My Vampire System Chapter 2112 The Return Of The Dalki

Chapter 2112 The Return Of The Dalki

There were multiple questions that were running through s.h.i.+ro’s head at the time. How were there still Dalki? Their life was meant to be short, around the fifty year mark. There were those that in the end had worked alongside the humans, but they had eventually perished and were unable to reproduce.

It was a large threat that everyone knew about, but only few had actually lived through. Yet somehow, they were now here again, and they were in front of them. On top of that, they were working side by side with a human.

A human that was thought dead, but even if he had managed to survive he shouldn’t have been able to live for so long. It was all confusing, but they didn’t have time to worry about that.f?ee?ℯ?no??l.c?m

‘We need to support the others, s.h.i.+ro!’ Vorden shouted in his head. ‘They have no experience fighting the Dalki and they are tough to beat.’

The Dalki that were coming out were three spikes and four spikes, there wasn’t a single one that was under the three spike mark. It would have been tough for any of them to face, even if they had experience.

Seeing them all land in one place, Sil was the first to act. Both his hands started to be covered in flames at that point, he was building up his power ready to attack them all, until thousands of energy blasts could be seen coming through the sky.

He quickly needed to change his plan, and changed his power, as he created a force field above them. It blocked the energy blasts, one after the other.

“This is crazy, do they not care if they hurt their own people?” s.h.i.+ro shouted.

Although Sil was strong, he was going up against an opponent he had never faced before, one that was willing to do anything to win this fight. It was difficult when facing one who had no morals, compared to another that needed to protect those around him.

“Sil… don’t worry about the Dalki, we will take care of them!” Borden shouted as he charged headfirst into the group of Dalki.

At the same time, s.h.i.+ro stood in front of the other ability users, and using their long ranged attacks, they started to concentrate their power towards the Dalki. A large cut down from the shoulder was delivered to one, but like an unstoppable beast it continued to run forward…

Borden saw the injured one, and leapt from his position moving fast in the air, and before the Dalki could react, he grabbed onto its arms and kicked its body away, both of its arms detached from its body.

Not slowing down, Borden was moving again. Heading to the next one, he threw out a fist, aiming to hit the stomach. Borden was always a special Dalki, different from the others, and regardless of his spikes he seemed to have greater power than them.

Over the course of time, he had learned to utilise this great power, and there was no hesitation in him, when attacking those like him, because it was his family behind him. They were the ones he wanted to protect.

However something strange had occurred when Borden went to strike the one of the four spikes in the stomach, the regular hard black scales that were on the body seemed to have a silver s.h.i.+ne in the area of the stomach.

Hitting the Dalki, it was lifted into the air, but not quite at the level Borden would have expected, and the Dalki could be seen smiling as it went to throw out its fist that was hardened as well.

Luckly, Borden was faster and dodged the hit, grabbing it by its head and pulling its face down right into his knee, crus.h.i.+ng it on the spot.

‘What was that… that can’t be… the Dalki… do they have abilities?’

Borden wasn’t the only one that was discovering it as the fight went on, but all of the four spiked Dalki seemed to have some type of ability and they were utilising it well.

One of the Dalki even had the power of invisibility and had entered the centre of the group. Members of the Blade family were being torn apart, ripped in half, and crushed with single punches, yet they had no clue where it was coming from.

Thinking fast, using a water ability, s.h.i.+ro soon started to make it rain, as it did, they were able to see where the Dalki was at.

“Everyone, concentrate your attack, we can see him now!” s.h.i.+ro stated.

A wave of attacks and abilities were used and it hurt the Dalki, and was wearing it down, eventually killing it off. Some of the Blade’s could use three or so abilities, making them quite strong when combining the MC cells together.

Regardless, it became apparent that there was a problem, not only could the Dalki use abilities, but they were already plenty strong and as they got injured they were getting stronger.

Whereas for the Blade’s the more they used their abilities, the weaker they were getting and it was only a matter of time until they lost the fight,

Realising this, Sil felt like he had to do something. Although his soul weapon allowed him to pick a number of different abilities, he could only use one at a time.

The energy blasts were still raining down, and out of frustration, he used his barrier ability and pushed it up even further. To the point where it was blocking the attacks close to where the clouds were on the planet.

Then letting up, Sil quickly used his cloning ability, limiting it just to one for now. This allowed his clone to continue to make the force field up above.

“That… really annoyed me, it’s time to turn the tides.” Sil said.

Using his soul weapon, the book was brought out, and Sil changed to abilities he thought were useful in dealing with these. After that, he started to clone himself again, duplicating his body, his abilities, and his power, making several of himself.

More and more pods were being shot out of the sky, but Sil would deal with them as much as he could, and eventually it looked like there were now a hundred more Sil’s. However, Sil didn’t stop there.

Opening up a portal, weapons were brought out, but rather being handed to the clones, like they usually would have done, they were handed to the other Blades. In their hands, they were holding demon tier weapons that had been gathered from all over the place.

Once Sil was done and felt like the others could protect themselves, it was time for him to spring into action. It was almost a one sided ma.s.sacre, as each of the Sil’s were stronger than the four spiked Dalki, even if they had abilities.

If they had the power of wind, the clone Sil could produce a stronger version of the same thing, and with the super speed and strength as well with all the power from the nest crystals Sil had obtained over time, he could take on the Dalki hand to hand.

One of the Sil’s avoided a hit from the Dalki, while quickly getting directly behind its head, and with a single hand was able to melt the head on the spot.

Sil wasn’t the only one doing well on the field, as Borden continued to take out and overpower all the Dalki he was facing, and from above, Jack could see everything that was happening.

“Aren’t you worried that too many are dying?”

“Worried?” Jack replied. “If they were too weak, then they are simply failures, and besides I can always make more. This is not a problem, what is a problem is them two. It seems they are a lot stronger than I thought they would be.

“Do you think you can handle them, H?”

“If you didn’t think I could, then we would have never attacked them in the first place.” H replied.

“Very well, then I think it’s time you joined the battle. Get rid of them… but don’t kill Sil, I need him.” Jack stated.

With that, H started to walk off, as he was ready to descend.



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My Vampire System

My Vampire System


My Vampire System

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward.
Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities.
Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves.
Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open.
But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around.
He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete.
"It is time to feed!"
"You must drink human blood within 24 hours"
"Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed"


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