Overgeared Chapter 539

Pagma’s Swordsmans.h.i.+p, Wave, had the lowest attack power among all the techniques. The level 6 Wave only dealt 230% of his attack power. It was a little over double his flat damage. It was incredibly low for a legendary rated skill. It was occasionally a powerful skill considering it was a ‘wide area’ attack. However, this lost its utility after the skills of the third advancement cla.s.ses were released.

But it still had unique strengths. All targets. .h.i.t by it would be affected by a slowing effect. In other words, it was a wide area CC skill, and it was natural for the attack power to be low. This was if the user was an ordinary player.


The white light that was emitted only by a +9 enhanced weapon. A powerful light wave of energy was shot from Failure. The bodies of the armored needles chasing after the Red Phoenix members were damaged.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The explosion shook the dungeon. Blood spurted from the armored needles while parts of the dungeon failed to survive the aftermath of the shock.

[You have dealt 15,310 damage to the target. The target’s speed will decrease by 63%.]

[You have dealt 16,004 damage to the target. The target’s…]

[You have dealt…]


Sua stared at Grid with a stunned expression. A blacksmith using swordsmans.h.i.+p? It was also extremely strong swordsmans.h.i.+p!

“What is your ident.i.ty?”

Sua was confused. Grid placed extra strength in the arm wrapped around her waist. It was to protect her from the blood that was like lava that came from the armored needles. But it wasn’t easy. It was impossible to avoid all the blood with Grid’s control abilities.

‘The blood dissolves anything it touches.’

It was impossible for a person to be safe. In the end, Grid called for the best a.s.sistance.

“G.o.d Hands!”

Pa pa pa pat!

Four golden hands appeared immediately in response to Grid’s call and moved quickly. They protected Sua and Grid as much as possible from the blood.


The G.o.d Hands burned fiercely when touched by the armored needles’ blood. Sua’s surprise became larger.

‘They are fine despite being hit by the armored needles’ blood and can move by themselves?’

The East Continent people had wide imaginations. In the treasure houses of the various kingdoms, there were many things outside common sense. Yes, like the golden hands currently summoned by Grid. That’s right. In Sua’s eyes, the G.o.d Hands looked like divine beings and Grid was a daoist, which was how he could use swordsmans.h.i.+p despite being a blacksmith. He was mysterious and overwhelming.

On the other hand, Grid was relieved.

‘Thank G.o.d she is wearing armor.’

Grid had hesitated when he was about to put an arm around Sua to protect her. He was worried about what would happen if she experienced his hands. Fortunately, Sua was wearing excellent armor. No matter how dexterous Grid’s fingers, it was impossible to cause someone to feel pleasure by touching armor. Sua luckily didn’t feel Grid’s touch.

“Step back.”

The armored needles were currently slowed. Grid handed Sua to the Red Phoenix members and urged them to move away.

“What is his real ident.i.ty?”

“A blacksmith using swordsmans.h.i.+p…”

“I heard he used the white phosphorus wood to restore the Red Phoenix Bow. Is he really a daoist?”

‘They don’t know Pagma’s name?’

White once mentioned a legendary blacksmith. In addition, Pagma was a person presumed to be born on the East Continent. Grid thought that people on the East Continent would know Pagma. However, that didn’t seem to be the case.

‘Well, not everyone will know a legendary blacksmith.’

It was likely that Pagma didn’t have as much reputation on the East Continent because he was more active on the West Continent.

‘My reputation here might transcend Pagma’s reputation.’

His heart jumped at this thought. An area that couldn’t be reached by others. Grid felt joy at the opportunity to gain new achievements. Grid’s smile was distorted with greed as he questioned Sua and the Red Phoenix members.

“All of you are careless for a group who has been steadily exploring the dungeon. Are you originally like this? Or are you in bad shape today?”

Grid felt great disappointment in the Red Phoenix members. Experiencing a crisis in their first engagement after entering the dungeon, it was absurd and pathetic. The armored needles were strong, but the skills of the Red Phoenix group wasn’t as much as he expected.


Grid’s sarcastic tone. It was enough to undermine their pride as those who dedicated their lives to defending Pangea. But the Red Phoenix didn’t get offended. No, they couldn’t feel offended. They weren’t qualified. They understood Grid’s tone.


Sua explained instead of the silent Red Phoenix members.

“Originally, the armored needles rarely travel together. We have been coming here for several years and this is the first time we’ve been attacked by five.”

The basic tactic of the Red Phoenix group was to form a team of eight people. Eight people were needed to hunt one armored needle, and the highest number that had appeared at one time was three. It was unusual for five of the armored needles to appear at the same time. The Red Phoenix members deserved praise for not instantly falling into confusion.

But the result? It was the worst. They would’ve surely been wiped out if it wasn’t for Grid.

“I don’t mean to imply that we are unlucky today. I am deeply embarra.s.sed by our inability to thoroughly prepare for today’s situation. And… Thank you.”

Grid didn’t respond to the bowing Sua. It was because of the conflict between the armored needles and the G.o.d Hands!


Grid was confused. Including the fused undead, there were a total of six armored needles. But still, what were the G.o.d Hands? He thought he could take advantage of the infinite stiffness and bind their feet for at least 20 seconds. But it failed to last even half of 20 seconds.

‘They can break Mjolnir’s offensive with their slow attacks?’

Grid realized when it he faced the fist of the gatekeeper, but the armored needles were strong. The evidence was that they overpowered the G.o.d Hands. The lead G.o.d Hand. It held the Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir and was the one with maximum power. It had fought for ages, but was now bound by the silver thread. The remaining three G.o.d Hands were hurriedly avoiding the silver thread.

‘I have to go hard.’

Grid categorized them as boss monsters and summoned Noe and Randy.



There was a funny sound effect as Noe appeared and cried out.

“The best demonic beast of h.e.l.l has emerged! Nyang!”


“I will help.”

Then Randy appeared and copied Grid’s appearance.

A talking cat. Two Grids.

The Red Phoenix members were astonished as they watched Grid.

‘Sacred creature!’

‘A clone!’

‘Daoist! He is definitely a daoist!’

It was natural for the Red Phoenix members to think so. Grid was too special. Grid didn’t care about what they were thinking and ordered Noe and Randy.

“Noe, take the stats of the fused armoured needle. Randy will use ranged skills to help me. Make a gap so that the G.o.d Hands can strike the armored needles.”

“I understand! Nyang!”


Grid was convinced when he saw the armored needles break the G.o.d Hands’ infinite stiffness. The Red Phoenix members weren’t weak. They were the elites of the elites. It was just that the armored needles were too strong. Thus, it would be a challenge of strength. There was no room to hold back his strength.

“Linked Kill Wave.”

The armored needles were undead monsters. Their intelligence was significantly low. They moved without thinking and conflicted with each other when moving along the relatively narrow pa.s.sage. It was impossible for them to avoid Grid’s Linked Kill Wave in this pa.s.sage.

Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Linked Kill Wave boasted damage that was several times higher than Wave. It shot out eight energy blades that contained 1,500% of his attack power. The armored needles. .h.i.t by them were instantly turned to rags and their health gauge fell by more than half.

Grid’s momentum increased. He calmly decided to finish them off as they rushed over.

‘If possible, let’s try not to consume the talisman in this fight.’

It meant that he couldn’t be hit! It was ridiculous to deal with six boss monsters without being hit. However, Grid was serious.


The scene of transcendence was completed in an instant as Grid’s hair was swept upwards. Grid’s ears and sharp eyes were exposed as he stepped back from the armored needles and wielded his sword twice.

Then two energy blades shot out.




The fraudulent ability of Transcend had been proven many times. It replaced Grid’s default attack with ranged attacks that had double his attack power. What if a buff skill was used in this state? It was a bombardment that no one could endure.

“Blacksmith’s Rage.”

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been used. Attack power will increase by 25% and attack speed will increase by 40% for 35 seconds.]


The armored needles were angry. They were angry at being hit by their prey. They started moving quicker towards Grid.



After using Blacksmith’s Rage, Grid wielded the sword three or four times while stepping back. The momentum of the armored needles decreased. In particular, the one at the forefront was on the verge of having its health extinguished. Grid was excited.

“Hahat! Kuhahahahat! You are too slow!”


Sua and the Red Phoenix members were just watching the battle. The evil that had taken so many lives. The ghastly armored needles were just scarecrows in front of Grid.

“How can he be so stro… Ah!”

The Red Phoenix members flinched in unison.


It was because a few strands of silver thread appeared behind Grid. An armored needle secretly shot it through the ground in order to attack Grid.


Sua hurriedly shouted but it was too late. Grid was busy with the armored needles in front of him and not paying attention to the rear.


The moment that Sua and the Red Phoenix members felt desperate.

“Come out! Overgeared Skeletons!”


A little ahead of where the silver thread emerged. Two skeletons popped up behind Grid. Then they were hit by the silver thread instead of Grid.


There were a large number of people on the East Continent who could summon skeletons. But it was uncommon for people to use them as s.h.i.+elds. Grid summoned the skeletons again.

‘It is good that the East Continent has a high mana regeneration rate.’

It was the environment that best harmonized with the Ring of Absurdity.

Clack!Clack clack clack clack!


Noe, Randy and the G.o.d Hands were used for attack purposes, while the strands of silver thread were blocked by the Overgeared Skeletons. Then a notification window popped up in front of him.

[Overgeared Skeleton (1) and Overgeared Skeleton (2) are gradually growing accustomed to the silver thread.]





As s.h.i.+n Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!
However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary cla.s.s player…


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