Meow Meow Meow Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

I calculated that the next day was the day when Bi Qing Shen Jun came to pick me up . So, I went out early and took my cat form and hid to avoid being found .

The place I picked was in a tree that was about 50 meters away from the round stone . Under the guidance of Bi Qing Shen Jun, my ability to cover my presence has improved a lot, and he would not sense me from this distance .

All along, I’ve been wanting to see him, but what is the use? I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as I looked at the sky .

At the end of the evening, the sun gradually softened and became very light and the clouds became tinged with the sunset hues, with the sun soft and slowly setting . It was exactly the same as that day .

The man who was standing on a white cloud swaying through the clouds flying past Louying mountain . His silver bright armor reflected the sunset hues . His long silky black hair constantly floating in the wind, his features were so delicate that they were indescribable, his right hand was on the hilt of his sword, creating a refined posture, the entire scene together was fascinating and breathtaking, charming people with just a single glance making them unable to forget .

 He stopped the cloud and then stopped in front of the stone, I crouched, he stopped in front of the stone and reached out his hand and touched it and stared at it somewhat dazed . Then his beautiful green eyes turned around, scanning the scene, eagerly looking for something . However, he could not find it, so he lowered his head in frustration, but did not leave . He just sat on the stone for a long time and refused to leave .

In the bushes, my heart seemed to be grappled and I needed to use all my strength to suppress my emotions and sobs in my throat . I dare not go out and dare not meet him, otherwise, I am afraid that I will never be able to turn my head away again and walk away .

The setting sun completely fell and the moon gradually rose from the top of the trees . There was a rustling sound and Bi Qing Shen Jun suddenly jumped up and rushed over and grabbed the person that was in the bush out .

It was Yin Zi . He was trembling with fear .

Bi Qing Shen Jun was obviously very disappointed, he put Yin Zi down and suddenly asked, “What other demons live here?”

“No one else, I am the only demon here!”  Yin Zi hurriedly shouted, “I have never harmed anyone . I ask Lord Immortal to spare my life . “

“Is there a cat demon?” Bi QIng Shen Jun continued to ask .

Yin Zi hesitated for a moment and resolutely and decisively said, “We don’t have a cat demon here! Absolutely not!”

“That’s wrong . . . It shouldn’t be like this . . . ” Bi Qing Shen Jun released Yin Zi, and reached out and held his head . It seems to be very painful and uncomfortable . He kept talking a bit confused . “There should definitely be a cat demon . Blue hair . A golden-green eyed cat demon . That’s right, I remember, you are called Yin Zi, the white crow . Tell me where Hua Miao Miao is?!”

No matter how he asked, the ordinarily weak Yin Zi, at this moment even on the pressure of death, did not relent .

Bi Qing Shen Jun was furious . He reached out his hand to strike, but then his hand froze midair, “If I hurt you . . . Miao Miao will be sad . . . “

The Yin Zi who was originally closed mouth till death . Hearing his words, was also a little surprised and said, “How do you know her? . . . “

This was a confession . After hearing this, Bi Qing Shen Jun immediately joyfully grabbed him, “Brother Yin Ze, take me to her . I have something to say to her . “

Yin Zi averted his eyes and sighed, “How would I know where she went to? That cat is always running around everywhere from north to south and east to west, and rolling around, sometimes not moving and won’t come home for about a year . “

Bi Qing Shen Jun was very disappointed and thanked Yin Zi, “Thank you, I will wait here for her to come back . “


“You are a heavenly immortal . How can you wait here for a demon in the mortal world?” Yin Zi was so frightened he almost fell . +

“I will only wait for her . ” After Bi Qing Shen Jun said that . He sat on top of the round stone and did not move . +

I understood that at this time he also had memories of the past . I was even more confused in my heart . I don’t know if I want to fo out and meet him or not . I am afraid that I will never be able to give up again after the meeting .

The moon gradually moved to the center of the sky . Yin Zi seeing that Bi Qing Shen Jun did not want to kill him, his courage also became big and he stood up and sneaked back to the cave to sleep . He thought that Bi Qing Shen Jun would block him but he left him alone to freely leave . +

With the cold dew in the wind blowing around building up, I couldn’t help but give a big sneeze and tried to cover it up desperately, it was difficult . With Bi Qing Shen Jun’s sharp vision, his figure instantly crossed through the forest, scaring a few rabbits and birds to fall down from the tree . He looked at the place where I was hiding and gently said, “Miao Miao, come out . ” +

I shrunk into the shrubbery and did not dare to move . +


“Miao Miao are you angry with me?” Bu Qing Shen Jun thought carefully and then asked, “Because I didn’t save Xiao Mao in time?” +

“It’s not you, I am angry at myself . . . ” Listening to his sad voice, my heart softened and finally couldn’t bear it and opened my mouth . +

“Come down, okay?” Bi Qing Shen Jun implored . +

I shook my head, “If this is a chance to start over again, I don’t want to be together with you . ” +

Bi Qing Shen Jun was silent, “I’m sorry, I have made you suffer too much . ” +

“Us being together like Ao Yun said . . . caused a lot of meddlesome events . Many people died and many people’s hearts were hurt . I don’t want this . ” +

“This is not your fault . ” +

“It’s mine!” +

“Even Xiao Mao is dead . . . Everything is because I’m not good . If I didn’t appear then you will not have fallen in love with me, and nothing would have changed in your life . ” My bean-sized tears crashed down as I said all my regrets, “If I also didn’t follow you to Xuanqing palace, then you wouldn’t have been beaten and fallen down to the mortal world . If I didn’t wait for you for 500 years, then you wouldn’t have forever fallen into reincarnation . Everything is my fault . It’s me that is not good . ” +

“Even if you don’t come out to see me, I will still love you . ” Bi Qing Shen Jun quietly said, I couldn’t help turning my head to look, his expression showed his unwillingness to part, “Even I did not fall to the mortal world or forever fall into reincarnation, what is the use of a body that has no emotions, no understanding of love or hate? To live? Just for the purpose of being alive?” +

“It won’t be like that, you don’t have to understand . I used to be just a cat with no heart but wasn’t I also living my days happily at that time?” +

“But I would rather understand . Therefore I selfishly desire to bring you to the Heavens to put you at my side and again leave you to spend 500 lonely years and then know the limited life span of a human . Still want to selfishly make you accompany me to the end of my old age, and finally, go to the bottom of the sea to find you casing Xiao Mao to die . We are husband and wife, even if there is an enormous offense, we should also bear it together, why do you want to put all the blame on your head?” +

My tears fell through the branches, falling to the ground and dripped into the hand of Bi Qing Shen Jun . +

“Come down, alright? You and I have both recalled the memories from the past few lifetimes and it’s impossible for us to turn around . ” Bi Qing Shen Jun fixedly looked at me, as if he was seeing through to my soul, “It’s a snake’s selfishness, I also don’t wish to go back, after tasting sweetness, how can I possibly go back to dire straits?” Bi Qing Shen Jun was somewhat hesitant, “Unless you regret being together with me, I’ve made you suffer too much hards.h.i.+ps . ” 1

“No . . . I don’t regret being together with you . . . ” I jumped down from the branches and transformed into my human form in the air and plunged into Bi Qing Shen Jun’s arms, didn’t care about the ice-cold armor and also didn’t care about how unsightly it was, he pulled his robes to wipe my tears, “I only regret the bad luck that followed after us . . . ” +

Bi Qing Shen Jun didn’t say anything and silently wiped my tears as if he was thinking about something . +

“There won’t be a second Xiao Mao in this world . ” I muttered and felt heartache and couldn’t control myself, “He was so adorable . . . so smart . . . ” +

Bi Qing Shen Jun suddenly asked, “What if we avoid the original tragedy and develop a new story?” +

I was puzzled why he asked this so just shook my head to express I didn’t understand . +

“Do you really want to not know me? To start over?” His voice sounded somewhat sorrowful . +

I shook my head desperately, “I am just afraid that I will harm you . ” +

“You have never harmed me . I gained much more than I lost . ” Bi Qing Shen Jun said softly, “Silly cat, Ao Yun was just saying those words to raise alarm, perhaps we have altered many people’s fates but it didn’t only bring tragedy but also fortune and happiness . Yin Zi married Xiao Cha, Wawa married Xiao Tian, Jin Wen also got together with Molin . There’s also Hua Rong that was rescued and enter the Dragon palace . . . The mindless devils perhaps were able to come out because of the loosening of the guards’ watch over the boundary, but the root cause of this is the devils and not you . . . ” +

Bi Qing Shen Jun slowly explained as I looked at his face, my mind that had been in a chaotic mess, suddenly the clouds were dispersed and the sun shone as bright as an august sky .

“I always felt strange in my heart as if someone has been observing us . ” After saying that, Bi Qing Shen Jun suddenly showed a smile, “There is a slight feeling in the bottom of my heart, perhaps, we should go to Lingshan to ask the Buddha about it . ” +

Meow Meow Meow

Meow Meow Meow


Meow Meow Meow

A two years old ordinary cat travels through time to become a thousand years old demon cat Hua Miao Miao.
Little Miao Miao doesn’t understand the complications of life, still acting like an ordinary cat.
Unexpectedly, Hua Miao Miao meets Bi Qing Shen Jun, a warrior G.o.d who looks like her previous owner, and is tricked by him to go to the heavens to become his disciple.
Under the tutelage of s.h.i.+fu Bi Qing Shen Jun, after going through numerous painful challenges, little Miao Miao finally understands what it means to be a “cat.”
Can’t undress in front of other people, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t elope with other men, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t hug or kiss other people, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t accept roses from Xiao Tian Quan, except given by s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t go to Underwater Third Dragon Prince’s palace to eat fish, except cooked by s.h.i.+fu.
Uh…… what else?
Not allowed to go to a brothel to earn money? Not allowed to cause chaos or accept proposals?
Meow~ I don’t remember…… s.h.i.+fu, don’t be angry.
All right, I’ll remember clearly in the future, please don’t eat me!


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