. Chu yingxi did it. &Quot;

Not to mention Lin Qing, everyone present understood that Chu Xiang’s hysteria was obviously telling everyone that she was lying. However, how old was Chu Xiang at that time? a child who was not even ten years old had actually killed someone.

And what kind of child did Song Wan raise for the Chu family?

it’s fine if you don’t want to admit it. rainy knew that Chu Xiang would not admit it so easily. I have an uncle. He’s a famous hypnotist. I think he should have a way. &Quot;

of course, I also want to. Brother Lin Qing, you should listen to it too, right? ”

Chu Xiang suddenly fell to the ground helplessly. Hypnotize, hypnotize, no, she was thinking wildly. Even if she was hypnotized, she would not admit it. She would never admit it.

Chu lui took out his phone and gave Edward a call. Yes, this was the best solution. He sneered.’She’s not going to admit it, right? I’ll see how long she can keep this up.’

Not long after, Edward came over. Actually, they had just come over to visit rainy yesterday. When he suddenly received Chu lui’s call, he was shocked. Could something have happened to rainy? he rushed over in a hurry with a lot of uneasiness in his heart. He had not told his wife about this matter yet. In these few years, Wu Sha and Xia ruoxin had developed a feeling that they were like biological sisters. Now that Wu Sha was getting older, He was really afraid that she couldn’t take it, so he came over first.

However, it was still alright. When he saw that rainy was safe and sound, he finally relaxed.

Oh, hypnosis.

Edward suddenly smiled. It was simple. He walked over and squatted on the ground. Then, he took out a pocket watch from his chest pocket and opened it. It was an old model. When he opened it, it made a sound like time was moving.

Drip, drip, drip …

It represented the pa.s.sing of time, represented the pa.s.sing of time …

Chu Xiang, ” Edward called out Chu Xiang’s name.

Chu Xiang was stunned for. moment. She suddenly hugged her head tightly. She didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t want to see it …

Edward was still smiling. He had seen many patients like this. He had seen people who were crazier and crazier than Chu Xiang. Hence, Chu Xiang was really not a difficult customer.

“Chu Xiang, did you hear the sound?”

Chu Xiang was stunned …

Sound, this kind of sound?

Drip, drip, drip …

Another second pa.s.sed, and another second.

Chu Xiang’s vision started to blur. She shook her head, not wanting to be affected, but her eyelids were getting heavier.

With a ding, Edward knocked on his pocket watch. do you see me? your time has started to reverse, and you will return to the time when you were very young. &Quot;

You weren’t troubled or sad at that time. You were just an ordinary child.

Chu Xiang started to become dazed. Then, she broke into a smile like an idiot.

“En, very good. Chu Xiang, how old are you?” Edward asked again.

“I’m five.”

“What were you doing when you were five?”

I was picked up by grandma and became the eldest daughter of the Chu family. I like this ident.i.ty. I have clothes to wear, delicious food to eat, many storybooks to read, a beautiful bed to sleep on, and a soft and warm blanket. I s.n.a.t.c.hed this from Lin Qing. Lin Qing, that idiot, was actually not willing to go. &Quot;

“I know that grandma’s family is very rich. As long as I become grandma’s granddaughter, I won’t have to be bullied by others in the future.”

“Are you happy?” Edward asked again.

Chu Xiang did not know where the voice came from either. Her eyes were dazed, and the words from her mouth were flat and plain.

at first, I was very happy. I had a grandmother, a grandfather, and a very handsome father. But ever since a little sister came, I was not happy. My father loves my little sister, and my grandfather loves her too. &Quot;

“What are you hoping for?”

I hope there’s no little sister in this house. suddenly, Chu Xiang’s voice sounded like she was going crazy.

I was so happy when I saw little sister being taken away by bad guys. In the future, daddy will be all by myself. But why did daddy find her in the end? then little sister left with her mother, and I’m the only one left at home. I’m so happy. &Quot;

but then, this little sister came back, haha … But grandma lost her. I know where she went, and I saw it too. I didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to have only one person at home, only Chu Xiang … &Quot;

Suddenly, Edward didn’t want to ask anymore.

At that time, Chu Xiang was still a child, a little girl. When he thought of his daughter’s innocence and cuteness, Rainy’s cleverness and Xu Meng’s maturity and obedience, Edward thought that all children were like this-all of them were little angels. However, he was wrong now. It turned out that there were not only little angels, but also little demons. 1

He sighed. There were some things he still had to ask, some things he still had to ask …

Do you know Li Guo ‘er?

yes, I do. Chu Xiang still answered subconsciously. She had said everything she wanted to say and did not want to say.

she’s as annoying as that little sister, but she has an older brother. So what if she has an older brother? one day, I’ll definitely kill her, that little cripple. &Quot;

“How did she die?” Edward’s eyes had been smiling warmly the whole time, but now, he was starting to calm down. He really felt that Chu Xiang was beyond saving.

“I pushed her down, I pushed her down …”

Chu Xiang suddenly screamed, and her eyes rolled back as if she was about to faint.

Edward closed his pocket watch with a click, accompanied by his monotonous voice.

When you wake up, you’ll forget everything you’ve said.

He then walked in front of Lin Qing. does he want it too? ”

Lin Qing smiled bitterly, ” no need, I’ll tell you myself. &Quot;

At this moment, everything that Chu Xiang had said had completely overturned half of his life. Actually, he had not lived half of his life. So, all these years of hard work, all these years of hatred, all these years of planning, were all just a joke?

He hated the wrong person. No, he would rather it wasn’t. He would rather hate the right person. His sister was killed by Chu Yunxi. But, no, Guo ‘er was killed by Chu Xiang. And he had actually lived with his sister’s murderer for so many years.

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Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities

Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities


Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities

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