Overgeared Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551

The blood of the imperial family was immortal. It didn’t lose the red energy despite being diluted from being split up again and again. There was one of the reasons why the founder of the empire, Saharan, was wors.h.i.+pped as a divine being He built up a millennial empire and left an immutable lineage. The empire recorded it as a myth, not history. He was the founding G.o.d.

“Saharan… Haicyen Saharan?”

Lauel doubted his eyes.

The tall man in antique clothesLauel was terribly familiar with this face, as well as the name. It was a face that had been seen many times in paintings and statues, or heard in oral traditions.

The words ‘imperial summoning circle’ pa.s.sed through Lauel’s astonished mind. It was a magic that had been handed down from generation to generation and only the emperor had the authority to invoke it. Basara explained that it was a last resort to save the empire in crisis.

“You dare to put this emperor’s name in your mouth. It is a very distant future, but the original laws and regulations have collapsed.”

The last doubts were lifted. Even before the dukes sent him a hint, Lauel immediately knelt down and bowed his head. “I greet the founder of the great empire.”

“I should be the great founder of the empire.”

Saharan’s long red hair fluttered as he started to move. It was as if flames were swaying. The intense colors made him realize the flow of time. This red hair was a color that the current imperial family didn’t have.

“Were you… resurrected?” Lauel had many questions. Before asking several questions, he pointed out the most important one.

Saharan smiled as he approached the window. “You are asking a question of this emperor. You have already committed three sins. I’m glad that the twisted old ones didn’t come together with me. They would’ve caused a disturbance to kill you immediately. You should be grateful that this place is different from the world I live in.”


Lauel’s eyes twitched. He noticed something based on Saharan’s remarks. The breath Saharan exhaled wasn’t an illusion.

“You noticed it pretty quickly. Yes, this emperor isn’t resurrected. This emperor is already dead in the history that you know, but it is a future that hasn’t yet arrived for this emperor.”

It was the moment when the ident.i.ty of the summoning ceremony was revealed.

“From your point of view, this emperor is a man from the past.”

Saharan’s gaze was fixed only on the window.

“Unlike the fallen capital, this place has achieved a brilliant civilization.”

“Your Majesty…! It is purely because t.i.tan was drawn into the war…!” Duke Morse couldn’t bear it and cried out.

Until the Great Human and Demon War, t.i.tan was still the continent’s largest city.Your descendants have ensured that the empire has flourished well.

This was what he wanted to say, but his words were interrupted along the way. It was by Duke Grenhal. “I have committed a sin worthy of death.”

Grenhal had no excuses. Regardless of the reason, the empire had reached the stage of discussing a merger with the Overgeared Kingdom. There was no refuting the founder’s a.s.sessment that they had fallen.

“This emperor had a thought when I saw the pathetic appearance of the capital. Even if this empire united the continent, the empire can’t last forever. It is this emperor, not the empire, who is great. However, it is a separate matter to actually accept it.”

Saharan sat down in the highest ranked seat. It was in a very natural manner. He didn’t ask for permission or understanding. Even so, Lauel didn’t find it unpleasant. Haicyen Saharan was one of the greatest figures in history. Just like the dukes, Lauel also felt respect for him.

Saharan nodded to Lauel, who was standing politely. “Sit down.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“The empress of this age told me this. A nation called the Overgeared Kingdom helped the empire in the crisis.”

“It was possible because all the allied nations, including the empire, joined forces.”

“Your humbleness is fine. I understood the post-war situation and came here. This emperor just wanted to check. What type of nation would be better than the empire? However… it is quite a disappointment.”

Saharan’s gaze became provocative.

“There is no center in the kingdom.”


“The soldiers and knights of your kingdom are very strong. Your discerning eye pierces the sky and I think you use your brain quite well, but that is it. On the way here, I looked around various territories, but there are no unrivaled talents strong enough to support the kingdom. What makes the empire of this time want to be absorbed into your kingdom when there is no one better than these two traitors? Is it money?”

Saharan’s eyes were sharp as he pointed out the dukes as traitors.

“The empire might not be eternal, but I can’t just watch as it is sold by a small number of traitors. This emperor is feeling my fate. This emperor was summoned to this era. I wonder if it is a miracle achieved by the wishes of my descendants, hoping to correct the empire that has gone the wrong way.”

Lauel looked at the dukes. He gave them a reproaching look, as if asking why they didn’t know anything.

Did you foresee such a situation?

Duke Grenhal quietly handed over a note.

In fact, we thought that Her Majesty’s summoning ceremony had failed.As it turned out, there was a time difference before it was triggered.We didn’t know this and were discussing the merger with the Overgeared Kingdom when the founder came.From then on, he was convinced we are traitors and won’t listen to anything we say.

It briefly described how the situation reached this point.

“Do you want to devour the empire? Then endure this emperor’s attack. If you can’t stand it, then the city will perish today,” Saharan said while touching the sword. It was a blatant threat.

Lauel sighed deeply. He thought it would be hard to avoid bloodshed due to the flow of the story.

‘I wanted to respect you, but…’

I think you need to be hit a few times…

Lauel’s expression was bittersweet as he looked at Saharan.


The main focus of the Overgeared Kingdom was currently scattered between the Galgunos Temple, the Chaos Mountain, h.e.l.l, and c.o.kro Island. Most people were focused on growth while transcendent beings like Braham and Zik provided support to reduce the number of casualties in the h.e.l.l Gao raid.

At Grid’s smithy…


Lauel’s urgent explanation excited Grid.

“The founder of the empire came through a time machine?”

“Roughly… that’s right.”

“He doesn’t want the empire to be absorbed into the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“Yes, it is a matter of pride.”

“I understand. I would’ve had the same reaction if I was him.”

If he visited the Overgeared Kingdom in the future only to hear that it would be absorbed by a kingdom he had never heard of… Grid would be burning with anger. He would naturally want to stop it.

‘I really want to meet him soon.’

Grid opened his inventory. Saharan was one of the most important figures in the history of the West Continent. He was the first man to establish an empire. He wanted to have the minimum courtesy when meeting him. He wanted to pick one of his formal clothing to wear, but…

“Are you a proxy swordsman?” Saharan suddenly came to visit before Grid could even change clothes. He couldn’t imagine that Grid was the king. It meant that the king of the Overgeared Kingdom was a blacksmith. It was natural. Saharan had no trust in the dukes who accompanied him. He was certain that Lauel had bribed them. This was why they were plotting to sell the empire.

This emperor would punish them.

“Divinity…? I see. There was something to believe in.”

Saharan observed Grid and belatedly noticed.

“A kingdom that serves a human G.o.d as a guardian G.o.d. It is fully understandable why it is strong compared to the level.”

Saharan came from a long time in the past. He lived in a time where there were more kingdoms and minorities on the continent. Some of them served human G.o.ds. It was based on efficiency. Unlike the G.o.ds who stayed in Asgard, the human G.o.ds were real and by their side. Thus, they could receive direct help. It was like the current Overgeared Kingdom.

“It is a kingdom without a future.”

Saharan suddenly evaluated it. It was a tone like he was explaining to Grenhal and Morse.

“Human G.o.ds are different from the G.o.ds in heaven. They have elements that transcend humans, but they aren’t omnipotent. They are weak enough to be threatened by humans. Even if they survive tenaciously, they will eventually receive divine punishment and be destroyed. If the empire is absorbed by this kingdom, it will become the target of divine punishment together.”

Saharan established an empire by conquering many kingdoms and ethnic minorities. It meant he had a lot of experience fighting and winning against guardian G.o.ds. At first, he relied heavily on the power of his comrade called Zikfrector, but he grew up before he knew it and wasn’t afraid of human G.o.ds.

“Come. I will remove you, the main culprit of this situation, and guide my stupid descendants to the right path,” Saharan informed them before going to the vacant lot first.

He stood against a large furnace that was like a fortress, but he ignored it as he pulled out his sword.

‘Saharan’s Sword.’

It was the same weapon that Zik used. There was no special energy in the sword, but this made sense. It was only in his later years that Haicyen Saharan injected red energy into the sword at the expense of his life.

‘He is really an existence from the past.’

All types of things wrapped around Grid’s body as he followed after Saharan. They were the defense battle gears that Grid had made so far. Only the armor was Khan’s work.

Um…Saharan noticed that Grid’s armaments were unusual and gulped. Honestly, he was intimidated for a moment, but he didn’t show it. He had no intention of backing down. The reason why the evaluation of the Overgeared Kingdom was higher than necessary was purely due to this human G.o.d. It meant the order would be corrected as long as he got rid of this human G.o.d.

“Come.” A red wave rose from Saharan’s body as he adjusted his breathing. It was red energy. It was a force that showed different aspects depending on the individual’s competence and inclination, but the fact that it responded to all things was the same. The ‘source’ of that absolute power, that was embodied in a person of the past, responded even in the future and turned all of Reinhardt red.

‘Maybe the present Saharan doesn’t exist in Asgard.’

Grid thought about it.

Saharan—a being who made the greatest achievements in history before dying. At the very least, the imperial people would’ve wors.h.i.+pped him as a divine being for a long time. Grid thought it wouldn’t be strange if he became one of the G.o.ds staying in Asgard.

‘Of course, the probability of him becoming an angel is higher.’

There was no guarantee that the G.o.ds of Asgard would respect Saharan. It was more likely that they simply turned him into an angel. It was a bitter thing. A world where humans weren’t respected… indeed, this world should be corrected.

“In order to have a conversation, we should exchange blows first. I won’t refuse.”

Grid pulled out Gujel’s Dao. He naturally had no intention of yielding. He used Transcend and then Link.


Saharan raised his thick eyebrows and responded immediately. He hastily swung his sword and intercepted the baptism of flying sword energies. Then he rushed straight forward despite the wounds. It was because he felt an invisible wave rising up from under his feet.

This was the power of Darkness Sword. There was a 30% chance of an additional attack occurring when Grid attacked. This fraudulent skill that was rising from the blind spots in his vision was forcing Saharan’s movement.


Saharan succeeded in narrowing the distance to Grid and twisted his waist just before attempting a counterattack. It was because a chill went down his spine. Grid, who was swinging an empty hand, was caught in his vision. The invisible Gujel’s Dao appeared again only after grazing past Saharan’s collar.

Grid sincerely admired it. “You are great.”

The timing of the stealth of Gujel’s Dao couldn’t even be caught by Grid himself. From the opponent’s point of view, it suddenly disappeared, but Saharan reacted to it. It was right to call him transcendent as he avoided Darkness Sword as well.

Saharan was a great talent.

“…It is better to merge.”

Saharan looked at the purely admiring Grid and put away his sword. It was an att.i.tude of admitting defeat. Then tears suddenly fell down.

‘How angry must he be about losing…?’

It happened when Lauel and the dukes were fl.u.s.tered by the founder’s desire to win…

“Glad… I’m glad. My descendants have kept their promise,” Saharan spoke as he looked up at the sky. The figure of Zik, who recovered his body, filled Saharan’s vision.





As s.h.i.+n Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!
However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary cla.s.s player…


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