Low Dimensional Game Chapter 445

Chapter 445: The Arcane Light

On the course in the Astral World from Arcane Kingdom to the Divine Kingdom, a Fairyland City was sailing through Astral World, the Light of the Arcane Magic of the Fairyland City enveloped the whole city, hundreds of thousands of Defensive Ancient Trees, Ancient War Trees and Mythical Arcane Ancient Trees were connected together with the Fairyland City as a whole.

The Arcane Silver Ring at the bottom of the Fairyland City not only solidified the propulsion power of the Fairyland City, but it also connected with the boundary as an effort to pull the Fairyland City forward in the form of spatial migration.

The Fairyland City, which was called the Secret Silver Capital, was a Fairyland Kingdom created by a n.o.ble, the mythical arcanist, Chitty. He was a rare goblin arcanist born in the family of mythical blood; he was born into a core cla.s.s of the Arcane Kingdom, a mythical reserve.

This time, he was on a mission under the order of the Emperor Wendy of the Arcane Kingdom; he was to carry out a task that would take a long time to complete.

The Secret Silver Capital of the Fairyland City had sailed for more than a thousand years towards the Divine Kingdom of Maria’s World, and even so, the journey still seemed a long distance away.

But on that journey, in the vast landscape of Astral World, all kinds of strange Astral World life forms were discovered. The mythical creatures they had discovered had elevated the development of Arcane Kingdom; those strange Astral World mythological creatures could evolve a large number of mythical blood families, even evolved a special mythical bloodline of ancient trees, and a new generation of mythical professionals was born.

The large number of elves, trolls, goblins and the fairies shuttled through the city, a silver mechanical palace with goblin style stood in the center. The city was full of tracks, not only the earth, but above the sky; the train from the sky shuttled to the ground and then darted underground. It didn’t look like a Fairyland Kingdom but it was more like a playground.

While his master sat on top of a seat entangled with a variety of metal pipes, he was floating in all places in the palace’s laboratories. Just then, a goblin flew to the front of the mythical arcanist, Chitty, “Lord Chitty! New spatial fluctuations have been detected nearby!”

Chitty immediately disappeared in a ray of light, and then re-appeared in front of a spherical instrument several meters high and it was continuously spinning. He leaned up from the eerie seat and stared at the instrument, “Such a strong fluctuation? It’s well over the fluctuation of a half bitwall; it’s probably special s.p.a.ce turbulence or a territory of Elemental Wave!”

“We better send a fleet of Astral World Airs.h.i.+ps to take a look!”

With an order from Lord Chitty, a fleet of Astral World Alchemy Airs.h.i.+ps flew out of the Secret Silver City and quickly made their way to the destination deep in the Astral World.

After several months of sailing, it finally reached its destination.

And at that moment, everyone from the fleet of Astral World Alchemy Airs.h.i.+ps was stunned. They didn’t need the Astral World Telescope, they were merely lying on the window and they could see a beautiful world in the distance which was blooming with brilliance.

It was a familiar bitwall structure, the light in the s.p.a.ce bubble refracted dazzling rainbow radiance; it lit up the dark Astral World.

The silver-haired elf of the fleet commander looked at the dazzling light in the distance, the vast blue sea and blue sky was seen through the huge s.p.a.ce wall; he was in disbelief.

“Lord Wendy! This time, did we discover another…”

“A new world?”

Then, a loud cheer broke out on the airs.h.i.+p. No one thought they would actually find a new world.

“A new world! A whole new world!”

“We’re going to be as great as Adriana and we’ll be remembered and recorded in the annals!”

They then received orders, some of them had to wait in their original spot, and some of them had to go deep into the newly discovered world.

That was a world that had evolved; it had stable rules and life forms. According to external observation and a.n.a.lysis, it should have been born a thousand years ago, at the same time as the birth of the Arcane World, there was likely to have intelligent life forms and civilization inside.

The mythical arcanist, Chitty, had received orders from the kingdom. They had relieved him of his original mission and to be on standby to explore the inner most of that newly discovered world.

And because of the terrible horrors of the last Astral War, this time the Arcane Kingdom immediately mobilized its domestic forces, used Secret Silver City of the Fairyland City as an outpost, and established an indelible advantage in the newly discovered world.

Otherwise, with the strength of the current Arcane Kingdom, without the allied a.s.sistance of the Wizard World, whether in face of the Divine Kingdom or the Abyss World, the Arcane Kingdom wasn’t on par with them.

But as the exploration alchemy s.h.i.+ps which had entered the new world failed to stay in contact with those outside, they had disappeared, and then several search and discovery s.h.i.+ps entered and hadn’t returned too.

Secret Silver City had set up outposts outside the world; they had opened a stable s.p.a.ce portal and ushered in a steady stream of armies, exploration and development personnel and supplies from the Arcane Kingdom.

But several plans were organized and enacted but nothing was gained. The new world seemed to devour everything that had entered.

Even when a lower rank mythical alchemist broke in with his mythical alchemy s.h.i.+p, he had vanished too.

The mythical alchemy s.h.i.+p which was powerful in the Astral World, the undead mythical arcanist, had all fell into total extinction and annihilation, and even his true spirit didn’t escape.

Finally, a moment before the mythical alchemy s.h.i.+p was destroyed, a message was transmitted.

“The world’s…guardian…”

“The will of the world…it’s…loathing us!”

Then, in the midst of a loud explosion and his voice died down; a mythical life form died.

Chitty, the owner of the Secret Silver City, sent back all the news about the new world which led to heated discussion by the upper echelon of the entire Arcane Kingdom. In the study and exploration of the will of the world, the Divine Kingdom had the most say and it was followed by the Arcane Kingdom.

The abhorrence of a world’s will and the resistance of all the power of the guardians of the world, even if it was a Level Eight mythical life form, they dared not break into it easily.

And even when they had the power to break in and completely destroy a world, not only that they couldn’t get what they want, but a more terrible thing would happen if they did so.

According to the world researcher and mythical arcanist, Mientte Ambrose, he speculated that the birth of the world evolved from the body of a chaos worm, and once the world fell into its final twilight, the chaos worm was likely to reawaken from it, devoured and destroyed everything. Even a True G.o.d couldn’t stop the power of a chaos worm.

The news of the discovery of a new world couldn’t be concealed for long, but the Arcane Kingdom had been unable to seize the first chance. With several upper rank mythical arcanists entering the new world, two mythical arcanists were torn apart together with their mythical bodies. And the remaining mythical arcanists escaped after being seriously injured, the Arcane Kingdom finally abandoned its original plan.

Just then, a mythical conference was held on top of the Tower of Heaven, Mientte Ambrose proposed a new plan.

“The will of the world is resisting us; this is our biggest problem at present!”

“And we still have a last way to attain this new world.”

“The will of the world will resist us, but it will not resist its native life forms. We just need those aboriginal lives to spread our civilization and power system of the arcane magic, and also then integrate them into the system of the arcane magic; spread the civilization of the Arcane Kingdom to their whole world, and integrate all the intelligent life of the new world as a part of ours.”

“The will of the world will be a.s.similated, the light of arcane magic will flow in the new world, and the new world will naturally belong to our Arcane Kingdom!”

Mientte Ambrose’s proposal was accepted by most people, and even the Queen of the Arcane Kingdom, Wendy, agreed with him.

“But this proposal takes a long time! But we don’t have much time!”

“We must attain the greatest advantage before the Divine Kingdom, the Abyss World, or even the Wizard World discovers this new world.”

Arcane’s Calendar, 1782, the plan was called “Arcane Light” and it had begun to be implemented. The Arcane Kingdom secretly established a fairyland kingdom outside the new world. They had begun to penetrate the new world; they contacted and influenced the world’s native people.

But at the same time, several other worlds had also received news of the new world, masters from the Divine Kingdoms, alchemy warlocks from the Wizard Kingdom, and demon warlock from the Abyss World, they had secretly entered the Arcane World.

Numerous secret reports and mysterious figures began to break into the Arcane World, they looked for and explored the coordinates of the new world, and the entire Arcane World became unstable.

After more than a thousand years of peace, danger was lurking again and the four major worlds were in a tug-of-war once more.

Low Dimensional Game

Low Dimensional Game

By accident, Lu Zhiyu found the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus began a totally different journey! Free to control everything in the low-dimensional game, Lu Zhiyu felt like a gamemaster, and even G.o.d.


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