Meow Meow Meow Chapter 216

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Chapter 216

Miao Miao pet hospital was closed for a few days because the doctor and the a.s.sistant were ill . Xiao Mao with his broken bone was lying in bed with a plaster cast playing a game . Bi Qing was cut while underwater and the wound got infected, and he also caught a dreadful cold and was burning up . The doctors were worried about teta.n.u.s and so they had him stay in the hospital .

Me, this good wife and loving mother is still in university and so cannot run away from too many . I could only deliver hurry soup and rice every day after school and was extremely very happy .

The hateful thing is that the two, father and son every day will be playing video games and will exclude me . Although I lose quite a bit . . . but the technology is a bit lacking . . . Every time I play on a team, I end up killing my teammates . . . still must not discriminate against me like this!

The strange thing is that not only did Hua Rong no longer appear at my apartment, but Ao Yun also didn’t come again . It also seems that everyone forgot about him, the whole school, even my parents and also Xiao Yu couldn’t remember the existence of this handsome guy and also said that I must have become a love-struck fool and have become hopelessly moronic .

I felt so indignant and refuted that she was insulting a faithful and unyielding wife, saying that she is moronic .

Yin Zi soon came to visit with Xiao Cha and they were perfectly fine . We said our thanks and Tin Zi wanted to gift a big villa to me and Bi Qing as a marriage gift . Bi Qing is not a man who didn’t have the ability to make money, so he naturally declined his good intentions . I also felt that cleaning up a big house will be too troublesome . . . and also rejected his good intentions for the sake of being lazy .

Jian Nan’s injury seemed to be serious, but it was just flesh wounds and so recuperated for just two days, it was not as serious as Bi Qing’s teta.n.u.s issue .

After two years, I graduated . I wasn’t under the pressure of looking for a job, rather I just strut into the pet hospital as the boss’s wife without a hitch and took over the double post of cas.h.i.+er and management of all Bi Qing’s matters, bank cards and control of economic power . I often looked at the figures and laugh foolishly . He was also very honest and never secretly stashed money away, and would help me to check and correct mistakes and take the initiative to inform and surrender any extra income . I naturally had no criticisms .  

As for the way the married couple gets along, Bi Qing has always listens to me on the trivial family affairs, and for major events, I listen to him . The wife is right in everything . Sorry to say that, after two years of marriage we haven’t had any major events . The only trouble is the other demon and fairy friends . From time to time, they will come to play, almost as if it’s a temporary residence, so often that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry on the inside .

For example . . . Xiao Cha hurried in pulling Yin Zi and asked, “Can bird flu infect a crow? How about we go to the valley to avoid it and lie low?”

I kicked these two idiots out .  

Then there’s Bull devil who sneakily came to our door and asked, “There has recently been mad cow disease in the UK . I have been there for a long time, could I be infected? Do you have any vaccinations for bulls here?”

I also silently grabbed and took him out .

Recently, Jingtan s.h.i.+zhe’s, Zhu Bajie also came to ask, “Does the human world have a swine flu outbreak? Aiyo, I have had a cold recently . Will it have anything to do with this?”

**(Zhu Bajie is Pigsy from Journey of the West)**

I speedily picked up the broom and drove him out . Then put a notice on the door of the hospital: This hospital does not treat any animal flu, nor can it prevent any animal flu . If you need it, go to the people’s hospital .

Bi Qing maintained his calm in the face of all these strange events, while I was taking care of all these trivial matters, concentrating on his treatment, his skills have advanced by leaps and bounds . The only regretful thing is that the animals are still scared when they come here, like they are prey being stared at by a snake . And patients like hamsters, white rats and so on, don’t even mention coming through the door, they start to shake ten meters outside the door . When they come in, they will immediately start to foam at the mouth, no need to wait for the doctor to see them, they just right way left this world, to escape this terrible place .

This is really too much . . . I don’t kill rats any more . Occasionally, Xiao Mao still kills a few .

Xiao Mao, that wretch, every day does nothing but come to me with a laptop to freeload of the internet and play games with Hong Hai’er and refuse to leave . I was very worried that his studies could be affected as a result, but Bi Qing said that there is no problem . He has checked Xiao Mao’s progress and he has progressed very well and can immediately a.s.sume a heavenly position, at that time he will be very busy and will not have time, it is good for him to play enough now first .

I suspected that Bi Qing only said this because he is thinking that Xiao Mao is not hovering around me or meddling and destroying his good deeds when he is playing games .

**(To clarify: Good deeds refers to couple time LOL)**

The cash register job was not busy and I often went on Bi Qing’s computer to chat on qq and read novels every day . Although Bi Qing never said anything, I felt that continuing to not attending to one’s proper duties was not good, so I also opened an online shop to sell pet supplies and also started writing an online novel about my own life experiences . I didn’t expect that this premature and novice book actually had a return . There were many people looking for me to brag about to friends for a while .

Yin Zi expressed his disdain, “Isn’t it just you that has had three lifetimes of love with others? But you conveniently got the small advantage of knowing about your past lives, that’s all . “

I said, “You cannot write a story, your naked jealousy is very obvious . “

At this time, on the TV there was a couple being interviewed on the street . We both like gossip and were therefore engrossed in watching the show . Suddenly, Yin Zi pointed at one of them in a whiter-collar suit, “Isn’t that Xiao Huang and Xiao Qiu?”

What Xiao Huang, Xiao Qiu?” My mouth was stuffed with potato chips .

“It’s that gra.s.s-eating tiger . I heard that he accompanied Xiao Qiu to old age and then there was no news . ” Yin Zi sighed, “I heard at that time they made quite some trouble, the two people actually went into reincarnation, couldn’t say whether the past life will be the couple’s last story together or whether they were bound to be separated by fate . “

I looked at the TV screen, seeing the couple a little shy talking about their love . There is nothing about a past life, this life also doesn’t have a life or death crisis, there’s only the touch of happiness .

I recalled the past and sighed, and suddenly rushed over to computer and then opened the novel “Meow Meow Meow” and wrote the final paragraph .

My story is already over . Don’t be envious of Hua Miao Miao’s love, because the people who have such a love perhaps may also be you . Holding the warmest hand at your side, it may be the one you stayed with going through life and death or could be that person you regretted missing in your past life, it’s only that you have forgotten them .

If you want to know that love again, persevere and maybe your story will be more moving than mine . I looked forward to them and also wis.h.i.+ng everyone to have more happiness than Hua Miao Miao .

P . S: Conveniently making a small advertis.e.m.e.nt .

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Meow Meow Meow

Meow Meow Meow


Meow Meow Meow

A two years old ordinary cat travels through time to become a thousand years old demon cat Hua Miao Miao.
Little Miao Miao doesn’t understand the complications of life, still acting like an ordinary cat.
Unexpectedly, Hua Miao Miao meets Bi Qing Shen Jun, a warrior G.o.d who looks like her previous owner, and is tricked by him to go to the heavens to become his disciple.
Under the tutelage of s.h.i.+fu Bi Qing Shen Jun, after going through numerous painful challenges, little Miao Miao finally understands what it means to be a “cat.”
Can’t undress in front of other people, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t elope with other men, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t hug or kiss other people, except s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t accept roses from Xiao Tian Quan, except given by s.h.i.+fu.
Can’t go to Underwater Third Dragon Prince’s palace to eat fish, except cooked by s.h.i.+fu.
Uh…… what else?
Not allowed to go to a brothel to earn money? Not allowed to cause chaos or accept proposals?
Meow~ I don’t remember…… s.h.i.+fu, don’t be angry.
All right, I’ll remember clearly in the future, please don’t eat me!


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