Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: Her memory

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“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll make the arrangements.”

Not long after, Chu Xiang was pressed down on the bed by a bunch of people. Blood was drawn and all sorts of examinations were done. At first, she did not pay much attention to it as she thought that these people were not going to deal with her anymore and would let her go. Thus, they were doing a physical examination on her. However, after a series of examinations, her complexion became worse and worse, and her expression became worse and worse.

Until one day, when she was forced to put on the patient’s uniform, she knew that something was wrong.

what are you going to do to me? ” she shrieked, but these people ignored her. After the needle was inserted, her expression began to become dazed, and her stomach began to feel cold. In her half-awake state, she actually felt that something had left just like that, forever …

At this moment, rainy was groggily sleeping. There was a new doll beside her. It was as if she had seen her younger self in the flow of time.

“Do you want that doll?” The young woman pointed at the doll on the counter and asked.

She hugged her mother’s leg, but her eyes were fixed on the doll.

She saw blood flowing from her mother’s arm, but her mother was still smiling.

Her mother took out the doll and placed it in her arms.

rainy, you have to take good care of Dolly. &Quot;

She happily picked up the doll. This was her favorite doll, and that was her favorite mother.

Later on, she fell sick and was in a lot of pain. The only person who came to the hospital to accompany her was her mother …

One day, her mother told her to be good and obedient because she wanted to see a very important person. The nurse took her to see that very important person, and that was her father …

Yes, it’s dad. It’s the old dad, the dad when he was young. And there’s an Auntie beside dad, who’s dad’s ex-wife …

She was sick and needed her father to save her, but her father didn’t.

She saw her father and mother confronting each other in court. She saw her mother crying and uncle Gao Yi.

No, she was still calling uncle Gao Yi ‘daddy’.

She saw her father stab the knife into his leg. She saw her father’s blood continuously flowing out of his leg until a car hit her, and her memory was lost.

So this was what he had forgotten, and …

my name is rainy. Of course, I have another name, Chu Zhixi. Daddy gave me this name, and rainy was given to me by mommy. Of course, I prefer people to call me rainy. &Quot;

I actually have three grandmothers and three grandfathers. It might seem like a complicated relations.h.i.+p, but it’s actually very simple.

The people I loved the most were my grandparents in the Lu family, my uncle who took care of me, and my brother who picked me up. This is my mother, but we are not biological. My mother is not a member of the Lu family. She only became a member of the Lu family by accident. However, they treated my mother very well, and of course, they treated me even better.

The Chu family’s Grandpa and Grandma, dad’s parents, but I only love Grandpa because Grandpa dotes on me the most. Grandma has an adopted granddaughter, but she’s the most family to that granddaughter, not me. But I have grandma, so I don’t care whether she loves me or not, and of course, I don’t feel sad.

There are also other grandparents who are mom’s biological parents, but mom doesn’t want to acknowledge them because they’ve done many wrong things. I believe that mom will acknowledge them one day.

“I thought that I was growing very slowly. When I was young, I wanted to grow up so much, but I didn’t know what I was growing up for. When I felt it, I had already grown up. In fact, the feeling of growing up is the same as when I was young. It’s just that there are more things I can do.

When I opened the door, the one wearing an ap.r.o.n was my mother, and the one with the dishes was my father. Don’t look at my father’s cold face in the company, but he is very gentle at home. He loves my mother a lot, and of course, he dotes on me a lot.

daddy … I walked over and tugged at his clothes. Daddy just touched my hair like before. Daddy is very handsome. Of course, my mother is also very beautiful. With such parents, I can’t be ugly. I’ve been beautiful since I was young.

let’s eat. mom brought out the last bowl of soup and placed it on the table. I looked at mom. She was very beautiful. Although she looked different from me now, I still wanted to. In the future, I just want to be as beautiful as my mother. Time didn’t leave any traces on my mother’s body. On the contrary, it made her have an indescribable temperament. I remember that my mother loved to cry, but I remember that she smiled the most.

“What are you looking at?” Mom suddenly looked at me. Her gentle eyes were filled with undisguised love for me. Of course, she also loved dad. Of course, dad was the same. I had a pair of extremely loving parents. They would go out once a year every few years. At that time, I would become an extra and would be with others. This year would be coming soon.

I’m thinking that mommy is very beautiful. I held up my face, but she reached out and pinched my face. It didn’t hurt, and I was already used to her actions. are you complimenting yourself? you were born by mommy. &Quot;

yeah. I smiled. complimenting mom means complimenting me and myself. &Quot;

I’ve really been led astray by that du Jingtang. dad ruffled my hair. The du Jingtang he was referring to was my uncle. To be more precise, he was dad’s cousin, which meant that he was my uncle. However, I was used to calling him uncle.

He had always thought of himself as an extraordinary man, but it was true. He was almost 40 years old, but he was still unmarried. And the reason, we all know, was that uncle liked men and not women.

After being in contact with him for a long time, I didn’t feel that there was anything strange about it. They just liked him, and there was nothing wrong with that. And the person I admired the most was him. He could always persist in everything he did.

Just like my father.

I like dancing, I like drawing, and I like a lot of things. Of course, I have to work to earn money to support myself.

there’s another person called Lin Qing who father is sponsoring. He has a pair of beautiful eyes and when he smiles, he looks very refined. When he looks at me, my heart suddenly beats faster. I think that’s why my heart is beating so fast.

However, what I didn’t know was that my heart was pounding with excitement. It was actually a scheme, the beginning of a scheme.

I’ve been asking myself what kind of feelings I want.

I want the relations.h.i.+p between father and mother. Perhaps they’ve gone through too much in the past, but they’ve never given up.

Daddy loves mommy. He loves mommy very, very much.

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Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities

Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities


Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities

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