Low Dimensional Game Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Red Poppies

The black curtain of light enveloped the whole world, obscured the sun of the underworld in the sky, and the whole world plunged into total darkness.

But at that moment, all living creatures in h.e.l.l looked up into the sky and they knew that it wasn’t a curtain of light, but it was the robe of the G.o.d of Death, the true master of h.e.l.l, Cetisius. The sky was blazing with two flames; the light was dazzling and s.h.i.+ning on the earth.

It was the eyes of G.o.d of Death, covered by a black cloak which obscured the face of the G.o.d of Death. It admonished all life forms that he was an existence whereby no one could peer at.

He turned his head and looked City of Bones in the sky.

The City of Bones carried hundreds of millions of Corps of the Undead which occupied the entire land. The mythical light of a Level Eight mythical city of the dead swept across more than half of the sky, and the mythical rule of death was affecting the power of h.e.l.l.

More than ten great mythical bodies rose from the Tower of the Dead Spirit, and they were in confrontation with G.o.d of Death who was in the sky.

It was a rebellion that spread throughout h.e.l.l, and almost all of the forces in the Nine Levels of h.e.l.ls declared their dissatisfaction and hatred for G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, and were waging a battle for his divine position; they were trying to dethrone him from the eternal throne of a True G.o.d.

But at that moment, the G.o.d of Death arrived without support, he only revealed his usual appearance but was already at the top of the world; he had supressed all others. The aura of terror and majesty had oppressed all Corps of the Undead and the City of Bones from straightening their backs.

The G.o.d of Death looked down at the earth, without saying a word, under the cohesion of his power and majesty, all the dead creatures trembled.

More than ten of the Level Seven mythical Lords of the Dead Spirit, under his oppression, they even recalled their fear of him.

“Are we really a lord who could resist death?”

“No one has succeeded in tens of thousands years!”

“This is a True G.o.d, one of the oldest and most powerful G.o.ds – G.o.d of Death!”

And just then, the owner of the City of Bones, Flosa, roared angrily, “Have you forgotten our pain and suffering over the years?”

“Have you forgotten our misery when the 17 true G.o.ds suppressed and oppressed us?”

“Have you forgotten about our agreements and dreams?”

A giant shadow of ten thousand meters emerged from the City of Bones, and it gradually condensed into a substantial being; a human-shaped body of a G.o.d, which was fuming in black smoke and flowing with flames inside, floated above the City of Bones.

The great mythical body was above the clouds of the sky, he was like a giant pillar which ran through heaven and earth, and his eyes were locked onto G.o.d of Death, Cetisius.

“Today! This is the time! Now!”

“Let us break through this decadent world!”

“Our will and strength are unstoppable!”

Hundreds of millions of Corps of the Undead hollered a reluctant roar, within their pupils and skulls were burning with a blazing flame. Even in face of G.o.d of Death who controlled death, the legendary G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, they nevertheless voiced out their own desire.

“Break through this decadent world!” Several Lords of the Dead Spirit followed after him and hollered with their sharp cries.

“Unstoppable!” Numerous Dead Knights ran with tens of thousands of horses across the earth and ca.n.a.l and headed for the City of Qiromu.

“Cetisius! The time has changed…”

“It’s a new era now!”

Flosa was looking resentful as he looked to the sky; it was the anger of every dead creature against the master of death, his unwillingness that his own destiny was controlled by another.

“I’m going to… attack all the decadent and depraved G.o.ds! Get rid of everyone from their superior positions!”

The City of Bones quickly launched its attacks. Flosa activated his mythical body, his twisted body, which was fuming in black smoke, was targeting G.o.d of Death, Cetisius. He was using himself as a canon; he activated the power of the mythical rules and bombarded G.o.d of Death, Cetisius.

The intense red flame burst out from the mythical body of Flosa, it set off waves of thousands of miles and illuminated the whole world.

The radiance pierced through the clouds, through the sky, through the eighth and seventh layers of h.e.l.l, and all the way towards G.o.d of Death, Cetisius.

The G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, raised his hand, he pressed onto the earth, his huge palms brushed through the clouds, and the flames which was surging was pressed down, the strong explosion on the earth set off a sandstorm which drowned out everything.

The hand of the G.o.ds landed from the sky, destroyed everything, and annihilated every little thing; it had given Flosa a big blow.

The giant palms were pressed directly on top of the huge City of Bones; it was as large as a continent in the sky. Along with the mythical body of Flosa, all was pressed down onto the earth of death and was crus.h.i.+ng down from the sky.

The intense Level Eight mythical territory spread, it was resisting the divine power of G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, but the power of rule, in his oppression, continued to fall apart, and was about to disintegrate.

“How can it be! How can it be!”

“I’m a Level Eight too! I owned the divinity of death too!”

“I’ve the support of hundreds of millions of the undead, more than ten Lords of the Dead Spirit and a City of Bones!”


Flosa roared frantically towards the sky, his mythical body, which was shot down from the clouds, was struggling, and infinite mythical death witchcraft bolted and smashed towards the sky.

A strong force erupted from the entire City of Bones, the Light of the Dead Spirit frantically pounded towards the sky; it was retaliating against the G.o.d of Death, Cetisius.

Just then, the G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, stretched out the other hand, the presence of death and the entire h.e.l.l suddenly shook, the dead creatures of the entire h.e.l.l all irresistibly kneeled to the ground.

All saw a giant sickle of G.o.d appeared in the sky, it went through several layers of h.e.l.l and came cras.h.i.+ng down.

It was the power of G.o.d of Death left by the first G.o.d of Death, it was the symbol of the G.o.d of Death, and it was a present given by the legendary Creator.

Wherever the sickle of G.o.d had pa.s.sed, all living and dead creatures would be devoured, and as it fell from the sky, the rules and divinity of death in the City of Bones were constantly being torn and ripped.

The entire City of Bones was struggling from its imminent collapse, and at last when it was completely intolerable, the whole city fell apart.

After the disintegration of the mythical body of Flosa, he was reduced to a body of Soul’s Corpse which dropped from the clouds. The entire City of Bones shattered into pieces; he looked into the sky during his fall, only to see the sickle of G.o.d which had occupied his sight.

“Is this the True G.o.d?”

“And the legendary…”

“Sickle of the Death G.o.d!”

The divine artifact of death came cras.h.i.+ng down, and then in Flosa’s disbelief, everything had fallen into darkness.

Billions of Corps of the Undead collapsed in a flash, as the Sickle of the Death G.o.d waved through the earth, everything decomposed in face of death. Those monsters that were previously hidden in all corners and s.p.a.ces of h.e.l.l, had now gathered together, and were in its own destruction.

The sandstorm above the earth subsided slowly; it had calmed down. From the madness and clamour to a deathly silence, all had changed too fast.

A grand rebellion with more than ten mythical levels involved and billions of undead which had swept the earth, at last, it had all came to an end.

G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, glanced across h.e.l.l; he scrutinised at everything and took into account of everything.

“Did Lynn Ahenaten escape?”

“There’s another one! The guardian of the gate of h.e.l.l! Heim, the soul-eating goat devil!”

“No! Now, he’s… Anke Pusuote!”

Low Dimensional Game

Low Dimensional Game

By accident, Lu Zhiyu found the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus began a totally different journey! Free to control everything in the low-dimensional game, Lu Zhiyu felt like a gamemaster, and even G.o.d.


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