Low Dimensional Game Chapter 439

Chapter 439: The Outcome of Anke Pusuote

G.o.d of Death, Cetisius, waved and saw the original s.p.a.ce of h.e.l.l which was once torn apart, the cracks which were torn by the Level Eight mythical City of Bones, were slowly closing up.

Several Cities of Souls recovered from the destruction and tens of thousands of Deathbringers, who were shrouded in darkness, emerged again.

The order of h.e.l.l was quickly restored, and the disorder of the rules was brought to stability by G.o.d of Death.

The dead creatures and the souls of the dead in the Nine Levels of h.e.l.ls all looked at the divine body of G.o.d of Death, Cetisius. They were shocked by the power of the G.o.d of Death, for his power of death and destruction; they were trembling upon seeing the power of a True G.o.d.

“This is the master of h.e.l.l!” A ghost, who stood at the side of Styx, was in a daze as it looked into the sky.

“The power of a True G.o.d is irresistible!” The powerful presences who didn’t partic.i.p.ate in that war were crouching in the shadow of the h.e.l.l’s borders; they heaved a sigh of relief.

The remaining dead spirits in the upper levels of h.e.l.l were fleeing frenziedly above the earth, and the Corps of the Undead beat a hasty retreat.

“Sickle of the Death G.o.d…Sickle of the Death G.o.d!”

“Harvest death! Prey on spirit! Even the Devil Wizards, mythical, undead lords, can’t escape the harvest of the sickle!”

The terrified Skeleton Masters, even if they had only half of its bodies left, they were still frantically fleeing into the distance.

“Deplorable! Tragic! Our resistance is like the struggle of the ants on earth when in front of a G.o.d, ridiculous! Vulnerable… hhha… vulnerable!” A defeated Bone’s Spirit from the depths of h.e.l.l, fled to the banks of the Styx, watched his mythical power within his body which was constantly repairing his body and soul had no restoration effect; when he was. .h.i.t by the Sickle of the Death G.o.d, he was doomed to die.

The power of death finally devoured him; he was reduced to ashes as it fell into Styx.

“A total failure!”

As the order of h.e.l.l was restored, the divine body of G.o.d, which covered the whole of h.e.l.l, gradually dissipated in the sky, it had transformed into a black light which shot through the sky and fell above the core city of death, the City of Qiromu.

Contrasted with the mighty power which caused a tremor in the world with just a wave of his hand and the divine shadow of the G.o.d which overturned the world, at that moment, Cetisius looked like an ordinary man, there wasn’t a trace of divine fluctuation. He held onto a crutch, his body shape even appeared to be a little hunched back.

But at that moment, thousands of dead spirits and saints in the city knelt on the ground, and the guardians of the City of Qiromu, the son of G.o.d, Morke, knelt in front of Cetisius to salute his father. Even the son of G.o.ds dared not look directly into Cetisius’s face.

The entire h.e.l.l echoed the scriptures from the Book of the Dead from the Bible, and holy prayers and chants resonated in the City of Qiromu.

Cetisius reached out, and the Book of the Dead flew up and fell into his hand.

The palm, which was filled with ravines, flipped through the pages of the book, and saw a huge monster sprang out of the book. A thick black smoke poured into the sky, it was hundreds of meters tall, che only revealed half of his body.

The monster was roaring madly, he was struggling to lean down, revealed his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and bite towards G.o.d of Death, Cetisius. Intense hatred and pain were surging in his pupils.

“Cetisius!” The name of the G.o.d was called out, word by word, as if each call was the world’s most vicious curse.

Heim recklessly pounced on G.o.d of Death, Cetisius. His huge body seemed to be in stark contrast to the old man in a black robe and who was on a crutch.

But Cetisius looked up; his eyes calmly fixated on the soul-eating goat devil, Heim, and Heim’s movements suddenly stalled.

His threatening gestures were paused; his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth with flames surging was facing Cetisius, and he waved his soul-eating steel fork which was only a meter away from Cetisius.

The black robe was fluttering and a palm was gently lifted.

Under the gaze of Cetisius, all the support from h.e.l.l, the soul-eating fire, the divine power were peeled off from his body, the large head of the soul-eating goat devil dissipated into smoke and his steel forks was reduced to gravel as it spilled onto the earth.

The body of the huge monster gradually vanished, as he lost all power, a little of the soul-eating goat devil, Heim, original appearance was revealed.

A figure fell from the sky and above the defense wall of the City of Qiromu.

It was a short-haired, thin, middle-aged man with a distinctive exotic Batko’s appearance. There was a slight difference with the descendant a thousand years later; he was full of quaint aura, dressed in the gorgeous High Priest’s robe of the Temple of Sky. He was looking n.o.ble which revealed his former ident.i.ty.

Anke Pusuote slowly crawled up from the ground. Although he had lost all his power, he had completely regained his sanity.

He looked at Cetisius with hatred in his eyes. He stood face to face in front of him, a deaf slave who had been at his feet, slept with horses, the most inferior slave, but at that moment, he had become a supreme G.o.d.

The wind blew through Cetisius’s hood and revealed the old and vicissitudes face below, his gaze was cold and without any feelings, there was no enthusiasm and excitement.

Contrasted to the youthful Cetisius he last saw in the past, the enthusiastic and determined young man, the current Cetisius who was old-fas.h.i.+oned and one who abided to regulations were like two different men. In the past, he was a practical idealist, but now he was like a guardian of the ghosts.

Anke Pusuote, who had thousand curses and resentments, had now turned speechless.


“Hhhha… in the past… you even judged me in the name of justice!”

Anke Pusuote held his face and his fingers were cut into his flesh, but he still laughed uncontrollably, “Look at you! Look at you!”

“How are you different from me!”

“You’re even more disgusting than I am! More despicable!”

“Look! Look at him! This is the supreme G.o.d!” Anke Pusuote yelled to his surroundings but no one dared to respond.

Cetisius finally spoke, his voice was dry, and that voice which was emotionless for tens of thousands of years was filled with emotion at that moment, “What do a person like you know!”

Anke Pusuote smiled and turned his head, he looked at the City of Qiromu, as if he could see the shadow of the City of Pusuote. He stood above the defense wall to see the black land outside the city. The sun of the underworld was about to set, it would soon set under the horizon.

The original dimly lit h.e.l.l, which had gray-black and blood-red as the main color tone, was about to sink completely into darkness.

The whole world was quiet; no one dared to say a word. It was as if only Cetisius and Anke Pusuote were the two main characters left.

At last, he stared at the sun of the underworld; he lowered his head which he was always unwilling to concede defeat, he had never refused to bow, “Yes! What do I know!”

“I know nothing!”

“Why!” As Anke Pusuote spoke, his body was constantly shuddering, the veins above his neck stood out, his face turned red.

“Why… I…”

His five facial features were tangled together; he was crying as he spoke, his gaze revealed confusion and turmoil.

“I’m devoted! All my faith! At the very end, all I received is this outcome!”

Anke Pusuote’s face was full of tears, and he roared angrily, “All I received is this outcome!”


“This is truly unfair!”

“This is truly… unfair!”

Anke Pusuote leaped down from the defense wall of the City of Qiromu and fell into the terrible abyss of death. When the deepest, darkest and most sinful snake twisted its body, opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, it swallowed Anke Pusuote in one bite.

Low Dimensional Game

Low Dimensional Game

By accident, Lu Zhiyu found the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus began a totally different journey! Free to control everything in the low-dimensional game, Lu Zhiyu felt like a gamemaster, and even G.o.d.


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