Overgeared Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715

“This is invalid,”the lowest of the eight G.o.ds threatened. He was glad that the scream he just uttered was buried by the shouts of the humans.

“I know there is a problem with your origin. However, do you not even know shame? How could you inflict a cowardly pincer attack?”

The flow was bad. No matter the result that followed, the situation right now was unfavorable to the Martial G.o.d. He was wounded and crashed down in front of numerous witnesses. He stood back up immediately, but it was a sharp contrast with the Overgeared G.o.d floating in the sky.

“……” Grid didn’t respond. He recalled Zeratul’s att.i.tude of ignoring Huroi and repaid it.

The lowest G.o.d noticed his intentions and turned red.

“How is it a cowardly pincer attack?”Huroi asked on behalf of Grid.

The lowest G.o.d frowned and clicked his tongue. “Everyone has witnessed Grid climb onto the body of his apostle and they are still watching at this moment. Yet you are going to pretend like you don’t know?”

“Why is My Liege’s magnificent appearance on a dragon a cowardly cooperation? He just borrowed the neck of a dragon, instead of the back of a horse, so that people can look up to him more easily.”

“…Do you think we don’t know the story of Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon?! We know that Grid is qualified for the never seen before Dragon Knight…” He became too agitated after hearing Huroi talk calmly. The lowest G.o.d closed his mouth in a bitter manner, but it was too late.

[The secret story of ‘Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon’ is widely known all over the world.]

[Asgard has notarized it as everyone is watching.]

In the battle against Baal, Grid had already showcased the power of Dragon Knight. He rode on the neck of an old dragon. It was just that people didn’t know exactly what the concept was or what type of ability was born from it. It was a power that lacked evidence. It was because in order for an object or concept to have a strong meaning, it originally needed a historical background.

Ah…People were fascinated by the panoramic view that unfolded before their eyes.

The process of Grid meeting Ifrit and writing the secret story of Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon was briefly and intensely etched into the minds of people.

A unique myth. For the first time since the creation of the sky and the earth, there was the myth of a cooperation between a G.o.d and dragon. It gave an impression that was difficult to explain in words. The fact that Grid and Ifrit formed a difficult story at the time resonated with the public.

[The secret story of ‘Crazy G.o.d and Crazy Dragon’ is fully absorbed into your myth.]

[The effect of the only one t.i.tle in the world, ‘Dragon Knight,’ will be strengthened.]

[From now on, you can ride a dragon more easily and safely.]

The weakness of Dragon Knight was clear. First of all, he needed to board a dragon. Additionally, the dragon had to be safely boarded. Just a little while ago, if it hadn’t been for Nefelina’s power after becoming a ‘Transcendent Dragon,’ she wouldn’t have been able to reach Grid safely. Grid would’ve fought Zeratul without enjoying the effects of Dragon Knight and would’ve been on the defensive for a while. It was right to interpret that in the future, such a risk would disappear.

The careless remark of the lowest ranked G.o.d brought about a huge benefit to Grid. It was purely Huroi’s credit.

“I-I’m sorry…” The lowest G.o.d bowed to Zeratul, who had risen in front of him.

Zeratul ignored him. His sharp eyes were glued to Grid. His colorless divinity, which had evaporated the flowing blood while he stood upright and overwhelmed the crowd, acted like a single strand of nerves. He was rewriting his self-defense from scratch. He reviewed Grid’s power and techniques that he experienced a little while ago and formed a way to completely neutralize them.

‘How did he accelerate the growth of the hatchling?’

Zeratul felt great doubts. Even if he grew by compressing time, there was a limit to it. Giving a hatching the role of an adult body was a naturally impossible phenomenon. However, Grid made it possible. It must have something to do with his power.

Zeratul recalled that the power of the Overgeared G.o.d was to create weapons and artifacts and finally admitted it. ‘The Overgeared G.o.d… I don’t want to admit it, but he is like me.’

It was possible for Zeratul to develop the target by giving a secret technique to a specific target or by imparting martial arts. It was at a level where he could turn a caterpillar into a tiger. It was similar to how Grid developed a target by giving items.

“It doesn’t matter who the vanguard is,”Zeratul equipped himself with a new self-defense in an instant and opened his mouth, “Victory or defeat in this holy war isn’t determined by the battle between you and me.”

It was correct to view it as a confrontation between the group that inherited the Martial G.o.d’s martial arts and the group that inherited the Overgeared G.o.d’s battle gear.

“Which is more superior, my pa.s.sed down martial arts or the toys you’ve made?”

The G.o.ds didn’t respond to every human aspiration. Not only was it physically impossible, but there would be no end to it. It was the same for both Zeratul and Grid. They understood that most humans who wors.h.i.+ped them had to struggle. It was why they strived to create better martial arts and better items. It was so they could help people even when they weren’t there.

The difference was that Zeratul simply wanted to prove that his martial arts were great, while Grid wanted people to live better lives, but in any case, they had the same goal.

“Don’t be intimidated and fight comfortably. Even if you die at my hands and lose your honor, there won’t be the misfortune of losing your status if your remaining apostles do well against my pa.s.sed down martial arts.”

Although it will be impossible to go against my pa.s.sed down martial arts.

Zeratul swallowed down these words and the pupils of his eyes disappeared as he smiled. There were only the whites of his eyes left and his overbearing appearance looked even scarier. It was an action of great significance. It meant that the direction of his eyes couldn’t be read. It was of paramount importance because a moment’s judgment was very beneficial in the battle between Absolutes.

“Are you comforting yourself?”

His nose seemed to have been completely cut off. The bleeding didn’t stop even when taking an hemostatic agent. Every time he opened his mouth, blood entered his throat. However, Grid spoke while disregarding it.

“You know you are going to lose, but it seems like you are determined to fight.”

In any case, the duration of boarding Nefelina was limited to one minute. There were only 39 seconds left. There was no reason to dwell on the bleeding. Grid wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible and his provocation worked.

Even if he didn’t do this, wasn’t Zeratul disgraced in front of everyone watching after receiving a big blow? Both ends of his thick eyebrows soared up and moved like lightning. He abandoned the guandao and held two swords, one in each hand. The sword in his right hand was a short sword.

A willingness to cut Grid’s sword trajectory in advance with a single close hit was felt.


It was in a world where sound disappeared again. Grid felt immensely constrained. He couldn’t recklessly attempt the sword dance, which was completed with just one stride. It was because Zeratul approached by stepping on Nefelina’s head and occupied the radius of the sword dance in advance. It seemed that no matter what he used as the starting point of the sword dance, it would be blocked unconditionally and he would allow a counterattack.

It was fine. In the first place, he didn’t intend to use the sword dance at this point.


As Zeratul approached, Grid stretched out his hand behind his back that was holding Twilight and slammed it down with all his might. Zeratul naturally predicted that Twilight would pierce him. He stabbed the short sword that contained his self-defense in order to neutralize Twilight. His intention was to block Grid’s attack untouched while stabbing Grid’s heart.

Of course, a G.o.d wouldn’t die when pierced in the heart. Nevertheless, he aimed for the heart in order to repay the humiliation he had suffered earlier. He dug even deeper into the heart.

However, there were no gaps in Zeratul’s senses.

The sword, which reappeared again after being hidden behind Grid’s back, had been replaced by something other than Twilight.


Zeratul’s waist bent strangely. He used the one movement that flowed naturally like water to accelerate the short sword even further. Meanwhile, the long sword held in his left hand blocked Grid’s sword. There was the sound of something breaking and an explosion occurred one step later.

Zeratul’s right arm was completely cut off along with the colorless divinity. The fragments of the long sword that scattered in pieces were illuminating Grid’s Falling Moon Sword from various angles.


Zeratul, who had been still in the aftermath of his self-defense breaking, rose sharply. The short sword that was piercing Grid’s heart soared up and crushed Grid’s collarbone from the inside. Valhalla and the dragon armor, which overlapped with his mental world, offset some of the damage, but Zeratul’s attack power was too strong.

Kuock.’ Zeratul frowned. It was because he couldn’t easily find a means to stop that mysterious magic sword that had cut off his divinity. It was a sword with such an ominous foundation that it made one think that the destruction of the giants was indeed inevitable.

Grid stabbed the new sword into Zeratul, who was confused and wary of it. It was a sword that contained Grid’s divinity, just like Twilight, but it didn’t emit it. It held the contained divinity that was as condensed as possible and was like a fragment of steel trapped in the sun. It was as ominous as the Falling Moon Sword because it symbolized ‘something that can’t exist.’

Eventually, Zeratul stepped back. The sword, which should’ve crushed Grid’s collarbone and pierced his Adam’s apple, was also pulled out. Then blood gushed like a fountain from Grid’s chest. It was a ma.s.sive amount of bleeding that couldn’t be covered even with the orange divinity.

However, people still hadn’t recognized it. Only the parties involved could follow the battle between the Overgeared G.o.d and Martial G.o.d in real time.

Grid swung the divine sword ‘Blockade’ in succession. It was a sword with a monotonous structure that stuck to the basics. It was a divine sword that amplified the power of basic attacks. The reason for the name Blockade wasn’t simply due to the simple reason of ‘it blocks the enemy by hitting them.’ The special effects gave it this name.

Zeratul’s ultimate swordsmans.h.i.+p was blocking Grid’s sword without difficulty.

A roaring sound continued to fill the s.p.a.ce one step late as the swords collided with each other. However, Zeratul was feeling an unexpected fatigue. It was because Grid’s basic attacks with the effect of Dragon Knight and Duke of Amplification behind it were so heavy.

Naturally, Zeratul wasn’t pushed when it came to strength, but he felt a mental threat. The thing that bothered him even more was the form that his self-defense was currently maintaining. The fact that his self-defense, which was designed to constrain Grid’s sword dance, was acting as a weakness rather than an advantage was giving him a feeling of loss. There was a sense of restraining himself while fighting.

Grid was becoming more and more puffed up, so he was worried that witnesses would arbitrarily misunderstand.

‘Wait a minute.’

Eventually, Zeratul’s colorless divinity changed again to a fine degree. He redesigned the self-defense to fit the current situation. It had a structure that neutralized the strength of Grid’s new sword and gave him acceleration at the same time. It was intended to completely change the course of the battle by inflicting a serious wound in an unexpected way.

It caused Grid’s right arm to fall off. Like Zeratul, he was down to a single arm and couldn’t handle two swords.

Zeratul was about to restore the structure of his self-defense to its original form, but he momentarily became greedy. He maintained the new form of the self-defense and aimed to cut off Grid’s remaining left arm. He successfully hit the target.

Grid lost both arms. It was such a vain result that the fierce battle so far felt overshadowed.

Originally, this was the case in a confrontation between Absolutes. Things could change in an instant. It was also in an instant that some of the hundreds of G.o.d Hands hovering around Grid replaced both arms that were cut off.





As s.h.i.+n Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy! However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary cla.s.s player…


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