Megami Buchigire Chapter 63 – The Enigmatic Matcha Boom Overseas

Chapter 63: The Enigmatic Matcha Boom Overseas

Summoning magic.

For the j.a.panese who has various occult knowledge installed into them through sub-culture, this is a concept they are well-acquainted with. However, not many know that what they generally refer to as ‘summoning’ is actually split between ‘summoning’ and ‘evocation.’

The specific distinction between the two is a topic of constant debate even among specialists, but the general idea is that ‘summoning’ refers to the calling of a higher-tiered existence into the summoner, while ‘evocation’ refers to the calling of a lower-tiered existence into the outside world.

But what about the calling of a higher-tiered existence into the outside world? Unfortunately, the author is only a normal person who looked into the occult briefly when suffering from a relatively short bout of chuunibyou and thus does not know.

More like, the author doesn’t even know what he means when he mentioned magic specialists in the modern world.

“In other words, the summoning of otherworlders is technically not ‘summoning,’ but ‘evocation.’ Though the two magics might seem similar, they involve different processes and concepts, so being clear on which it is that you are pursuing would save you a lot of time and effort.”

The person who is sitting in the living room while explaining this with a cup of green tea in hand is the high-strung elf Inelteia-san.

As can be imagined from her partic.i.p.ation in the summoning of Isao-san, she possesses a certain amount of understanding of summoning magic, despite it being outside of her area of expertise.

Thus Elte-san asked her for help, which is what led to this impromptu lecture over a cup of green tea after dinner. However, the very beginning has already given Elte-san an enormous shock.

“…… I didn’t know the difference and was indiscriminately summoning from both up and down.”

“Well, to some degree, cla.s.sification is something that changes depending on who you ask. Even for healing magic, it can technically be cla.s.sified between ‘healing acceleration’ and ‘regeneration’ and ‘restoration,’ but you don’t really see many people differentiating between the three.”

An example from our side would be watermelons and tomatoes.

We often hear the debate about whether the watermelon is a vegetable or a fruit, but apparently the same debate about tomatoes was once fought all the way up to America’s Supreme Court.1

At first glance, the matter might seem quite trivial, but the taxes imposed on vegetables and fruits are different in America, so the matter actually involves a staggering amount of money.

In short, the cla.s.sifications of many things are simply based on humans’ convenience.

Which means rabbits really are birds!

“What we performed, and most likely what Elte-san also performed, was evocation magic. Aside from being able to set a certain degree of conditions, it’s actually a rather uncertain magic. However, its original power should not be sufficient to reach someone from another world and pull them over. But what shouldn’t have happened really did happen. We can just put an end to the matter by declaring it mere coincidence, but it is also more than sufficient to give rise to the thought that there is something behind it.”

“Are you implying that somebody interfered with our magics?”

“…… *nods*”

Elte-san’s question asked in half doubt is confirmed by a nod from Inelteia-san as she stuffs her cheeks with tea dumplings from a famous store in Kyoto. That lingering sweetness within the bitterness of matcha make just the most heavenly combination ever.

Then she takes a sip of green tea. She is a model lady who does not speak when she eats.

“…… Fuu. So it makes matters a bit simpler for us. Regardless of the intentions behind it, the phenomenon has been confirmed. However, I don’t think the G.o.ds would leave such interference unaddressed. And even if this is not due to someone’s machinations but that something has happened to the wall between worlds, I still don’t think the G.o.ds would leave it unaddressed.”

“So, it really was coincidence?”

“Perhaps. But it is indeed fact that we, and several others, have crossed the wall between worlds. If it was coincidence, then why did such a coincidence occur? Starting from that question might possibly lead you somewhere.”

After bringing the talk to such a finish, Inelteia-san begins munching on tofu matcha cookies. Eggs were not used in the ingredients so it’s very crunchy.

“That was very helpful. Thank you very much, Inelteia-san.”

“Not a problem. I’m glad I was able to be of help.”

“Can I say one last thing, though?”

“Yes? What is it?”

So asks Inelteia-san as she cuts up a matcha hotcake. Neither eggs nor milk was used, so it has a wonderfully soft texture.

“You’ll get fat.”


Elte-san’s merciless comment causes Inelteia-san to stop dead in her actions.

Being suspicious is one thing… but making accusations……!2

“…… It’s fine. Elves do not get fat.”

“Well, I admit that I can’t imagine a fat elf. But still.”

What happened to the struggle?!2

Today, too, j.a.pan is at peace.

1 The case is Nix v. Hedden in 1893. The final ruling is that the tomato is a vegetable.

2 Lines from pages 19 and 20 from chapter 55 of Tobaku Mokus.h.i.+roku Kaiji, which are much more widely applicable and thus quite well-known in j.a.panese. The chapter is on Mangarock, but here’s the j.a.panese for those who can read it: 「ふ……ふざけるなよ….!戦争だろうが….。疑ってるうちはまだしも、それを口にしたら……戦争だろうがっ……!戦争じゃねえのかよっ….!」

Megami Buchigire

Megami Buchigire

Megami Buchigire

On a certain day, a certain thought came to j.a.pan’s Sun G.o.ddess. ——Aren’t there too many j.a.panese people being abducted to other worlds? It’s true that the large majority of j.a.panese are diligent and docile and soft-hearted, which makes them pretty much the best people to ask for favors. “But recently it’s just gotten way too out of hand…… Oh, I’ve got it! Whenever a j.a.panese person is summoned, I just have to summon an otherworlder!” And now, every time a j.a.panese person is summoned, princesses and elves and beastmen and whatnot are reverse-summoned. Under the acknowledgement of the government, they begin living in j.a.pan. Today, too, j.a.pan is at peace. And so begins this laidback isekai cultural exchange story♪


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