Overgeared Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688

“You have to deal with him quickly.”

Mir advised a speedy process.

“The news that I was attacked and defeated by you will soon reach the Hwan Kingdom.”

He argued that Grid must take measures to secure the White Tiger Spear before the Three Masters made a decision and moved.

He explained the relations.h.i.+p between the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger. It was before the G.o.ds who were expelled from Asgard fled to the east. In other words, it was the days with the mythology of this land was intact. Back then, the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger were rivals. They defended the continent together, but they were very conscious of each other’s powers because they were wary and jealous.

It was the same until now. It was the reason why the liberation of the two G.o.ds had to take place at the same time. If either of them was released from the seal first, it wasn’t known what the one who was released late from the seal would do due to pride.

“This is why it is a priority to secure the White Tiger Spear.”

In fact, Mir had realized from the very beginning that his condition wasn’t perfect. It was as if he had consumed a large number of poppies with the Black Tortoise’s poison. His consciousness and memories were hazy, to the point where he didn’t know who he was.

Then Grid appeared in front of him. The Overgeared G.o.d—the protagonist of Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon, and the target that the Three Masters advised should be killed with the highest priority at any time and in any situation. The man he believed was his rightful enemy treated him as a lifesaver. It was only then that his hazy consciousness cleared up a bit and some unanswered questions were resolved.

The clever Mir instinctively realized the fact that the ones he had to trust now weren’t the G.o.ds of the Hwan Kingdom, but the Overgeared G.o.d in front of him. It was a conviction he got when he saw Grid’s face, which was distorted with anger and killing intent, melted like snow the moment he heard Yeum’s cry.

“Let’s go.”

Indeed, this conviction wasn’t wrong. Just as Mir trusted him, the Overgeared G.o.d trusted Mir. Grid responded immediately without questioning Mir’s claims. Thanks to this, Mir let go of even the smallest hesitation.

The bridge connected to the Pa Kingdom was brought to the ground.

The Magpie Bridge—crows and magpies crossed the bridge that formed the Milky Way with Grid to reach the present day.


“Did someone so strong actually owe his life to me?”

Grid’s sword dance that reproduced the pressure of Evil Dragon Bunhelier impressed Mir. The owner of the White Tiger Spear, Uram, failed to withstand Grid’s attack.

“What terrible trap did he fall into that he was helped by me, a servant who is less than himself?”

“What? Mir, at that time, you were stronger than him.”

“…It can’t be.”

“I-I’m telling you the truth? It is because you are so weak now.”

Yeum explained it, but Mir didn’t believe her. It was natural. It was because only half of Yeum’s words were correct. At the time when Grid owed his life to Mir, it was right to say that Grid’s skill back then and the present Grid was like the difference between heaven and earth. He was much stronger than the Mir of the past. This meant that Grid’s growth rate was unusually fast.

Mir had no choice but to feel a sense of strangeness from Yeum’s explanation. In fact, Yeum was also suspicious about whether her memories were wrong. The Grid she met in the past and the Grid she met today were completely different beings. She used to think he was a monster, but now he was just great. He had a greater divinity than the G.o.ds of the Hwan Kingdom.

‘Is he actually a child that the G.o.ds of the Beginning hid?’

Or perhaps he was the incarnation of the missing Evil G.o.d, Yatan.

It happened the moment Yeum’s thoughts reached the point of absurdity…

“A sword dance… are you the Overgeared G.o.d?” Uram’s hoa.r.s.e voice was heard.

The gazes that had been focused on Grid, who had the energy of the ferocious dragon, s.h.i.+fted to Uram. They were looks ofastonishment. No one thought that Uram would be alive. The six fusion sword dance with the power of the Evil Dragon was that fierce. It was at the level of giving definite death. It seemed that a half-G.o.d wouldn’t be able to handle it but Uram endured it.

Grid’s reaction was calm. It was from the moment he captured Uram’s location with Barbatos’ vision and used Shunpo. He realized that Uram had noticed his approach just before he linked the six fusion sword dance. As expected of the yangban who was the strongest after Mir. His senses were excellent and his judgment was quick.

He immediately raised the energy of the White Tiger to the peak and used White Tiger’s Posture. Additionally, the White Tiger’s soul was sealed in the White Tiger Spear. The soul of the White Tiger was led by the coercive force of the seal and couldn’t resist Uram’s will, giving him protection. As a result, Uram’s body became hard enough to resist Grid’s six fusion sword dance to some extent. Yes, it was to some extent.

“…Kuweek!” Uram paid a terrible price for asking only one question. Dark red blood and fragments of his internal organs poured out of his mouth. It was a trace of an internal injury where it wouldn’t be strange if he died immediately.

GaspGasp… Yes, I have been thinking that it was weird for a long time.”

Uram didn’t use the power of the Red Phoenix. He didn’t seek recovery and regeneration. He just held onto the energy of the White Tiger.

Mir was the only one who noticed the reason. ‘The moment the energy of the White Tiger weakens even a little bit, all the organs in his body will be shattered and he will die.’

Uram’s skills were not poor. He was the most powerful yangban after Mir and this meant he was superior to a decent G.o.d. It was the basics to operate the energies of all the Four G.o.ds at the same time. Nevertheless, the reason why Uram was obsessed with the energy of the White Tiger was as Mir speculated. He could only suspend death by using it.

“If Pagma was truly worthless, would Hanul have tried to raise him as a priest? The priest might not be a G.o.d, but his status wasn’t insignificant because he was someone who communicated with Hanul. Additionally, didn’t Chiyou personally help Pagma escape?”

A sword dance that was strong enough to tear a great mountain to shreds—Uram gripped the White Tiger Spear, which he couldn’t let go of even after being cut by Grid’s six fusion sword dance. In the aftermath of activating the energy of the White Tiger, his solid body became integrated with the giant spear. He was like a stone statue.

“I thought that if I was to die one day, it would be due to Pagma.”

It was because out of all those who held a grudge against him, only Pagma had potential.

“It isn’t unusual to die to you, who has inherited Pagma’s power. It is just providence.”

Suddenly, the entire land was responding to Uram’s will. The soil and stones that made up the city rose like a tsunami and ran wild. It was like looking at a huge sculpture. The waves of rocks covering the city were so huge that there was no real feeling of them moving.

“I will transcend myself against your providence.”

Today, I will finally become a G.o.d.

If he fought and won against the Overgeared G.o.d, he would immediately become the protagonist of a new myth. Even if he lost and died, he would become a fragment of a myth and would never be forgotten. It was a gain regardless of whether the outcome was a win or a loss. The status of the Overgeared G.o.d was that high.


The waves of rocks, which seemed to have stopped, roared as they rose and fell rapidly. It meant that they were accelerating at a tremendous speed. It covered the earth and the sky, reducing the view of Grid and Uram, establis.h.i.+ng a law prohibiting the use of Shunpo. This forced a head on battle.

Uram was hoping for a heroic death. He consumed all his Origin True Energy. The strength of the energy he exuded stimulated Grid’s transcendence. It warned of danger and the scales of the dragon armor repeatedly gathered together and released as if responding.

‘He would’ve been a tough opponent.’

Before obtaining the t.i.tle of Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon, there was a time when he was anxious to unseal the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon. At that time, Grid had believed it would’ve been easy to secure at least the White Tiger Spear. If Gaya and Pa weren’t connected by the Magpie Bridge…

If Mir was less likely to support the Pa Kingdom, Grid would’ve attacked without hesitation.

…It was arrogance. Fortunately, it didn’t happen. It might be a dying flash, but Uram was very powerful.

“Do you want to surrender?”Grid asked as the waves of rocks approached right in front of his nose.

“I have already declared that I would transcend myself!”

Uram’s willpower was solid. He would rather partic.i.p.ate in a fight that might cost his life, than be forgotten after surviving miserably. The momentum of the White Tiger Spear, which was hardened with seemingly no end, caused a chill to go down Grid’s spine.

‘In the first place, it isn’t easy to convince a yangban.’

Mir’s case was unusual.

Grid controlled his disappointment and activated the Castration Eye. Some of the energy of the White Tiger was deleted, while Duke of Amplification was activated and a Breath was fired. It hit the waves that Uram was stepping on. The tip of the wave collapsed.

Uram’s fine form shook slightly and Grid’s sword aimed precisely at that gap. A series of horrifying explosion sounds occurred.

It was right after Uram’s body had been cut dozens of times…

The White Tiger Spear pierced Grid’s abdomen. A spear infused with the weak myth containing the hundreds of years of life of a half-G.o.d called Uram—it was much heavier than any other great mountain.

His body shot up and red blood poured from Grid’s mouth. It was mixed in with the orange divinity and quickly became blurred, but Uram witnessed it clearly. Therefore, he smiled with satisfaction. He regarded the bitter pain of his body being torn to pieces as pleasure.

“It was, an honor.”

Uram was born as a yangban and devoted his life to becoming a G.o.d, but he had always been uneasy. One day in the future, when the Hwan Kingdom gained enough power and invaded Asgard—he was worried that at that time, no matter what type of existence he was, he would just be described as one of Hanul’s soldiers. It was because the worst myth of all times called ‘the War of the G.o.ds’ would boast such a ma.s.sive scale that most of the G.o.ds, with the exception of a few chief G.o.ds, would be reduced to something insignificant.

Uram was terribly disgusted and terrified that he would face such an end and be forgotten. Thus, he was even more obsessed with gaining Chiyou’s acknowledgment. Unlike Mir, he didn’t dream of becoming the Martial G.o.d. He just thought that if he became a G.o.d recognized by Chiyou, at least he wouldn’t be forgotten in vain.

However, he met Grid today and realized how empty his goal was. Grid, who had pa.s.sed Chiyou’s trial only a few years ago, had already surpa.s.sed him. He thought it would have to be like this to get Chiyou’s approval. It was the reason why Uram chose to abandon his long-held dreams and became a part of the Overgeared G.o.d’s mythology. It was a bizarre and extreme choice that most people probably didn’t understand.

However, Grid understood. “Live inside of me.”

[Overgeared G.o.d Grid is writing the 21st epic.]

[The beginning of the narrative comes from Grid’s determination to embrace the dying half-G.o.d.]

In the midst of Grid’s consideration…

Uram, who had a faint smile like he was moved, turned to gray ash.

“You guys feel pain as well.” Grid asked the yangbans who were in turmoil, “It is proof that you too can understand the pain of others, right? For example, the pain of the humans who have been hurt by you.”

[He understood that there were bridles that had bound the half-G.o.ds.]


Unfortunately, there were no yangbans who answered hastily. However, Yeum had been watching Mir by his side for a long time and she bowed her head. She realized something great. It was hopefor Grid.

Grid persuaded them, “Why don’t you hope for wors.h.i.+p in a better way from now on? If you don’t know how, then I’ll help you.”

He let go of the prejudices and grudges he harbored due to Garam in the past. He had an obligation to make more people join humanity’s side.

[I kept my promise to become a G.o.d.]

[I have the right to embrace you.]

[He gave them a chance.]

[He made the half-G.o.ds hesitate when they didn’t know anything except how to reign.]

[The sight of their brother dying with a satisfied expression in his arms slowly moved their hearts.]

[Our G.o.d’s grace is like the rivers and the seas.]


[The 21st page of the epic has been completed.]

[As an epic completion reward, the intimacy between humanity and the yangbans has increased.]

[The yangbans sense of being chosen and privileged has noticeably decreased.]

[From now on, the yangbans will work harder to understand humans and their hearts will be gradually conveyed to humans as well.]

[As a reward for completing the epic, the relations.h.i.+p between you and the yangbans has changed dramatically.]

[In the future, before obeying the Hwan Kingdom’s orders, they will try not to go against your will.]

[The reward for completing the epic has greatly increased the chances of recruiting a yangban.]

[There will be a growing number of yangbans who want to become residents of the Overgeared World.]

[Your status has risen by one level as a reward for completing the epic.]


He hadn’t expected this much. The bewildered Grid was in a daze for a while. Meanwhile, the yangbans exchanged looks and scattered in all directions. Only Mir and Yeum remained and bowed to Grid.

“You are truly the God of Virtue!”

Hw.a.n.g Gildong’s applause gave life to the awkward s.p.a.ce.





As s.h.i.+n Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy! However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary cla.s.s player…


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